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2007–08 Los Angeles Clippers season

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2007–08 Los Angeles Clippers season
Head coachMike Dunleavy, Sr.
ArenaStaples Center
Record23–59 (.280)
PlaceDivision: 5th (Pacific)
Conference: 12th (Western)
Playoff finishDNQ
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Los Angeles Clippers seasons
< 2006–072008–09 >

The 2007-08 Los Angeles Clippers season was their 38th season in the NBA and their 21st in Los Angeles.

Key dates prior to the start of the season:

OffseasonDraft picksRosterRegular seasonPlayoffsGame log
Player statsAwards and recordsTransactionsSee alsoReferences


Draft picks

Los Angeles' selections from the 2007 NBA Draft in New York, New York.

RoundPickPlayerPositionNationalitySchool/Club Team
114Al ThorntonForward United StatesFSU
245Jared JordanPoint Guard United StatesMarist


Los Angeles Clippers roster
F42 Brand, Elton (C)6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)254 lb (115 kg)Duke
C40 Davis, Paul 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)270 lb (122 kg)Michigan State
G10 Dickau, Dan6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)190 lb (86 kg)Gonzaga
F20 Fazekas, Nick6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)235 lb (107 kg)Nevada
C35 Kaman, Chris7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)265 lb (120 kg)Central Michigan
PG22 Knight, Brevin5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)170 lb (77 kg)Stanford
PG14 Livingston, Shaun 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)182 lb (83 kg)Peoria Central HS (IL)*
SF50 Maggette, Corey6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)225 lb (102 kg)Duke
SG5 Mobley, Cuttino6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)215 lb (98 kg)Rhode Island
G1 Parker, Smush6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)190 lb (86 kg)Fordham
PF21 Powell, Josh6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)235 lb (107 kg)North Carolina State
G13 Ross, Quinton6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)193 lb (88 kg)Southern Methodist
F2 Thomas, Tim6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)240 lb (109 kg)Villanova
F12 Thornton, Al6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)220 lb (100 kg)Florida State
SF3 Williams, Marcus6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)207 lb (94 kg)Arizona
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)
  • (C) Team captain
  • (DP) Unsigned draft pick
  • (FA) Free agent
  • (IN) Inactive
  • (S) Suspended
  • Injured

Last transaction: 2008-03-12

Season standings

Pacific DivisionGPWLPCTHomeRoadGB
Los Angeles Lakers825725.69530–1127–14
Phoenix Suns825527.67130–1125–162.0
Golden State Warriors824834.58527–1421–209.0
Sacramento Kings823844.46326–1512–2919.0
Los Angeles Clippers822359.28413–2810–3134.0

Game log


Record: 6–8; Home: 4–4; Road: 2–4

#DateVisitorScoreHomeOTLeading scorerAttendanceRecord
1November 2, 2007Warriors114–120ClippersNAChris Kaman (26)19,0601–0
2November 4, 2007Sonics101–115ClippersNACorey Maggette (27)17,3762–0
3November 6, 2007Clippers97–91BullsNACuttino Mobley (33)21,7423–0
4November 7, 2007Clippers104–89PacersNASam Cassell (35)10,1224–0
5November 9, 2007Clippers79–83PistonsNAChris Kaman (25)22,0764–1
6November 11, 2007Cavaliers103–95ClippersNASam Cassell (28)15,5414–2
7November 14, 2007Knicks81–84ClippersNAChris Kaman (14)15,2965–2
8November 16, 2007Clippers105–122WarriorsNATim Thomas (25)19,5965–3
9November 17, 2007Bulls92–73ClippersNAChris Kaman (24)17,5355–4
10November 21, 2007Nuggets90–101ClippersNATwo Way Tie (17)17,2216–4
11November 23, 2007Clippers94–113SunsNASam Cassell (26)18,4226–5
12November 24, 2007Hornets98–89ClippersNACuttino Mobley (20)15,6016–6
13November 26, 2007Rockets88–71ClippersNACuttino Mobley (22)15,4526–7
14November 30, 2007Clippers107–123NuggetsNACorey Maggette (26)14,2306–8


Record: 4–9; Home: 1–4; Road: 3–5

#DateVisitorScoreHomeOTLeading scorerAttendanceRecord
15December 2, 2007Pacers101–95ClippersNAChris Kaman (22)13,7416–9
16December 4, 2007Bucks87–78ClippersNACorey Maggette (20)16,0046–10
17December 5, 2007Clippers88–95SonicsNACorey Maggette (23)10,9616–11
18December 7, 2007Clippers97–87KingsNAChris Kaman (26)13,0947–11
19December 9, 2007Miami Heat100–94ClippersNACorey Maggette (24)16,3357–12
20December 11, 2007Clippers91–82NetsNATwo Way Tie (18)13,4338–12
21December 12, 2007Clippers103–108BobcatsNACorey Maggette (23)10,7518–13
22December 14, 2007Clippers98–91GrizzliesNATwo Way Tie (23)10,8199–13
23December 16, 2007Clippers92–113LakersNACorey Maggette (27)18,9979–14
24December 18, 2007Raptors80–77ClippersNACorey Maggette (22)14,4559–15
25December 21, 2007Clippers89–102MavericksNAChris Kaman (24)20,2469–16
26December 22, 2007Clippers90–99SpursNAAl Thornton (25)18,7979–17
27December 27, 2007Suns108–88ClippersNACorey Maggette (21)18,4229–18
28December 28, 2007Clippers88–94SunsNAChris Kaman (22)17,8719–19
29December 31, 2007Timberwolves82–91ClippersNACuttino Mobley (18)14,40410–19


Record: 4–9; Home: 4–6; Road: 0–3

#DateVisitorScoreHomeOTLeading scorerAttendanceRecord
30January 2, 2008Hornets95–81ClippersNACorey Maggette (20)14,96510–20
31January 6, 2008Spurs82–88ClippersNAChris Kaman (20)16,62310–21
32January 9, 2008Magic113–106ClippersNACorey Maggette (27)15,09110–22
33January 12, 2008Mavericks95–94ClippersNATim Thomas (21)16,49410–23
34January 15, 2008Suns97–90ClippersNASam Cassell (32)16,06311–23
35January 18, 2008Clippers88–106JazzNACorey Maggette (20)19,91111–24
36January 19, 2008Nets107–120Clippers1Corey Maggette (31)18,69112–24
37January 21, 2008Jazz109–93ClippersNACorey Maggette (23)16,31812–25
38January 23, 2008Kings85–111ClippersNAAl Thornton (23)15,51313–25
39January 25, 2008Clippers92–111HornetsNACorey Maggette (24)13,53813–26
40January 26, 2008Clippers120–125Grizzlies1Corey Maggette (35)11,07213–27
41January 28, 2008Bobcats107–100ClippersNATim Thomas (29)14,42913–28
42January 30, 2008Hawks88–95ClippersNAAl Thornton (33)14,87414–28


Record: 5–9; Home: 2–3; Road: 3–6

#DateVisitorScoreHomeOTLeading scorerAttendanceRecord
43February 1, 2008Clippers83–104TimberwolvesNASam Cassell (17)12,73914–29
44February 2, 2008Clippers94–108CavaliersNAAl Thornton (23)20,56214–30
45February 4, 2008Clippers103–94KnicksNABrevin Knight (19)18,05015–30
46February 6, 2008Clippers100–111CelticsNACorey Maggette (33)18,62415–31
47February 8, 2008Clippers102–98RaptorsNACorey Maggette (35)19,80016–31
48February 9, 2008Clippers80–101SixersNACorey Maggette (26)15,18616–32
49February 11, 2008Clippers96–89BucksNAAl Thornton (25)13,31917–32
50February 13, 2008Wizards91–89ClippersNAAl Thornton (24)17,14417–33
51February 20, 2008Grizzlies86–100ClippersNACorey Maggette (30)16,11718–33
52February 22, 2008Jazz104–114ClippersNACorey Maggette (27)19,06019–33
53February 23, 2008Lakers113–95ClippersNACorey Maggette (23)20,26219–34
54February 25, 2008Celtics104–76ClippersNATim Thomas (15)19,32819–35
55February 27, 2008Trail Blazers82–80ClippersNACorey Maggette (32)16,49419–36
56February 29, 2008Clippers104–110NuggetsNAAl Thornton (33)19,15519–37


Record: 3–15; Home: 2–6; Road: 1–9

#DateVisitorScoreHomeOTLeading scorerAttendanceRecord
57March 1, 2008Pistons103–73ClippersNACorey Maggette (22)19,27119–38
58March 3, 2008Sixers106–80ClippersNAAl Thornton (20)15,69119–39
59March 5, 2008Kings109–116Clippers1Al Thornton (27)17,03020–39
60March 7, 2008Clippers82–119LakersNACorey Maggette (22)18,99720–40
61March 8, 2008Timberwolves99–96ClippersNACorey Maggette (29)17,80720–41
62March 10, 2008Clippers99–98HeatNACuttino Mobley (29)19,01421–41
63March 12, 2008Clippers88–110MagicNACorey Maggette (22)16,31221–42
64March 14, 2008Clippers93–117HawksNATwo Way Tie (18)16,10721–43
65March 15, 2008Clippers109–119Wizards1Corey Maggette (34)20,17321–44
66March 17, 2008Clippers90–99TimberwolvesNACorey Maggette (34)10,03421–45
67March 19, 2008Warriors116–100ClippersNAAl Thornton (24)18,70421–46
68March 21, 2008Clippers102–107Trail BlazersNACuttino Mobley (24)19,98021–47
69March 22, 2008Trail Blazers83–72ClippersNACorey Maggette (21)18,24821–48
70March 25, 2008Clippers90–103MavericksNACorey Maggette (21)20,20721–49
71March 26, 2008Clippers88–97SpursNACorey Maggette (22)18,79721–50
72March 28, 2008Clippers101–121JazzNACorey Maggette (28)19,91121–51
73March 29, 2008Grizzlies97–110ClippersNAAl Thornton (39)18,12522–51
74March 31, 2008Mavericks93–86ClippersNAAl Thornton (26)17,12422–52


Record: 1–7; Home: 0–3; Road: 1–4

#DateVisitorScoreHomeOTLeading scorerAttendanceRecord
75April 2, 2008Clippers102–84SuperSonicsNAAl Thornton (21)10,39223–52
76April 3, 2008Clippers98–100KingsNACorey Maggette (28)12,70723–53
77April 6, 2008Rockets105–79ClippersNAJosh Powell (22)17,93223–54
78April 8, 2008Nuggets117–99ClippersNACuttino Mobley (25)19,06023–55
79April 10, 2008Lakers106–78ClippersNAElton Brand (23)20,08423–56
80April 12, 2008Clippers116–122WarriorsNACuttino Mobley (30)19,70623–57
81April 15, 2008Clippers92–114HornetsNAAl Thornton (26)17,38823–58
82April 16, 2008Clippers75–93RocketsNACorey Maggette (22)18,38623–59
  • Green background indicates win.
  • Red background indicates regulation loss.

Player stats

  GPGames played  GS Games started MPG Minutes per game
 FG% Field-goal percentage 3P% 3-point field-goal percentage FT% Free-throw percentage
 RPG Rebounds per game APG Assists per game SPG Steals per game
 BPG Blocks per game PPG Points per game

Regular season

Andre Barrett406.3.400.333.500.
Elton Brand8634.3.456.000.7878.02.0.381.8817.6
Paul Davis2218.8.369.000.6002.
Guillermo Diaz603.
Dan Dickau67815.5.419.333.8291.
Nick Fazekas*26010.3.561.000.6823.
Richie Frahm10216.3.370.280.0001.
Chris Kaman565537.2.483.000.76212.71.9.592.7715.7
Brevin Knight743922.6.404.000.8731.
Corey Maggette706535.7.458.384.8125.
Cuttino Mobley773835.1.433.349.8193.
Smush Parker*28221.1.348.231.6791.
Ruben Patterson20516.4.453.000.5583.
Josh Powell642519.2.460.000.7245.
Quinton Ross764419.8.391.429.6672.
Tim Thomas635130.8.413.306.7525.
Al Thornton793127.3.429.331.7434.
Aaron Williams3059.9.491.000.7782.
Marcus Williams*1103.

*Total for entire season including previous team(s)

Awards and records




The Clippers have been involved in the following transactions during the 2007-08 season.


Free Agents

PlayerFormer team
PlayerNew team

See also

External links


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