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ATC code L01

ATC codes
L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
L01 Antineoplastic agents
L02 Endocrine therapy
L03 Immunostimulants
L04 Immunosuppressants

ATC code L01 Antineoplastic agents is a therapeutic subgroup of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System, a system of alphanumeric codes developed by the WHO for the classification of drugs and other medical products. Subgroup L01 is part of the anatomical group L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents.[1]

Codes for veterinary use (ATCvet codes) can be created by placing the letter Q in front of the human ATC code: QL01...[2] ATCvet codes without corresponding human ATC codes are cited with the leading Q in the following list.

National issues of the ATC classification may include additional codes not present in this list, which follows the WHO version.


  L01A Alkylating agents

  L01AA Nitrogen mustard analogues

L01AA01 Cyclophosphamide
L01AA02 Chlorambucil
L01AA03 Melphalan
L01AA05 Chlormethine
L01AA06 Ifosfamide
L01AA07 Trofosfamide
L01AA08 Prednimustine
L01AA09 Bendamustine

  L01AB Alkyl sulfonates

L01AB01 Busulfan
L01AB02 Treosulfan
L01AB03 Mannosulfan

  L01AC Ethylene imines

L01AC01 Thiotepa
L01AC02 Triaziquone
L01AC03 Carboquone

  L01AD Nitrosoureas

L01AD01 Carmustine
L01AD02 Lomustine
L01AD03 Semustine
L01AD04 Streptozocin
L01AD05 Fotemustine
L01AD06 Nimustine
L01AD07 Ranimustine

  L01AG Epoxides

L01AG01 Etoglucid

  L01AX Other alkylating agents

L01AX01 Mitobronitol
L01AX02 Pipobroman
L01AX03 Temozolomide
L01AX04 Dacarbazine

  L01B Antimetabolites

  L01BA Folic acid analogues

L01BA01 Methotrexate
L01BA03 Raltitrexed
L01BA04 Pemetrexed
L01BA05 Pralatrexate

  L01BB Purine analogues

L01BB02 Mercaptopurine
L01BB03 Tioguanine
L01BB04 Cladribine
L01BB05 Fludarabine
L01BB06 Clofarabine
L01BB07 Nelarabine

  L01BC Pyrimidine analogues

L01BC01 Cytarabine
L01BC02 Fluorouracil
L01BC03 Tegafur
L01BC04 Carmofur
L01BC05 Gemcitabine
L01BC06 Capecitabine
L01BC07 Azacitidine
L01BC08 Decitabine
L01BC52 Fluorouracil, combinations
L01BC53 Tegafur, combinations

  L01C Plant alkaloids and other natural products

  L01CA Vinca alkaloids and analogues

L01CA01 Vinblastine
L01CA02 Vincristine
L01CA03 Vindesine
L01CA04 Vinorelbine
L01CA05 Vinflunine

  L01CB Podophyllotoxin derivatives

L01CB01 Etoposide
L01CB02 Teniposide

  L01CC Colchicine derivatives

L01CC01 Demecolcine

  L01CD Taxanes

L01CD01 Paclitaxel
L01CD02 Docetaxel
L01CD03 Paclitaxel poliglumex
L01CD04 Cabazitaxel

  L01CX Other plant alkaloids and natural products

L01CX01 Trabectedin

  L01D Cytotoxic antibiotics and related substances

  L01DA Actinomycines

L01DA01 Dactinomycin

  L01DB Anthracyclines and related substances

L01DB01 Doxorubicin
L01DB02 Daunorubicin
L01DB03 Epirubicin
L01DB04 Aclarubicin
L01DB05 Zorubicin
L01DB06 Idarubicin
L01DB07 Mitoxantrone
L01DB08 Pirarubicin
L01DB09 Valrubicin
L01DB10 Amrubicin
L01DB11 Pixantrone

  L01DC Other cytotoxic antibiotics

L01DC01 Bleomycin
L01DC02 Plicamycin
L01DC03 Mitomycin
L01DC04 Ixabepilone

  L01X Other antineoplastic agents

  L01XA Platinum compounds

L01XA01 Cisplatin
L01XA02 Carboplatin
L01XA03 Oxaliplatin
L01XA04 Satraplatin
L01XA05 Polyplatillen

  L01XB Methylhydrazines

L01XB01 Procarbazine

  L01XC Monoclonal antibodies

L01XC01 Edrecolomab
L01XC02 Rituximab
L01XC03 Trastuzumab
L01XC04 Alemtuzumab
L01XC05 Gemtuzumab
L01XC06 Cetuximab
L01XC07 Bevacizumab
L01XC08 Panitumumab
L01XC09 Catumaxomab
L01XC10 Ofatumumab
L01XC11 Ipilimumab
L01XC12 Brentuximab vedotin

  L01XD Sensitizers used in photodynamic/radiation therapy

L01XD01 Porfimer sodium
L01XD03 Methyl aminolevulinate
L01XD04 Aminolevulinic acid
L01XD05 Temoporfin
L01XD06 Efaproxiral

  L01XE Protein kinase inhibitors

L01XE01 Imatinib
L01XE02 Gefitinib
L01XE03 Erlotinib
L01XE04 Sunitinib
L01XE05 Sorafenib
L01XE06 Dasatinib
L01XE07 Lapatinib
L01XE08 Nilotinib
L01XE09 Temsirolimus
L01XE10 Everolimus
L01XE11 Pazopanib
L01XE12 Vandetanib
L01XE13 Afatinib
L01XE14 Bosutinib
L01XE15 Vemurafenib
L01XE16 Crizotinib
L01XE17 Axitinib
L01XE18 Ruxolitinib
QL01XE90 Masitinib
QL01XE91 Toceranib

  L01XX Other antineoplastic agents

L01XX01 Amsacrine
L01XX02 Asparaginase
L01XX03 Altretamine
L01XX05 Hydroxycarbamide
L01XX07 Lonidamine
L01XX08 Pentostatin
L01XX09 Miltefosine
L01XX10 Masoprocol
L01XX11 Estramustine
L01XX14 Tretinoin
L01XX16 Mitoguazone
L01XX17 Topotecan
L01XX18 Tiazofurine
L01XX19 Irinotecan
L01XX22 Alitretinoin
L01XX23 Mitotane
L01XX24 Pegaspargase
L01XX25 Bexarotene
L01XX27 Arsenic trioxide
L01XX29 Denileukin diftitox
L01XX32 Bortezomib
L01XX33 Celecoxib
L01XX35 Anagrelide
L01XX36 Oblimersen
L01XX37 Sitimagene ceradenovec
L01XX38 Vorinostat
L01XX39 Romidepsin
L01XX40 Omacetaxine mepesuccinate
L01XX41 Eribulin
L01XX42 Panobinostat

  L01XY Combinations of antineoplastic agents


  1. ^ "ATC/DDD Index 2012". WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology. http://www.whocc.no/atc_ddd_index/. 
  2. ^ "ATCvet Index 2012". WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology. http://www.whocc.no/atcvet/atcvet_index/. 


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