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Isotopes of caesium

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Caesium (Cs) has at least 39 known isotopes, which is more than any other element except xenon.[citation needed] The atomic masses of these isotopes range from 112 to 151.

Almost all caesium produced from nuclear fission comes from beta decay of originally more neutron-rich fission products, passing through isotopes of iodine then isotopes of xenon. Because these elements are volatile and can diffuse through nuclear fuel or air, caesium is often created far from the original site of fission.

Beginning in 1945 with the commencement of nuclear testing, caesium isotopes were released into the atmosphere where it is absorbed readily into solution and is returned to the surface of the earth as a component of radioactive fallout. Once caesium enters the ground water, it is deposited on soil surfaces and removed from the landscape primarily by particle transport. As a result, the input function of these isotopes can be estimated as a function of time.

Standard atomic mass: 132.9054519(2) u


isotopic mass (u)
(mole fraction)
range of natural
(mole fraction)
excitation energy
112Cs5557111.95030(33)#500(100) µs1+#
113Cs5558112.94449(11)16.7(7) µs5/2+#
114Cs5559113.94145(33)#0.57(2) s(1+)
115Cs5560114.93591(32)#1.4(8) s9/2+#
116Cs5561115.93337(11)#0.70(4) s(1+)
116mCs100(60)# keV3.85(13) s4+,5,6
117Cs5562116.92867(7)8.4(6) s(9/2+)#
117mCs150(80)# keV6.5(4) s3/2+#
118Cs5563117.926559(14)14(2) s2
118mCs100(60)# keV17(3) s(7-)
119Cs5564118.922377(15)43.0(2) s9/2+
119mCs50(30)# keV30.4(1) s3/2(+)
120Cs5565119.920677(11)61.2(18) s2(-#)
120mCs100(60)# keV57(6) s(7-)
121Cs5566120.917229(15)155(4) s3/2(+)
121mCs68.5(3) keV122(3) s9/2(+)
122Cs5567121.91611(3)21.18(19) s1+
122m1Cs45.8 keV>1 µs(3)+
122m2Cs140(30) keV3.70(11) min8-
122m3Cs127.0(5) keV360(20) ms(5)-
123Cs5568122.912996(13)5.88(3) min1/2+
123m1Cs156.27(5) keV1.64(12) s(11/2)-
123m2Cs231.63+X keV114(5) ns(9/2+)
124Cs5569123.912258(9)30.9(4) s1+
124mCs462.55(17) keV6.3(2) s(7)+
125Cs5570124.909728(8)46.7(1) min1/2(+)
125mCs266.6(11) keV900(30) ms(11/2-)
126Cs5571125.909452(13)1.64(2) min1+
126m1Cs273.0(7) keV>1 µs
126m2Cs596.1(11) keV171(14) µs
127Cs5572126.907418(6)6.25(10) h1/2+
127mCs452.23(21) keV55(3) µs(11/2)-
128Cs5573127.907749(6)3.640(14) min1+
129Cs5574128.906064(5)32.06(6) h1/2+
130Cs5575129.906709(9)29.21(4) min1+
130mCs163.25(11) keV3.46(6) min5-
131Cs5576130.905464(5)9.689(16) d5/2+
132Cs5577131.9064343(20)6.480(6) d2+
134Cs5579133.906718475(28)2.0652(4) a4+
134mCs138.7441(26) keV2.912(2) h8-
135Cs5580134.9059770(11)2.3(3)E+6 a7/2+
135mCs1632.9(15) keV53(2) min19/2-
136Cs5581135.9073116(20)13.16(3) d5+
136mCs518(5) keV19(2) s8-
137Cs5582136.9070895(5)30.1671(13) a7/2+
138Cs5583137.911017(10)33.41(18) min3-
138mCs79.9(3) keV2.91(8) min6-
139Cs5584138.913364(3)9.27(5) min7/2+
140Cs5585139.917282(9)63.7(3) s1-
141Cs5586140.920046(11)24.84(16) s7/2+
142Cs5587141.924299(11)1.689(11) s0-
143Cs5588142.927352(25)1.791(7) s3/2+
144Cs5589143.932077(28)994(4) ms1(-#)
144mCs300(200)# keV<1 s(>3)
145Cs5590144.935526(12)582(6) ms3/2+
146Cs5591145.94029(8)0.321(2) s1-
147Cs5592146.94416(6)0.235(3) s(3/2+)
148Cs5593147.94922(62)146(6) ms
149Cs5594148.95293(21)#150# ms [>50 ms]3/2+#
150Cs5595149.95817(32)#100# ms [>50 ms]
151Cs5596150.96219(54)#60# ms [>50 ms]3/2+#


  • Values marked # are not purely derived from experimental data, but at least partly from systematic trends. Spins with weak assignment arguments are enclosed in parentheses.
  • Uncertainties are given in concise form in parentheses after the corresponding last digits. Uncertainty values denote one standard deviation, except isotopic composition and standard atomic mass from IUPAC which use expanded uncertainties.


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