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Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Commercial Spaceflight Federation
CSF Logo.jpg
Type Non-profit Trade Association
Founded 2005
Location Washington D.C.
Key people Eric C. Anderson (Chairman)
Area served United States
Mission "To promote the development of commercial human spaceflight, pursue ever higher levels of safety, and share best practices and expertise throughout the industry."[1]
Members 44
Website www.commercialspaceflight.org

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation is a private spaceflight industry group, incorporated as an industry association for the purposes of establishing ever higher levels of safety for the commercial human spaceflight industry, sharing best practices and expertise, and promoting the growth of the industry worldwide.[2][3][4] Issues that the Commercial Spaceflight Federation work on include, but are not limited to, the STIM-Grants program for spaceport infrastructure, FAA regulations and permits, industry safety standards, public outreach, and public advocacy for the commercial space sector.[5]



The Commercial Spaceflight Federation was initially conceived as the Personal Spaceflight Federation (PSF) by a group of leaders in the newly emerging private spaceflight industry in 2005. The goal of the newly created Personal Spaceflight Federation was to "design and uphold the standards and processes necessary to ensure public safety and promote growth of the personal spaceflight industry."[6]

On August 22, 2006, the PSF laid out their priorities listing:[7]

  • Member Coordination
  • Government Interface
    • Both with congress and other federal agencies in order "to develop a legal and regulatory environment supportive of the growth of the human spaceflight industry."
  • Safety in spaceport operations, crew and passenger training, and vehicle manufacture, operations, and maintenance
    • Safety was highlighted as the most important concern for the PSF because safety was the common link between all the member companies
  • Insurance
  • Public Relations

On June 15, 2008, the Personal Spaceflight Federation announced a new website and a new name -- the Commercial Spaceflight Federation -- to emphasize "the diverse business activities of the commercial human spaceflight industry."[8] The areas the CSF was now representing included:

  • Cargo and Crew to the International Space Station
  • Flight of private individuals (space tourism)
  • Science Research Missions
  • Technology Research and Development
  • Astronaut Training
  • Education and Outreach Activities
  • National Security Applications

On August 10, 2009, the CSF announced the creation of the Suborbital Applications Research Group (SARG).[9] On November 23, 2009, the CSF announced the creation of the Spaceports Council.[10] On February 18, 2010, the CSF announced a new research and education affiliates program.[11]


Updated September 23, 2011[12]
Executive Members Associate Members
Armadillo Aerospace Aerojet
Bigelow Aerospace Andrews Space, inc.
Blue Origin ARES Corporation
Excalibur Almaz Barrios Technology
Jacksonville - Cecil Field Spaceport BWSC
Masten Space Systems Cimarron
Mojave Spaceport DCI Services and Consulting
Sierra Nevada Corporation David Clark Company
Southwest Research Institute Ecliptic Enterprises Corp.
Space Adventures ETC - NASTAR Center
Space Florida IHA[disambiguation needed]
Spaceport America Jacobs Technology
SpaceX J&P Technologies
United Launch Alliance MDA Corporation
Virgin Galactic MEI Technologies
XCOR Aerospace Moon Express
Spaceport Indiana ORBITEC
Paragon SDC
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Scaled Composites
SEAKR Engineering
Special Aerospace Services
SRA International
Triumph Aerospace-NN
United Space Alliance
X PRIZE Foundation
Aeroports de Catalunya

  Suborbital Applications Researchers Group

The Suborbital Applications Researchers Group (SARG) was created on August 10, 2009 to "increase awareness of commercial suborbital vehicles in the science and R&D communities, to work with policymakers to ensure that payloads can have easy access to these vehicles, and to further develop ideas for the uses of these vehicles for science, engineering, and education missions."[9]

Members of SARG (Updated January 28, 2011)[13]
Member Affiliation
Dr. S. Alan Stern Southwest Research Institute
Dr. Steven Collicott Purdue University
Dr. Joshua Colwell University of Central Florida
Dr. Daniel Durda Southwest Research Institute
Dr. Samuel Durrance Florida Institute of Technology
Dr. David Grinspoon Denver Museum of Natural Sciences
Dr. Makenzie Lystrup University of Colorado, Boulder
Dr. Richard Miles Princeton University
Dr. John Pojman Louisiana State University
Dr. Mark Shelhamer Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Mike Summers George Mason University
Dr. Erika Wagner Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Spaceports Council

The Spaceports Council was founded on November 23, 2009 after the second CSF Spaceports Executive Summit held on Oct 20, 2009 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.[10] The issues that the Spaceports Council cover include:

  • Airspace Access
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Infrastructure
  • International Policy Migration
  • Liability
  • Voluntary Common Operating Standards

The chair of the Spaceports Council is Steve Landeene, and they have regular meetings covering spaceport principles, common problems, voluntary uniform standards, and to advise vehicle operators, developers, and other members of the CSF, on issues of concern to the spaceport community.[10]

Members of the Spaceports Council (Updated January 28, 2011)[14]
Member Represented by
Spaceport America Chairman Rick Homans
Aeroports de Catalunya Executive Director Jordi Candela
Cecil Field Spaceport Administrator of Planning and Development Todd Lindner
Mojave Air and Space Port General Manager Stuart Witt
Oklahoma Spaceport Executive Director Bill Khourie
Space Florida Executive Director Frank DiBello
Spaceport Indiana President Brian Tanner
Spaceport Scotland Chairman Howie Firth
Spaceport Sweden Director Karin Nilsdotter
Wisconsin Aerospace Authority Chairman Tom Crabb

  Research and Education Affiliates

The Commercial Spaceflight Federation's Research and Education Affiliates program was created on February 18, 2010. The chairman of the CSF when the research and education affiliates program was created, Mark Sirangelo, said that "Researchers, engineers, and educators will be among the primary beneficiaries of the new generation of low-cost commercial spacecraft, as payload opportunities to space start to grow. We’re excited to create a new category of affiliate membership to strengthen the ties between the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and the research and education community."[11]

Research and Education Affiliates (Updated January 31, 2011)[15]
University of Central Florida
George Mason University
Johns Hopkins University
Purdue University
Princeton University
Southwest Research Institute
West Virginia University


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