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definitions - Drummer

drummer (n.)

1.someone who plays a drum

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Merriam Webster

DrummerDrum"mer (?), n.
1. One whose office is to best the drum, as in military exercises and marching.

2. One who solicits custom; a commercial traveler. [Colloq. U.S.] Bartlett.

3. (Zoöl.) A fish that makes a sound when caught; as: (a) The squeteague. (b) A California sculpin.

4. (Zoöl.) A large West Indian cockroach (Blatta gigantea) which drums on woodwork, as a sexual call.

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synonyms - Drummer

drummer (n.)

percussionist, tambour

see also - Drummer

drummer (n.)

drum, tambour


-Aaron Harris (Isis drummer) • Aaron Harris (Islands drummer) • Adam Perry (drummer) • Adam Wade (drummer) • Adrian Griffin (drummer) • Alan Moore (drummer) • Alan Myers (drummer) • Alan White (Oasis drummer) • Alan White (Yes drummer) • Alex Hernandez (drummer) • Alex Vincent (drummer) • Allison Miller (drummer) • Andrew Bain (drummer) • Andrew Gonzales (drummer) • Andrew McCulloch (drummer) • Andrew Scott (drummer) • Andy Anderson (drummer) • Andy Taylor (drummer) • Andy White (drummer) • Anthony Martinez (drummer) • Antonio Sanchez (drummer) • Bill Andrews (drummer) • Bill Goodwin (jazz drummer) • Billy Rankin (drummer) • Bob Burns (drummer) • Bob Thompson (drummer) • Bobby Caldwell (drummer) • Bobby Orr (drummer) • Bobby Thomas (jazz drummer) • Brian Davison (drummer) • Brian Doherty (drummer) • Brian Downey (drummer) • Brian McGee (drummer) • Brian Turner (drummer) • Brian Young (drummer) • Bruce Mitchell (drummer) • Bruce Rowland (drummer) • Budgie (drummer) • Carl Allen (drummer) • Charlie Adams (drummer) • Chris Adler (drummer) • Chris Wilson (drummer) • Dallas Taylor (drummer) • Danny Hall (drummer) • Dave Holland (drummer) • Dave Jones (drummer) • Dave McClain (drummer) • Dave Wagstaffe (drummer) • David Murray (drummer) • David Sanger (drummer) • Dennis Thompson (drummer) • Derek O'Brien (drummer) • Don Murray (drummer) • Drummer (comics) • Drummer (soil) • Drummer Boy • Drummer Dick's Discharge • Drummer Hoff • Drummer Street, Cambridge • Drummer Township, Ford County, Illinois • Drummer of Tedworth • Earl Young (drummer) • Eric Young (drummer) • Ernest Carter (drummer) • Ex Drummer • Flo (drummer) • Funky Drummer • Gary Young (drummer) • George Kollias (drummer) • Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked) • I'm in a Band With an Italian Drummer • Ian Clarke (drummer) • Ian Matthews (drummer) • Ian Wallace (drummer) • James O'Connor (drummer) • Jeff Hamilton (drummer) • Jeremy White (drummer) • Jim Fox (drummer) • Jim Shapiro (drummer) • Jim White (drummer) • Joe Daniels (drummer) • Joe Daniels (jazz drummer) • Joe Morris (drummer) • John Adams (drummer) • John Bennett (drummer) • John Bradbury (drummer) • John Coghlan (drummer) • John Doyle (drummer) • John Fell (drummer) • John Fowler (drummer) • John Maher (Buzzcocks drummer) • John Otto (drummer) • John Stanier (drummer) • John Steel (drummer) • John Stevens (drummer) • John Wicks (drummer) • Johnny Williams (drummer) • Jon Lee (drummer) • Jon Schwartz (drummer) • Joseph Crabtree (drummer) • Jungle Drummer • Justin Smith (drummer) • Keith Barber (drummer) • Keith O'Neill (drummer) • Ken Lewis (drummer) • Kitty (drummer) • Larry Wright (street drummer) • Little Drummer Boy Live • Manfred Dikkers (drummer) • Mark Baker (drummer) • Master drummer • Matt Johnson (drummer) • Matt Walker (drummer) • Max Ward (drummer) • Michael Barker (drummer) • Michael Johnson (drummer) • Michael Organ (drummer) • Michael Pointer (drummer) • Mike Smith (drummer) • Modern Drummer • Monkey Drummer • Muhammad Ali (drummer) • Murph (drummer) • Neal Smith (drummer) • Patrick Ferguson (drummer) • Paul Caruso (drummer) • Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy • Peter Gill (FGTH drummer) • Peter Jones (drummer) • Peter McCarthy (drummer) • Peter Phipps (drummer) • Peter Wilkinson (drummer) • Phillip Wilson (drummer) • Pinch (drummer) • Rick Allen (Def Leppard drummer) • Rick Allen (drummer) • Robbie McIntosh (drummer) • Robbie Robinson (drummer) • Robert Williams (drummer) • Roger Taylor (Duran Duran drummer) • Ron Wilson (drummer) • Ross McLennan (drummer) • Scott Phillips (drummer) • Scott Reeder (drummer) • Seann Scott (Drummer) • Silver drummer • Simon Smith (drummer) • Spencer Smith (drummer) • Steve Davis (drummer) • Steve Foley (drummer) • Steve Jordan (drummer) • Steve McCall (drummer) • Steve Potts (drummer) • Steve Riley (drummer) • Steve Turner (drummer) • Steve White (drummer) • Steve Williams (jazz drummer) • Steve Williams (rock drummer) • Stu Martin (drummer) • Stuart Elliott (drummer) • Superior drummer 2.0 • Tales Out of Luck (Me and the Drummer) • Tenor drummer • Terry Williams (drummer) • Tetsuya Kajiwara (drummer) • The Drummer • The Drummer (2007 film) • The Drummer (disambiguation) • The Little Drummer Boy • The Little Drummer Boy, Book II • The Little Drummer Girl • The Little Drummer Girl (film) • Tony Levin (drummer) • Tony Newman (drummer) • Trevor Foster (drummer) • Virtual Drummer • WFD World's Fastest Drummer Extreme Sport Drumming • White Christmas and Little Drummer Boy Live • Willie Hall (drummer) • Zoro (drummer)

analogical dictionary



  A marching drumline warming up

A drummer is a musician who is capable of playing drums, which includes but is not limited to a drum kit ("drum set" or "trap set", including but not limited to cymbals) and accessory based hardware which includes an assortment of pedals and standing support mechanisms, marching percussion and/or any musical instrument that is struck within the context of a wide assortment of musical genres. The term percussionist applies to a musician who performs struck musical instruments of numerous diverse shapes, sizes and applications. Most contemporary western ensembles bands for Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B etc. includes a drummer within the context of its music based ensemble for purposes including but not limited to timekeeping, and artist based applications deemed appropriate towards the elevation of a prescribed music based aesthetic. Most drummers of this particular designation work within the context of a larger contingent (aka rhythm section) that may also include, keyboard (a percussion instrument) and/or guitar, auxiliary percussion (often of non western origin) and bass (bass viol or electric). Said ensembles may also include melodic based mallet percussion including but not limited to: vibraphone, marimba and/or xylophone. The rhythm section, being the core metronomic foundation with which other melodic instruments, including voices, may present the harmonic/melodic portion of the material.

First and foremost, a drummer is a musician that performs music on the multi-percussion instrument known as the drum set, which usually consists of a bass drum (with pedal), a floor tom, tom-toms, a snare drum, hi-hats, a ride cymbal, and a crash cymbal.

In popular music, the primary function of the drummer is to "keep time" or provide a steady tempo and rhythmic foundation. However, in other musical styles, such as world, jazz, classical, and electronica, the function of a drummer is often shifted from "time keeper" to soloist, whereby the main melody becomes the rhythmic development generated by the drummer or percussionist.

There are many tools that a drummer can use for either timekeeping or soloing. These include cymbals, (i.e. china, crash, ride, splash, hi-hats, etc.) Auxiliary percussion, (i.e. bells, Latin drums, cowbells, temple blocks) and many others. Also there is a single, double, and a triple bass pedal for the bass drum.



  Drummer of the French Chasseurs alpins

Before motorized transport became widespread, drummers played a key role in military conflicts. The drum cadences provided set a steady marching pace, and elevated troop morale on the battlefield. In some armies drums also assisted in combat by keeping cadence for firing and loading drills with muzzle loading guns. Military drummers were also employed on the parade field, when troops passed in review, and in various ceremonies including ominous drum rolls accompanying disciplinary punishments. Children also served as drummer boys well into the nineteenth century, though less commonly than is popularly assumed as due to the nature of the job experienced older men were preferred.

Drummers are no longer employed in battle, but their ceremonial duties continue. Typically buglers (wind instrument)and drummers mass under a sergeant-drummer and during marches alternately perform with the regiment and/or battalion ensembles.

Military based musical percussion traditions were not limited exclusively to the western world. When Emir Osman I was appointed commander of the Turkish army on the Byzantine border in the late 13th century, he was symbolically installed via a handover of musical instruments by the Seldjuk sultan. During the Ottoman Empire, size of a military band reflected the rank of its commander in chief: the largest reserved for the Sultan (viz. his Grand Vizier when taking the field). It included various percussion instruments, often adopted in European military music (as 'Janissary music') The pitched bass drum is still known in some languages as the Turkish Drum. Alternatively, in old English, Tabert is champion of the people, or great leader, i.e. a great drummer.

Military forces especially those of the British Commonwealth, battalions or regiments often consisted of a "pipes and drums" band ("the band') consisting of bagpipes and drummers. These bands are often employed as stretcher bearers or medics on the battlefield.


  A drummer in a parade

Is a genre of marching ensemble descended from it military drummers and can be arranged as a performance of a drum, a group of drummers, and as a part of a larger marching band. Their uniforms will often have a military style and a fancy hat. In recent times, it is more common to see drummers in parades wearing costumes with an African, Asian, Latin, Native American, or tribal look and sound.

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