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Kosovan passport

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Cover of a Kosovan passport (2008)
Information page of a Kosovan passport (2008)

The Kosovan passport (Albanian: Pasaportë; Serbian: Пасош or Pasoš) is a travel document that is issued to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. The document facilitates international travel as well as serving as proof of citizenship. The issuance of passports is solely the prerogative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the exception of diplomatic passports which are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kosovan passports comply with all the recommended standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) (such as size, technology, security, layout, etc.) The passport design was disclosed 14 March 2008.[1] The first passports were issued on 30 July 2008 and as of 20 May 2009, 300,000 passports have been issued to the citizens of Kosovo.[2][3] The Kosovan Government has announced that biometric passports, compliant with international standards, will be issued in 2010.[4]

The new design of the passport is a dark blue colour, with the coat of arms of the Republic of Kosovo in the middle of the cover page.[5] The word "Passport" is written on the cover of the passport in Albanian, Serbian and English. All relevant identity information about the bearer is printed in these languages as well.[3] For citizens that are 18 or older, the passport is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance.

Before the introduction of the new national passports, travel documents were issued by the United Nations administration[6] with a maximum validity of 2 years. Those travel documents, though no longer issued, remain valid until their expiration date.



There are four types of passports: Ordinary, Official, Diplomatic and Travel Document. An application fee of €25 is required.[7]


  • Dark Blue cover
  • Issued to all citizens of Kosovo with a maximum validity of 10 years to facilitate private international travel.[8]


  • Maroon cover
  • Issued to political staff within the Government as well as their family members with a maximum validity of 5 years.[8]


  • Black cover
  • Issued to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, members of the Government, the President of the Constitutional Court, the President of the Supreme Court, Ambassadors as well as other diplomatic staff in embassies or consulates around the world, to the Ombudsperson, members of state delegations if so required, Government officials which have been appointed as representatives of the Government in various international organisations, diplomatic couriers as prescribed by law, and persons of interest as prescribed by the law with a maximum validity of 5 years.[8]

Travel Document

  • Light Blue cover
  • Issued to the citizens of Kosovo if the original passport has been lost or stolen, and/or it has expired. It can also be issued for group travel of no less than 5 persons and no more than 50. A Travel Document has a maximum validity of 30 days.[8]


     Kosovo     States that officially recognise Kosovo and the Kosovan passport     States that do not recognise Kosovo, but have stated that they accept the Kosovan passport     States that have reportedly been visited even though these states do not recognise the Kosovan passport nor Kosovo's independence.

Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence is not universally recognised. Therefore, some countries may not accept passports issued by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.[6]


As of November 2009, 65 UN member countries have officially recognised Kosovo. As such these countries also implicitly recognise the Kosovan passport as a valid travel document, unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.[dubious ]

The following countries have recognised Kosovo as a country and thus recognise the Kosovo passport as a valid travel document:

Only passports

In addition, other countries have recognised the Kosovan passport as a travel document whilst not recognising Kosovo as a country. The situation here is similar to that of the Republic of China passport, which many countries routinely process, even though they do not recognise the Republic of China.

The following countries have officially stated that they accept the Kosovan passport as a valid travel document, whilst not recognising Kosovo as an independent country:

In addition there are several countries to which people have apparently been able to travel on Kosovan passports, however where this is not officially stated policy or well established de facto practice this is not an indication that such a travel can be repeated in the future. Countries that have reportedly been visited in this manner include:


Serbia no longer refuses entry to people with entry and exit stamps of the Republic of Kosovo customs authority or visas in their passports. These stamps and visas are cancelled with a Serbian stamp. There can be problems, however, to obtain a Serbian visa with Kosovo stamps in the passport.

Special travel provisions

In October 2008 Romania adopted a provision, whereby travellers from Kosovo are issued a special document containing a visa.[95]

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