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definitions - Legislature

legislature (n.)

1.(politics)persons who make or amend or repeal laws

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Merriam Webster

LegislatureLeg"is*la`ture (lĕj"ĭs*lā`t�r; 135), n. [Cf. F. législature.] The body of persons in a state or kingdom invested with power to make and repeal laws; a legislative body.

Without the concurrent consent of all three parts of the legislature, no law is, or can be, made. Sir M. Hale.

☞ The legislature of Great Britain consists of the Lords and Commons, with the king or queen, whose sanction is necessary to every bill before it becomes a law. The legislatures of most of the United States consist of two houses or branches; but the sanction or consent of the governor is required to give their acts the force of law, or a concurrence of two thirds of the two houses after he has refused his sanction and assigned his objections.

The legislatures of some of the more important states having constitutional government are as follows, the general name (or a translation of it) of the legislative body collectively being given under the heading legislature, or parliament:

StateLegislature, or parliamentUpper HouseNameNumber of members -- how chosen or composed -- term of officeLower HouseNameNumber of members -- suffrage -- term of office-----------------------------------------------------------------ArgentinaNational CongressSenate30 -- 2 from each provincew and 2 from capital -- 9 yearsHouse of Deputies120  (1 to 33,000) -- Manhood -- 4 yearsAustriaReichsrathBelgiumThe ChambersBrazilNational CongressChileNational CongressDenmarkRigsdagFranceNational AssemblyGerman EmpireImperial legislature*Great BritainParliamentHouse of LordsAbout 600House of CommonsAbout 670 -- 7 years, or until dissolutionGreeceHungaryOrzág-gyülésItalyParliamentJapanImperial DietMexicoCongressNetherlandsStates-General#NorwayStorthingPortugalCortes Geraes (general Assembly)PrussiaLandtagHerrenhausNo limit -- very various classes -- For different termsAbgeordnetenhaus433 -- Indirect election, general suffrage§ -- 5 years, or until dissolutionSpainCortesSwedenDietSwitzerlandBundesversammlungUnited StatesCongressSenate92(1908) -- 6 yearsHouse of Representatives391 (1908) -- 2 years.
----------------------------------------------------------------*In the self-governing colonies of Great Britain the legislative body usually consists of two chambers, the names of the legislature and the chambers varying. Thus in Australia the Federal Parliament is composed of the Senate and the House of Commons, in New Zealand the General Assembly is composed of the Legislative Council and the House of Representatives, etc.#Members of the Storthing are chosen for three years by direct election by manhood suffrage, forty-one being elected from the towns and eighty-two from the rural districts. The Storthing on assembling divides into the Lagthing including one fourth and the Odelsthing including three fourths of the total membership of the Storthing. All new laws are laid first before the Odelsthing. If the two houses do not agree they vote in joint session, a majority of two thirds of those voting being necessary to a decision.§ While theoretically general, the suffrage is so classified as often practically to disfranchise those who are not property holders.

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synonyms - Legislature

legislature (n.) (politics)

assembly, general assembly, law-makers, legislative  (politics), legislative assembly  (politics), legislative authority  (politics), legislative body  (politics), legislative power  (politics)

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legislature (n.)



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analogical dictionary

legislature (n.) [politics]



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A Legislature is a kind of deliberative assembly with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws.[1] The law created by a legislature is called legislation or statutory law. In addition to enacting laws, legislatures usually have exclusive authority to raise or lower taxes and adopt the budget and other money bills. Legislatures are known by many names, the most common being parliament and congress, although these terms also have more specific meanings.

In parliamentary systems of government, the legislature is formally supreme and appoints a member from its house as the prime minister which acts as the executive.[2] In a presidential system, according to the separation of powers doctrine, the legislature is considered an independent and coequal branch of government along with both the judiciary and the executive.[3]

The primary components of a legislature are one or more chambers or houses: assemblies that can debate and vote upon bills. A legislature with only one house is called unicameral. A bicameral legislature possesses two separate chambers, usually described as an upper house and a lower house, which often differ in duties, powers, and the methods used for the selection of members. Much rarer have been tricameral legislatures; the Massachusetts Governor's Council still exists, but the most recent national example existed in the waning years of caucasian-minority rule in South Africa.

In most parliamentary systems, the lower house is the more powerful house while the upper house is merely a chamber of advice or review. However, in presidential systems, the powers of the two houses are often similar or equal. In federations, it is typical for the upper house to represent the component states; the same applies to the supranational legislature of the European Union. For this purpose, the upper house may either contain the delegates of state governments, as is the case in the European Union and in Germany and was the case in the United States before 1913, or be elected according to a formula that grants equal representation to states with smaller populations, as is the case in Australia and the modern United States.

Because members of legislatures usually sit together in a specific room to deliberate, seats in that room may be assigned exclusively to members of the legislature. In parliamentary language, the term seat is sometimes used to mean that someone is a member of a legislature. For example, saying that a legislature has 100 "seats" means that there are 100 members of the legislature, and saying that someone is "contesting a seat" means they are trying to get elected as a member of the legislature. By extension, the term seat is often used in less formal contexts to refer to an electoral district itself, as for example in the phrases "safe seat" and "marginal seat".

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