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List of Only Fools and Horses episodes

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The following is an episode list for the BBC1 sitcom Only Fools and Horses. The show was first broadcast in the UK on BBC One on 8 September 1981[1] It ran for seven series and nineteen Christmas Specials[2][3] until 25 December 2003, when the final episode was broadcast.[4] In total, 64 regular episodes of Only Fools and Horses, all written by John Sullivan, were produced. All are now available on both Region 2 and Region 1 DVD.



The first series of six episodes aired from 8 September to 13 October 1981. A Christmas special aired on 28 December 1981. The second series of seven episodes aired from 21 October to 2 December 1982. A Christmas special aired on 30 December 1982. The third series of seven episodes aired from 10 November to 22 December 1983. A Christmas special aired on 25 December 1983. A fourth series of seven episodes aired from 21 February to 4 April 1985. A Christmas special aired on 25 December 1985. A fifth series of six episodes aired from 31 August to 5 October 1986. A Christmas special aired on 25 December 1986. Two further specials aired on 25 December 1987 and 25 December 1988 respectively. A sixth series of six episodes aired from 8 January to 12 February 1989. A Christmas special aired on 25 December 1989 and a further special aired on 25 December 1990. A seventh series of six episodes aired from 30 December 1990 to 3 February 1991. A two-part Christmas special aired on 24 and 25 December 1991 respectively. Two further specials aired on 25 December 1992 and 25 December 1993. A three part trilogy aired from 25 December to 29 December 1996. A comeback special aired on 25 December 2001. Two further specials aired on 25 December 2002 and 25 December 2003 respectively.

Additionally, six special editions of the show were made. Of these, two ("Licensed to Drill" and "The Robin Flies at Dawn") have never been broadcast commercially[5][6] and some have only recently been rediscovered.[5][6][7] The above six episodes are very rare and have never been released on DVD.

All episodes originally aired on BBC One. The list below is ordered by the episodes' original air dates.

Standard serial episodes

SeriesEpisodesOriginally AiredDVD ReleaseNote
Region 1Region 2Region 4
Series 1719817 October 200320 November 20003 May 2004
Series 2819827 October 20032 April 20013 May 2004
Series 3819837 October 20034 June 2001T B C 2005[8]
Series 47198512 October 20041 October 2001T B C 2005
Series 56198612 October 200430 September 20024 August 2005
Series 66198911 October 200522 September 20034 August 2005
Series 761990-199110 October 20066 September 20044 May 2006

Separate specials

SpecialDurationEpisodesDVD Release (R2)
198590-mins112 November 2001
198680-mins19 May 2005
198760-mins120 November 2000
198880-mins16 May 2002
198985-mins16 November 2000
199075-mins114 February 2005
1991145-mins219 May 2003
199265-mins124 May 2004
199385-mins112 July 2004
1996180-mins39 February 2004
200170-mins111 November 2002
200275-mins117 November 2003
200375-mins14 October 2004

Series One (1981)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
1"Big Brother"Ray ButtMartin Shardlow8 September 1981 (1981-09-08)9.2 million30 minutes
Rodney meets Del's friend Trigger, in order to buy some briefcases. It soon emerges however that not only were the cases stolen, they are also rejects - the combination for them is on the inside. Rodney advises Del to throw them in the river. The row between the brothers is soon made worse by the latter's buying a cheeseburger for Grandad instead of an Emperor burger due to lack of funds. The next day, Del Boy trawls London, looking for Rodney and attempting to sell the briefcases, having already previously failed with his telephone contacts. 
2"Go West Young Man"Ray ButtMartin Shardlow15 September 1981 (1981-09-15)6.1 million30 minutes
Life has not been a social whirl for Rodney. His friend Mickey Pearce had moved in on his latest girlfriend, Monica of the Fat Thighs. But for Del Boy, he finds another quick way to make some money when he spies a faulty Mark II Cortina that's being used as a part-exchange for a Vanden Plas in Boycie's used car lot. Del sells the Cortina to an Australian man for £199. Also, the Trotters get to house Boycie's E type Jaguar, a gift for his bit on the side, for a week in their garage. 
3"Cash and Curry"Ray ButtMartin Shardlow22 September 1981 (1981-09-22)7.3 million30 minutes
Attending a dinner and dance at the Camberwell Chamber of Trade, Del Boy meets and befriends an Indian man named Vimmal Malik. Outside, Del and Rodney inadvertently become involved in a dispute with a Mr. Rahn (Renu Setna), who appears to have a long standing grudge against Malik. Rahn's heavy is set upon Del and Malik after the situation escalates, only to be floored by Del. Meanwhile, Malik and Rahn joke to each other about the stupidity of the Trotter brothers in falling for the con. 
4"The Second Time Around"Ray ButtMartin Shardlow29 September 1981 (1981-09-29)7.8 million30 minutes
Del Boy and Rodney are at work as usual, flogging handkerchiefs to the market crowd. They then pop into The Nag's Head for a good drink, until Del is surprised to see one of his old girlfriends, Pauline Harris, back in London after 12 years. Pauline tells Del that she got a job as an air hostess in San Francisco after her husband Bobby Finch died. Del decides to arrange a date with Pauline so they can still be together, but Rodney does not agree with it, since he knows about Pauline's true personality and now suspects that she may be a cold-blooded killer. 
5"A Slow Bus To Chingford"Ray ButtMartin Shardlow6 October 1981 (1981-10-06)7 million30 minutes
As Rodney invites his girlfriend of the week over to the flat, Del Boy gives him a job as a nocturnal security officer (fancy name for night watchman) under the company Trotter Watch. As Rodney is sent to guard a bus depot, Del frightens him by whistling along with him. The next morning, Grandad tells Del that he used to be a security officer during the war. Rodney is woken up just to hear Del's latest get-rich-quick scheme: Trotters Ethnic Tours! Rodney will drive, Del will be the tour guide, and Grandad will send the leaflets to every part of London. 
6"The Russians Are Coming"Ray ButtMartin Shardlow13 October 1981 (1981-10-13)8.8 million30 minutes
Del Boy purchases a pile of bricks and discovers several boxes of lead underneath, Rodney discovers (in some old paperwork found with the lead) that the lead is for a do it yourself nuclear fallout shelter. The episode was first screened whilst the real-life Soviet war in Afghanistan was ongoing, and Rodney persuades Del that, with a potential World War III looming, they should build the shelter rather than sell it. Del agrees to test out the shelter over the weekend. 

Christmas Special (1981)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
7"Christmas Crackers"Bernard ThompsonBernard Thompson28 December 1981 (1981-12-28)7.5 million35 minutes
It's Christmas Day at Nelson Mandela House, and Grandad, cooking the Christmas dinner, manages to ruin it by under-cooking the turkey and forgetting to remove the giblets. He also burns the Christmas pudding. Rodney, bored with the lack of good programming on the television, there is a circus show on two channels, gets his only enjoyment from a body language book lent to him by his friend, Mickey Pearce, and suggests that he and Del Boy go out for the night. Del rejects the idea, saying that they can't leave Grandad alone on Christmas night, only for Grandad to go out shortly afterwards to an OAPs party. 

Series Two (1982)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
8"The Long Legs of the Law"Ray ButtRay Butt21 October 1982 (1982-10-21)7.7 million30 minutes
It is the morning after a party at the Nag's Head attended by Del Boy and Rodney, which broke into a near-riot. It emerges that to break up the trouble, a young policewoman had been sent, and Del teases Rodney for trying to ask her out for a date whilst she was dealing with the offenders. Only later does Rodney reveal that he had in fact been successful, and has thus arranged an evening out with her, much to Del's horror. 
9"Ashes to Ashes"Ray ButtRay Butt28 October 1982 (1982-10-28)9.8 million30 minutes
As Del Boy and Rodney are at business as usual, Trigger comes up and asks them if they'll attend the funeral of his grandmother Alice. After discovering that they will be the only other mourners, the Trotters agree. Later, after the funeral, Del, Rodney, Trigger, and Grandad hang out at Alice's house, and Trigger tells the Trotters that his father died a few years before he was born, as well as the story of how Alice flirted with someone else while her husband Arthur was away fighting in the war. Among the many things in the house are two urns that Del can sell. 
10"A Losing Streak"Ray ButtRay Butt4 November 1982 (1982-11-04)7.5 million30 minutes
Del Boy, Rodney, and Grandad are making some sort of cheap perfume just to earn money after Del has been losing most of his in a series of poker games with Boycie, which Del attributes to a "losing streak". Grandad shows Del a double-headed coin that he got off a Scottish man during the war, and advises Del to use it against Boycie. Grandad clearly remembers the story behind the coin as if it were only yesterday. According to him, the man said: "I want you to have something to remember me by, Trotter. Take me lucky coin." Then, he went (as in the Scottish man deserted, not died as Del thought). 
11"No Greater Love"Ray ButtRay Butt11 November 1982 (1982-11-11)8.6 million30 minutes
The Trotters arrive at a London street with camel hair overcoats, and plan to receive payments from Mrs. Singh. But when Rodney opens the door to her house, he meets another woman named Irene, who tells him that Mrs. Singh moved away about three weeks ago. Rodney enters Irene's flat and is instantly smitten with her. Irene tells Rodney that she's aged 40, and married with a teenage son Marcus. She also mentions her husband Tommy Mackay, who "is away working, but will be out in 6 months." He's actually doing time in Parkhurst prison for committing wounding with intent, GBH, and attempted murder. 
12"The Yellow Peril"Ray ButtRay Butt18 November 1982 (1982-11-18)8.2 million30 minutes
Del Boy is at a Chinese restaurant called the Golden Lotus, and promises the owner Mr. Chin that he will paint his kitchen before the health inspector arrives. But Del can't do it today, because it is the anniversary of the death of his and Rodney's mother Joan. At the cemetery, as they look at the fibreglass grave of their mother, Del tells Rodney that he remembers the words their mother said to him on her deathbed: "Look after Rodney for me, Del Boy. Share everything you've got with him, try to make him feel normal..." Also, Del asks Rodney to help him paint the kitchen at the Golden Lotus tomorrow. 
13"It Never Rains..."Ray ButtRay Butt25 November 1982 (1982-11-25)9.5 million30 minutes
It has been raining non-stop for four days in Peckham, and the Trotters haven't been able flog any of their sun-hats. At the Nag's Head, Del Boy bumps into his friend Alex, a down-on-his-luck travel agent. They have a chat about how they can boost their businesses, and Del suggests that Alex offer an 80% discount on a holiday to the next customer, who just happens to be Del.Back at the flat, Del tells Rodney and Grandad that they're going to Benidorm, Spain. Rodney is worried that Grandad will cramp their style, but Del just tells him to shrug it off. 
14"A Touch of Glass"Ray ButtRay Butt2 December 1982 (1982-12-02)10.2 million30 minutes
During a trip out to the countryside to buy a consignment of musical china cats, Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad stop to assist a woman whose car has broken down. The woman turns out to be a member of the aristocracy, Lady Ridgemere. They tow her home and are grudgingly invited in by Lord Ridgemere. The Trotters quickly outstay their welcome at the mansion. Whilst there, Del overhears the Lord haggling with someone on the telephone about the cost of cleaning their two priceless chandeliers. Del then persuades the Lord that chandeliers are the Trotter's family business and agrees to carry out the necessary work cheaply. 

Christmas Special (1982)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
15"Diamonds Are for Heather"Ray ButtRay Butt30 December 1982 (1982-12-30)9.3 million30 minutes
At The Nag's Head, Del Boy is drowning his sorrows due to his loneliness, and cheers himself up by ordering a mariachi band to sing "Old Shep". He also meets a beautiful woman named Heather, who seems to be one friend short of company. Del, ever the gentleman, entertains her and sees her home safely. When he escorts her back to her flat, Del discovers that Heather has a young son named Darren, aged 3 and a half, and a husband named Vic, who seems to have joined a very long queue at the Job Centre 18 months earlier and never came back. Over the next six weeks, Del and Heather's romance blossoms. 

Series Three (1983)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
16"Homesick"Ray ButtRay Butt10 November 1983 (1983-11-10)9.4 million30 minutes
As Del Boy prepares himself to go out with a waitress from a pizzeria, Rodney plans to go to the local Tenants Association meeting and report lot of things that need to be sorted, as well as tower block's lifts. At the meeting, the only ones who have shown up are Rodney, Trigger, and the chairman Baz, who mentions that the vice-chairman died a fortnight ago, and that he wanted to elect a new vice-chairman, and Trigger votes Rodney to fill the position. The meeting starts, and Baz then resigns and promotes Rodney to chairman in an instant. Later, at the market, Rodney tells Del all about Margaret Mackenzie, one of the Tenants Association. 
17"Healthy Competition"Ray ButtRay Butt17 November 1983 (1983-11-17)9.7 million30 minutes
After an argument with Del Boy for failing to spot an approaching policeman at the market, leading to a frantic chase scene, Rodney informs Del and Grandad that he has other things on his mind and is preparing to make a big announcement, namely that he is leaving Trotters Independent Traders to set up a business partnership with his friend Mickey Pearce. Del and Grandad warn Rodney that Mickey Pearce is not to be trusted and has no business sense, but Rodney dismisses their claims. Del warns Rodney that going it alone means he has to pay for everything himself from now, but Rodney goes ahead with it, insisting that he can prove he is just as good as Del. 
18"Friday the 14th"Ray ButtRay Butt24 November 1983 (1983-11-24)9.7 million30 minutes
In another one of his get-rich-quick schemes, Del Boy has just concluded a deal with Boycie and a fish restaurant owner, which will see him, Rodney and Grandad stay at Boycie's weekend cottage in Cornwall, bribe the local gamekeeper and do some salmon poaching. As the trio arrive in Cornwall during a heavy thunderstorm, they are stopped by a policeman, who informs them that a convicted axe murderer has taken advantage of a power cut caused by the bad weather and escaped from the local mental institution. His crime had been to kill a group of fishermen exactly ten years ago. 
19"Yesterday Never Comes"Ray ButtRay Butt1 December 1983 (1983-12-01)10.6 million30 minutes
Del Boy enters the world of fine art when he falls for a "posh tart" antique dealer named Miranda Davenport. He tries to sell her a very old cabinet which is described as a "Queen Anne" original, but the word "Fyffes" can be clearly seen, and it has woodworm. But she finds out about a painting - a valuable work by 19th century painter Joshua Blythe - that Del has on the wall in the lounge, but apparently doesn't realize the true value of. Miranda soon worms her way into his affections and gets the painting as a birthday gift. Thinking that he's in love, Del heads to Miranda's shop, and is informed that she's gone to the local auction house. 
20"May The Force Be With You"Ray ButtRay Butt8 December 1983 (1983-12-08)10.7 million30 minutes
DCI Roy Slater, the corrupt police officer and much-reviled ex-schoolmate of Del Boy, has returned to Peckham. He meets Trigger and Boycie – both horrified by his return – in the Nag's Head, and announces that he has recently been promoted to Detective Inspector. He also enquires after the whereabouts of Del Boy, particularly in connection with a stolen microwave, and begins talking to Rodney, who isn't aware that Slater is a police officer, telling him that he's an old friend of Del's. Trigger and Boycie quickly make excuses and leave, and Trigger unsuccessfully attempts to warn Rodney of Slater's real identity. 
21"Wanted"Ray ButtRay Butt15 December 1983 (1983-12-15)11.2 million30 minutes
Rodney and Mickey Pearce are at business as usual trying to pick up girls at the Nag's Head, until Del Boy walks in to spoil their fun. As Rodney walks home, he stumbles upon a mentally and physically unstable drunken woman who's waiting for a bus, but when she's about to fall, Rodney puts his hands out to catch her, but the woman berates Rodney for touching her. Rodney tries to calm the woman by saying that he's a doctor, then quickly runs off into the night. The next morning, Del finds out about the whole episode and winds Rodney up, causing him to go into hiding, much to Del’s dismay. 
22"Who's a Pretty Boy?"Ray ButtRay Butt22 December 1983 (1983-12-22)11.9 million30 minutes
Del Boy is jealous of Brendan O' Shaughnessy, an experienced painter and decorator, who sold him a tin of paint that was battleship grey instead of apple white. Del gets his opportunity for revenge by agreeing to decorate his friend Denzil's flat, much to the chagrin of Corrine. To do this, Del has to convince Denzil that Brendan was a good man, who was a great painter and did a fine job which Del only saw after the fire. As Denzil begins to investigate the causes, he learns that it was in fact an accident caused by the fact that Brendan and his friends enjoyed their lunchtime pint, and even the coroner testified to this. 

Christmas Special (1983)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
23"Thicker than Water"Ray ButtRay Butt25 December 1983 (1983-12-25)10.8 million30 minutes
Rodney and Grandad are watching an old black and white movie on Christmas Day, when a stranger appears at the door. The stranger turns out to be Del Boy and Rodney's father Reg, who had abandoned them in 1965. Rodney has no idea who he is until Grandad tells him, after which he doesn't know how to react; however, when Del hears and comes home to throw him out, Rodney persuades him to give their dad a chance, which Grandad agrees with on the grounds that Reg is also his son. Reg tells his two sons and father that he's been living in Newcastle, and after a visit to the infirmary, was diagnosed as having a hereditary blood disorder. 

Series Four (1985)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
24"Happy Returns"Ray ButtSusan Belbin21 February 1985 (1985-02-21)15.2 million30 minutes
The latest object of Rodney's lust is a pretty newsagent worker named Debbie, who is also keen on him, though acts slightly more coolly about it. Meanwhile, Del Boy saves a 9-year old boy from getting hit by speeding traffic. That night, Del comes across the boy again, who tells him that he got in trouble with his mother for letting the air out of the tyres on the Trotters' van. Del tells him that they'll go and tell his mother that it was a fun challenge for Rodney to reinflate the tyres. Del is pleasantly surprised to see that Jason's mother is June Snell, one of Del's old girlfriends from the 1960s. 
25"Strained Relations"Ray ButtSusan Belbin28 February 1985 (1985-02-28)14.9 million30 minutes
It is a day full of sorrow for Del Boy and Rodney, as their Grandad had passed away. They have attended Grandad's funeral, along with Mike, Boycie, Trigger, and the North London branch of the Trotter family. Back at the wake in Nelson Mandela House, Rodney is extremely upset to find that Del is cheering himself up by telling his mates lots of jokes. Del and Rodney also meet Grandad's younger brother, their Uncle Albert, who also tells Del that he was going to be his godfather, after spinning a coin with other brother George and winning. Later that night, everybody had gone home, and it's just Del and Rodney alone in the flat, until they find Albert in the bathroom. 
26"Hole in One"Ray ButtSusan Belbin7 March 1985 (1985-03-07)13.4 million30 minutes
Four weeks have passed since Albert first moved in with Del Boy and Rodney, and things are not good for them financially. It is the worst winter in over "two million years", and Rodney has foolishly made an investment in £500 worth of sun tan lotion. At the Nag's Head, as the Trotters pass by the open door into its cellar, Mike wants a word with Del about the deep-fat fryer he sold him. Inside, Rodney suggests that they try making money out of nothing. Suddenly, a loud crash is heard, and the Trotter brothers race into the cellar to find that Albert had fallen down through the cellar's open door. 
27"It's Only Rock and Roll"Ray ButtSusan Belbin14 March 1985 (1985-03-14)13.6 million30 minutes
At a warehouse, as Del Boy loads up the van with the latest item to flog called Kandy Dolls, Rodney tells him that he just joined a band that are styling themselves on Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Del points out that Rodney doesn't have any drums, as well as mention that he shouldn't be hanging with that "bunch of wallies", especially their lead singer, Mental Mickey Maguire, a wild man who once bit another man's ear off. It is then revealed that each Kandy Doll has a different voice chip, the Trotter brothers then drive off. That night, at the community hall, Rodney and his band are rehearsing a song they wrote called "Boys will be Boys". 
28"Sleeping Dogs Lie"Ray ButtSusan Belbin21 March 1985 (1985-03-21)18.7 million30 minutes
As Albert watches an old horror movie and Rodney bemoans about the lack of jobs in London, Del Boy has found another opportunity to be a millionaire by babysitting Boycie and Marlene's new puppy named Duke. The Trotter brothers arrive at Boycie's house and learn that Duke is a Great Dane who eats meat and pork, takes vitamin pills, and nearly kills people when playing with them. The next day, Del and Rodney arrive at the park. Del reminds Rodney that it's his turn to take Duke for a run. As Del walks off to hit on a beautiful woman walking a Dachshund, Rodney is horrified to see Duke lying in the back of the Reliant Regal van with no sign of life. 
29"Watching the Girls Go By"Ray ButtSusan Belbin28 March 1985 (1985-03-28)14.4 million30 minutes
At the Nag's Head, as Albert plays the piano, Del Boy is beating Boycie easily at a game of cards. As Rodney enters, Mike is handing out tickets for a party on Saturday night. Mickey Pearce believe that Rodney won't be going because he hasn't got a date. Rodney says that he is bringing a girl who's a big noise in show business, and he and Mickey agree to have a bet of "fifty" to prove who's right come Saturday. Later that night, back at Nelson Mandela House, as the Trotters eat a take-away for dinner, Rodney tells Del and Albert that he lied when he told Mickey that he was bringing a girl. 
30"As One Door Closes"Ray ButtSusan Belbin4 April 1985 (1985-04-04)14.2 million30 minutes
Del Boy's latest get-rich-quick scheme involves super-sharp combs and louvre doors funded by Denzil's £2,000 redundancy money. But unfortunately, Brendan O' Shaughnessy and Teddy Cummings don't want the louvre doors, which lands Del in hot water with Denzil, who's demanding his money back. Rodney reads an article about a rare butterfly, and a butterfly collector's desire to catch it and pay a large sum of money to whoever brings it to him. Later, while on the run from Denzil's angry brothers, they see the butterfly in the local cemetery. Rodney eventually captures it in the lake of the nearby park. 

Christmas Special (1985)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
31"To Hull and Back"Ray ButtRay Butt25 December 1985 (1985-12-25)16.9 million90 minutes
As the Trotters are enjoying another night at the Nag's Head, Boycie and his business partner Abdul call Del Boy in for a secret meeting, which involves Del visiting The Netherlands to smuggle diamonds for them, for which they are being paid £15,000. Del agrees to do the mission. The next morning, as they arrive at the market, Rodney believes the diamond smuggling trip is very dangerous and illegal, but Del assures him that everything will be OK. Just then, Denzil shows up in his lorry, and asks Del to leave him alone. Later, the Trotter brothers quickly run off from the police after trying to flog watches that play 36 different national anthems. 

Series Five (1986)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
32"From Prussia With Love"Ray ButtMandie Fletcher31 August 1986 (1986-08-31)12.1 million30 minutes
During another night at the Nag's Head, Del Boy, Rodney, and Albert meet a frightened 19-year old German girl who tells them that she has been in England for a year working as an au pair for another family called the Wainwrights, until they threw her out. While Del and Albert head off home, the girl introduces herself to Rodney as Anna. Rodney then gets a big surprise when he discovers that Anna is pregnant. Back at Nelson Mandela House, as Del is talking to a customer on his new Nomad mobile telephone (which is faulty), Rodney enters with Anna, leaving Del open-mouthed at the sight of her pregnant state. 
33"The Miracle of Peckham"Ray ButtMandie Fletcher7 September 1986 (1986-09-07)14.2 million30 minutes
While Rodney worries about what a muscular man named Biffo is going to do to him after a drunken Rodney stole his trumpet, which Albert has subsequently thrown down the rubbish chute, Del Boy goes to church to seek forgiveness for some stolen goods he has recently purchased, though he doesn't say what they were. The parish priest explains to Del how the local hospice is facing closure. Whilst there, the two are witnesses to a miracle: a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the altar appears to be weeping. Del instantly senses an opportunity to make money and save the hospice, and tells Rodney to alert the media. 
34"The Longest Night"Ray ButtMandie Fletcher14 September 1986 (1986-09-14)16.7 million30 minutes
During their weekly shopping trip at their local supermarket, Del Boy, Rodney, and Albert are called up to the manager Mr. Peterson's office after being wrongly accused of shoplifting. But then, a young 20-year old man enters the supermarket and tries to steal some food, but Tom Clark, the head security officer, catches him in the act and takes him up to the manager's office. But the young man, who reveals himself as "The Shadow", turns the tables by pointing a handgun at everyone in the room, including the Trotters. It seems that the young man's goal is to steal a vast sum of money from the supermarket's time-locked safe. 
35"Tea for Three"Ray ButtMandie Fletcher21 September 1986 (1986-09-21)16.5 million30 minutes
It's Talent Night at the Nag's Head, and Albert is depressed because his wife Ada is in the hospital. Trigger tells Del and Rodney that his niece Lisa will be arriving shortly. They both seem to remember her back from their childhood days. When Lisa arrives, Del and Rodney both invite her over to the flat for tea. In the meantime, Albert gets up on the stage and sings the song "Hey There" in tribute to his sick wife Ada, and wins the talent contest. The next day, Albert is trying out the new solarium to cure his hangover, and Del enters the flat with a big bag of food for tonight's tea. However, some lies lead to some discomfort for Del. 
36"Video Nasty"Ray ButtRay Butt28 September 1986 (1986-09-28)17.5 million30 minutes
At the Nag's Head, as Trigger and Boycie talk about Marlene's inability to have children, Rodney enters to tell everyone that he and Mickey Pearce have been given £10,000 by their evening art class teacher to make a local community film. Del Boy and Albert also enter and tell everyone that they've been borrowing hay bales from a private zoo run by Abdul's cousin's girlfriend's brother's friend, as well as been to see Monkey Harris's sister's husband's first wife's stepfather, who works for an animal food company. Rodney tells everyone that he's writing the story of the film, and Mickey is directing. 
37"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"Ray ButtRay Butt5 October 1986 (1986-10-05)17.5 million30 minutes
Popping into the Nag's Head for a drink, Del Boy is surprised to see his old friend and business partner from the 1960s, Jumbo Mills, back in Peckham after emigrating to Australia in 1967 with Del's last £200. As a way of returning the favour, Jumbo offers Del a chance to renew their old partnership by helping to run Jumbo's new car business back in Australia. After Del tells Rodney and Albert about the offer from Jumbo, and that this time next year, they will be millionaires, everything is set. But just when things are going well, Albert refuses to go because he's travelled around the world his entire life and Rodney can’t go. 

Christmas Specials (1986-1988)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
38"A Royal Flush"Ray ButtRay Butt25 December 1986 (1986-12-25)18.8 million80 minutes
As Del Boy sells cutlery to the local market crowd, Rodney spots an attractive woman, and abandons his lookout position to talk to her. At Sid's cafe, she introduces herself as Lady Victoria Marsham Hales of Covington House, Berkshire. Upon further reading, Rodney discovers that she is the daughter of the Duke of Maylebury, a second cousin of the Queen. Sensing a chance to make the Trotter family millionaires, Del decides to assist Rodney's blossoming friendship with Lady Victoria, such as by acquiring tickets for the opera Carmen. On the night of the opera, Rodney and Victoria arrive, only to see that Del has also shown up with June. 
39"The Frog's Legacy"Ray ButtRay Butt25 December 1987 (1987-12-25)14.3 million60 minutes
Del Boy, Rodney and Albert attend the wedding of Trigger's niece, Lisa, who had previously appeared in the episode "Tea for Three". Whilst there, Del is informed by Trigger's aunt Renee (Joan Sims), about a known local gentleman thief, Freddie "The Frog" Robdal. It transpired that Del and Rodney's mother met Robdal in 1959, and "befriended" him. Renee described Freddie Robdal as a very cultured man, very much interested in French wine and paintings, although as she states it, Robdal was a "bit of a dandy". Robdal earned his nickname as he was a frogman in the Royal Navy, and had buried the gold at sea, making it virtually impossible to find. 
40"Dates"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1988 (1988-12-25)16.6 million80 minutes
The Trotters have been earning a lot of money recently, and Albert's 68th birthday is coming up, though Del Boy and Rodney pretend to have forgotten. Meanwhile, after being impressed by a girl Trigger had met through a local dating agency, Del himself decides to sign up for it. Calling himself Derek Duvall, managing director of a successful import and export business, he meets an aspiring actress named Raquel Turner. The two get on well and agree to meet again. Del asks Raquel to join him at Albert's upcoming birthday party, but she declines, citing an acting class she has to attend. 

Series Six (1989)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
41"Yuppy Love"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow8 January 1989 (1989-01-08)13.9 million50 minutes
Having seen and been strongly influenced by the film Wall Street, especially its lead character, the ruthless corporate high-flyer Gordon Gekko, Del Boy has decided to adopt a new "yuppy" image, donning a striped shirt and red braces, carrying a filofax and a silver briefcase. Rodney in turn has joined an evening computer class, where he meets a girl. He later meets her again at a nightclub, where she offers to give him a lift home. She first drives to her house to drop off a friend. Embarrassed at the thought of Cassandra seeing his council flat, Rodney instead leads her to The King's Avenue, an expensive and very up-market road, implying that he lives there. 
42"Danger UXD"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow15 January 1989 (1989-01-15)16.1 million50 minutes
While continuing to follow the yuppy lifestyle, Del Boy encourages Rodney to join in the fun. Also, Del's latest items to flog are VCRs from Ronnie Nelson, and fresh tomatoes from Jersey. At the Nag's Head, Denzil tells Mike and the Trotters that he should be taking his wife Corrine out for the evening to celebrate their anniversary, but can't due to picking up a faulty stock of 50 dolls from a shop in High Wycombe. Del takes the dolls off Denzil. Back at the flat, the Trotters discover that the dolls are uninflated sex dolls called Lusty Linda and Erotic Estelle. Del suggests that they take the dolls down to a man named Dirty Barry, who owns a sex shop. 
43"Chain Gang"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow22 January 1989 (1989-01-22)16.3 million50 minutes
During a night at the One-Eleven Club, Rodney introduces Cassandra to Del Boy. They also meet Arnie, a retired jeweller from Lambeth, who interests the Trotters in 250 18 carat gold chains, which were supposed to be sold to a gangster named Mr. Maxi Stavros. However, Stavros has not made contact with Arnie for a considerable length of time, and Arnie is being forced to sell them at half their wholesale cost. Del forms a consortium of himself, Rodney, Albert, Boycie, Trigger, and Mike who, after verification by an independent jeweller, purchase the chains for £12,500. However, what’s Arnie really up to? 
44"The Unlucky Winner Is..."Gareth GwenlanTony Dow29 January 1989 (1989-01-29)17 million50 minutes
Del Boy has taken an interest in entering competitions, and enters an old painting drawn by Rodney when he was 14 into one, though without Rodney's knowledge. Rodney's work is selected as one of the winners, and he wins a free holiday to Spain, but when informing him of his success, Del declines to tell Rodney that he has won in the under-15's category. When at the airport, Del finally tells Rodney and Cassandra the full details of the prize, namely that the organisers think Rodney is 14. He persuades the two to go along with it, meaning that Rodney has to pretend to be 14 for the week, with Del posing as his father and Cassandra posing as his common law stepmother. 
45"Sickness and Wealth"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow5 February 1989 (1989-02-05)18.2 million50 minutes
Del Boy is suffering from stomach pains but he refuses to admit to it or go to a doctor, because he is scared of them. He is also under a great deal of stress, his recent line in awful women's summer fashion hasn't been selling well with all the frost and sleet and he hasn't been able to pay the rent on the flat and is now facing the possibility of eviction, but is still living the yuppy lifestyle eating in the curry houses and bistros and drinking buying rounds in wine bars and pubs, all on the slate, causing further debts. Over a Chinese Del learns that Albert's new girlfriend Elsie Partridge used to be a medium and he instantly sees it as the answer to his financial worries. 
46"Little Problems"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow12 February 1989 (1989-02-12)18.9 million50 minutes
With his marriage to Cassandra coming up, Rodney is worried that he'll never receive his diploma in computers, having apparently failed his exams again, and he also has the problem of finding £2000 for his and Cassandra's new flat. However, Del Boy takes care of these problems, as he announces that he's giving Rodney the dosh for a wedding present, and then hands over Rodney's diploma, telling him that his teacher had been delayed marking some of the diplomas. When Rodney leaves though, Del confides to Uncle Albert that Rodney had in fact completely failed his exam, and his teacher required a £150 bribe in order to give a passing grade. 

Christmas Specials (1989-1990)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
47"The Jolly Boys' Outing"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1989 (1989-12-25)20.1 million85 minutes
The day-trip to Margate proves eventful; the coach driver apparently gets drunk half-way through the journey (but it is later established that he was overcome by fumes from the radio burning out), Rodney gets arrested for accidentally kicking a football at a bored policeman, and Alan gets sick after eating too many jellied eels. Just as the Jolly Boys are preparing to leave Margate and head off home, their coach, equipped with one of the low-quality radios being sold by Del recently, ignites and explodes. Due to a train strike and it being a Bank Holiday weekend, the Jolly Boys are forced to spend the night in Margate. 
48"Rodney Come Home"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1990 (1990-12-25)18 million75 minutes
At the Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Albert and Del Boy sell children's dolls that sing Chinese lullabies. Meanwhile, at Parry Print Ltd, a starving Rodney discovers that Cassandra made him a very weak sandwich him for lunch, and his new secretary refuses to go out and buy him a hamburger during the lunch break. But when he spots Raquel with shopping bags full of delicious food, Rodney invites her into his office, and they have a nice chat about the tour that Raquel had been on between "Dates" and "The Jolly Boys' Outing", and about how Rodney's marriage with Cassandra is holding out. 

Series Seven (1990-1991)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
49"The Sky's the Limit"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow30 December 1990 (1990-12-30)15 million50 minutes
As Albert prepares some breakfast, Del Boy then tells his uncle that Raquel is now sleeping with him instead of in Rodney's bedroom. Albert then asks Del if he'll do something because Rodney has been drinking at the Nag's Head every night ever since he was chucked out on the street by Cassandra, who has gone on holiday to Spain with her mother Pam. Del says that he's having a chat with Cassandra's father Alan later tonight to try and solve the problem. As Del and Raquel leave, Rodney enters from the bedrooms completely hung-over and asks Albert to phone the printing firm since he doesn't feel well enough to work today. 
50"The Chance of a Lunchtime"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow6 January 1991 (1991-01-06)16.6 million50 minutes
Raquel has been offered the chance to really get her acting career off the ground by auditioning for the part of Rosalind in Shakespeare's As You Like It, and Del Boy is behind her all the way for it. Meanwhile, Del, knowing that Rodney hasn't spoken to her since she got back from her holiday, goes round to see Cassandra, as well as fix the door to her and Rodney's flat. Del then tells Cassandra that Rodney wants to meet up with her tonight at a little restaurant over Wapping Way at 7:30pm. Cassandra agrees to the date and time. Later, back at Nelson Mandela House, Del promises to help Raquel rehearse. 
51"Stage Fright"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow13 January 1991 (1991-01-13)16.6 million50 minutes
Since Raquel is now pregnant, Del Boy decides it's time to move up a gear, and he finds another opportunity to be a millionaire when the Starlight Rooms, managed by an old acquaintance, Eric, needs a good act. Del believes that Raquel is perfect for the part, and they even talk about how her solicitors are trying to locate her ex-husband. Del then successfully convinces Raquel to marry him. Later, at the Down by the Riverside Club, Del and Rodney meet Trigger's friend, Tony Angelino, the Singing Dustman, who has styled himself after Tom Jones and singing to various old women who lust for him. Del thinks that Tony would be the perfect singing partner for Raquel. 
52"The Class of '62"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow20 January 1991 (1991-01-20)16.2 million50 minutes
While Raquel receives a letter from her solicitors about how they've traced her ex-husband, who is considering the filing for a divorce, Del Boy and Rodney receive a fax on their new Futafax machine from Mike that there's a reunion for the 1962 class of the Martin Luther King Comprehensive School at the Nag's Head. At the reunion, Del, Rodney, Boycie, Trigger and Denzil all wonder who arranged it all; the mystery organiser turns out to be despised ex-police officer Roy Slater. Slater tells them about how the five years he served in prison for the diamond smuggling incident and the death of his father changed him for the better. 
53"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow27 January 1991 (1991-01-27)17.2 million50 minutes
There is an over-60s night happening at the Nag's Head, and Albert wants to dance with Marlene's mother, Dora Lane. Meanwhile, because of Raquel's pregnancy, Del Boy decides that it's time to become a two-car family. He purchases a 1977 Ford Capri Ghia from Boycie. That night, at the Nag's Head, as Albert play dominoes with his friend and rival, Knock-Knock, the Trotters notice a gang of skinheads in the background. Two hours later, back at Nelson Mandela House, Del tells Raquel that he bought the Capri Ghia to drive her everywhere safely. Just then, Rodney rushes in and tells them that Albert's been mugged. 
54"Three Men, a Woman and a Baby"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow3 February 1991 (1991-02-03)18.9 million50 minutes
Rodney enters the lounge with another hangover, and Albert tells him that Raquel is in the late stages of pregnancy, and Del Boy will soon become a father. As Rodney and Albert talk about the baby being either a boy or a girl, Raquel enters, soon followed by Del, who's carrying a large cardboard box with its printing on the side reading "Crowning Glory, wigs of distinction", which he acquired from Mustapha from the Bangladeshi butcher's shop. Del then reminds Rodney that he's taking Cassandra to Hampton Court this afternoon. Later that day, at the Nag's Head, there is a contest to guess what the name of Del and Raquel's baby will be. 

Christmas Specials (1991-2003)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
55"Miami Twice: The American Dream"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow24 December 1991 (1991-12-24)17.7 million50 minutes
After Damien's christening Del Boy concludes a deal with the vicar to sell "pre-blessed" communion wine from Romania. The vicar will bless lorry loads of wine, which will then be sold to churches all over Britain. Meanwhile Rodney is slowly patching things up with Cassandra, staying with her on weekends, and has learned from Alan that having resigned from his job with Parry Print Ltd, Rodney can now claim his pension money. A few days later, at Sid's cafe, Del tells Rodney about how he can get him and Cassandra back together instantly: a holiday in Miami, for which Del has already brought tickets with Rodney's pension money, however Cassandra can’t go. 
56"Miami Twice: Oh To Be In England"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1991 (1991-12-25)14.9 million95 minutes
With Del Boy and Rodney having arranged a holiday to Miami, they set off. Whilst in a bar during their first night in the city, the two are befriended by a group of local men, who turn out to be members of a mafia family. It emerges that the boss of the family, a Don Corleone-inspired character named Don Vincenzo "Vinny the Chain" Ochetti, is on trial and facing life imprisonment for various major crimes. It also emerges that Ochetti is a Doppelgänger for Del Boy and his family hatch a plot to assassinate Del, with the intention that everyone will assume the Don himself has actually been assassinated and thus save him from a prison sentence. 
57"Mother Nature's Son"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1992 (1992-12-25)20.1 million65 minutes
With Christmas coming, Del's applicaton to buy the Trotter family's council flat in "Yuppy Love" has finally been granted, meaning he now owns the flat. He also inherits Grandad's old allotment and receives a summons from the council, ordering him to remove a public health hazard from his land. The health hazard turns out to be barrels containing an unknown yellow substance. Del enlists Trigger and Denzil to help him get rid of the yellow liquid by transporting it in Denzil's van to the council waste disposal depot (which is closed at night), although they ultimately dump it "in a pond." 
58"Fatal Extraction"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1993 (1993-12-25)19.6 million85 minutes
Peckham is in the midst of rioting, and Del Boy has been drinking and spending late nights at the One-Eleven Club gambling, as well as pick up a sore tooth. Raquel is not pleased about it, since she hardly sees him now. Meanwhile, Rodney and Cassandra's marriage has been going so well that they have decided to try to have a baby. At Sid's cafe, Del talks about the time he first met Marlene at a betting shop in Lewisham Grove. Rodney catches Del gambling at the One-Eleven Club one night, and Del explains that he is striking a deal with Ronnie Nelson to get hold of some Russian Army camcorders to make ends meet over Christmas. 
59"Heroes and Villains"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 1996 (1996-12-25)21.3 million60 minutes
Rodney receives an identity bracelet from Del with the name "Rooney" for his birthday. Del's application for a council grant has been rejected, and Raquel receives a letter from her estranged parents, who want to meet her again. It emerges that Rodney and Cassandra have been trying for a baby, which leads to an unsuspecting Uncle Albert drinking one of Cassandra's urine specimens, believing it to be apple juice. Del buys tickets for himself and Rodney to attend a publican's fancy dress birthday party, Cassandra goes to Spain with her mother, and Raquel and Damien visit her parents. 
60"Modern Men"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow27 December 1996 (1996-12-27)21.3 million60 minutes
Now that Cassandra and Rodney are expecting a baby, the Trotters go out for the night at the Nag’s Head. At the pub, Del is able to convince Mike to accept a fiver a trayful of drinks, and is able to sell him a hairdryer, however, it is really an electric paint stripper. Mickey Pearce then reminds Rodney that he needs to get a proper job before his baby is born. Also, Del toys with the idea of having a vasectomy and the boys avoid Dr. Singh after a dodgy deal. News that Cassandra has suffered a miscarriage soon reaches the duo. Upon arrival at the hospital, Del sorts out a drunken offensive men who is insulting the staff and patients. 
61"Time On Our Hands"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow29 December 1996 (1996-12-29)24.3 million60 minutes
A nervous Raquel is planning the visit of her parents, James and Audrey, for dinner at the flat, and worrying about them meeting Del for the first time. Del and Albert reassure her that they will help out. Del is still worried about Rodney after he and Cassandra had suffered a miscarriage two weeks previously, and Albert suggests that they come up with a "counter-worry" to take his mind off it, which leads to Del pretending to be ill, though Rodney barely notices. Later, Del fakes a lift breakage to trap Rodney and to get him to open up. Later, James points out that the pair have a valuable watch – an item that will set them up for life. 
62"If They Could See Us Now"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 2001 (2001-12-25)20.3 million71 minutes
Del and Rodney are explaining their latest holiday to a barrister. While at a Caribbean resort Rodney feels guilty about not taking Uncle Albert with them, but is reminded that he's staying with Elsie Partridge. Later Del learns that the Central American stock market has crashed, meaning the Trotters have lost all their money. The family escapes from the hotel without paying. As he is entering a courtroom, Del explains that Mike is now in jail for embezzlement and that he and Rodney had to sell their country mansion and penthouse suite in order to pay off debts. They do, however, still own their flat at Nelson Mandela House. 
63"Strangers on the Shore"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 2002 (2002-12-25)16.3 million75 minutes
Now that the Trotters lost their fortune due to investing in an embezzling Central American market, Del Boy has been driving for Boycie. As he and Marlene prepare to head to a relative's wedding, Boycie tells Del about how he's gonna be an even bigger millionaire when he goes to France to sign a deal. For revenge regarding Boycie’s insensitive bragging, Del plays a prank by putting onion puree in Boycie's hair gel. Meanwhile, at Nelson Mandela House, Rodney is trying not to look at Damien. Then, as Del returns home, there's a letter for their late Uncle Albert, requesting his presence at a small village in France. 
64"Sleepless in Peckham"Gareth GwenlanTony Dow25 December 2003 (2003-12-25)15.5 million75 minutes
All seems calm and peaceful in Peckham. Cassandra is in the late stages of pregnancy, which means Rodney will finally become a father. At the cemetery, Del is cleaning up the monument of his and Rodney's mother Joan. It is revealed that after they became millionaires, the Trotters used some of their money to give their mother's grave a whole new makeover. Later, at the Nag's Head, Sid tells Trigger that he got some suggestions from Mike on how to spice up the pub. He also shows Rodney, Del, Trigger, and Mickey Pearce an old photograph of the very first Jolly Boys' Outing in 1960. Mickey and Sid speculate that Boycie has killed Marlene but it turns out she has had a boob job. 

The Story of Only Fools and Horses (2002)

TitleAirdateSynopsisRunning Time
"The Story of..."
On location at 23 Nelson Mandela House and at the Nag's Head, we discover the behind-the-scenes stories, the stars reveal their own favorite memories and we learn just how they went about making us love Britain's biggest plonkers!
76 minutes

Miscellaneous (1982-1997)

#Original TitleProducerDirectorOriginal airdateOriginal TV AudienceRunning Time
"Christmas Trees"Ray ButtRay Butt27 December 1982 (1982-12-27)7.2 million8 minutes
Mini-episode produced for the 1982 Christmas show, The Funny Side of Christmas, presented by Frank Muir, which also featured mini-episodes of Yes Minister, Last of the Summer Wine and Open All Hours. It sees Del trying to sell Christmas trees at the local market. It was the last segment of the programme. 
"Licensed to Drill"Malcolm TaylorMalcolm Taylor1984N/A20 minutes
Educational episode made in 1984 and only shown in schools/colleges. Del, Rodney, and Grandad discuss oil drilling and fossil fuels. 
"White Mice"24 December 1985 (1985-12-24)N/A5 minutes
In a spoof documentary, Del is investigated by a BBC consumer expert. Shown on BBC Breakfast Time in 1985. 
"Royal Variety Show"27 November 1988 (1988-11-27)N/A10 minutes
Whilst delivering some dodgy goods, Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert inadvertently walk in to the Royal Variety Show
"The Robin Flies at Dawn"Gareth Gwenlan1 December 1990 (1990-12-01)N/A15 minutes
Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert deliver a goodwill message to British troops serving in the 1990-91 Gulf War
"Comic Relief Special"14 March 1997 (1997-03-14)10.6 million10 minutes
A short scene, based entirely in the flat, featuring a young Damien. An appeal for donations for Comic Relief follows at the end. 

See also


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