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definition - List_of_national_parks_of_Pakistan

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List of national parks of Pakistan


Pakistan has 26 protected areas known as national parks. As of 2009, 19 of these are under supervision of respective provincial governments and remaining are in private care.[1] Only some of these are under the conservation scope of IUCN. Protection and conservation of the environment of Pakistan was included in the concurrent constitution of 1973. As a result, Environment Protection Ordinance was enacted in 1983, which was mainly regulated by the Environment and Urban Affairs Division. Later, a new system of 'Modern Protected Areas' legislation began at the provincial level which assigned the protected areas with designations such as national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and game reserves. Further recommendations of the national parks of the Indomalaya ecozone were highlighted in the IUCN review of 1986.[2] Nevertheless, the development of national parks was mainly carried out by National Conservation Strategy of 1992. Due to more awareness about their importance in conservation of biodiversity, 10 national parks have been established during the time period from 1993 to 2005.[1]

According to the 'Modern Protected Areas' legislation, a national park is a protected area set aside by the government for the protection and conservation of its outstanding scenery and wildlife in a natural state. It is accessible to public for research, education and recreation. In order to promote public use, construction of roads and rest houses is permitted. Use of firearms, polluting water, cleaning of land for cultivation, destruction of wildlife is banned in these areas.[3] The oldest national park is Lal Suhanra in Bahawalpur District, established in 1972.[4] It is also the only biosphere reserve of Pakistan. Lal Suhanra is the only national park established before the independence of the nation in August 1947. The main purpose of this area was to protect the wildlife of Cholistan Desert.[3] The most recent additions are the Kala Chitta, established in 2009[4] and Poonch Mahasher, established in 2010.[5] Central Karakoram in Gilgit Baltistan is currently the largest national park in the country, spanning over a total approximate area of &100000000013901000000001,390,100 hectares (3,435,011.9 acres). The smallest national park is the Ayub, covering a total approximate area of &10000000000000931000000931 hectares (2,300.6 acres).

National Parks of Pakistan
  1. Ayub
  2. Ayubia
  3. Central Karakorum
  4. Chinji
  5. Chitral Gol
  6. Deosai
  7. Deva Vatala
  8. Dhrun
  9. Ghamot
  10. Gurez
  11. Hazarganji-Chiltan
  12. Hingol
  13. K2
  14. Kala Chitta
  15. Khunjerab
  16. Kirthar
  17. Lal Suhanra
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Ayub National Park
Ayubia National Park
Central Karakoram National Park
Chinji National Park
Chitral Gol National Park
Deosai National Park
Deva Vatala National Park
Dhrun National Park
Ghamot National Park
Gurez 'musk deer' National Park
Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park
Hingol National Park
K2 National Park
Kala Chitta National Park
Khunjerab National Park
Kirthar National Park
Lal Suhanra National Park
Lulusar-Dodipat National Park
Machiara National Park
Margalla Hills National Park
Pir Lasura National Park
Saiful Malook National Park
Shandur-Hundrup National Park
Sheikh Buddin National Park
Toli Pir National Park
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  1. Lulusar-Dudipatsar
  2. Machiara
  3. Margalla Hills
  4. Pir Lasura
  5. Saiful Muluk
  6. Shandur-Hundrup
  7. Sheikh Buddin
  8. Toli Pir

Region key
Blue pog.svg Azad Kashmir
Turquoise pog.svg Balochistan
Gold pog.svg Gilgit–Baltistan
Red pog.svg Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Green pog.svg Punjab
Purple pog.svg Sindh

  National parks

National park Established Area District(s) Province Coordinates
931 ha (2,301 acres)[6] Rawalpindi Punjab 33°34′00″N 73°30′00″E / 33.566700°N 73.499998°E / 33.566700; 73.499998 (Ayub National Park)
Ayubia 1984[3] 3,312 ha (8,184 acres)[7] Abbottabad Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 33°51′55″N 73°08′20″E / 33.865231°N 73.138768°E / 33.865231; 73.138768 (Ayubia National Park)
Central Karakoram 1993[3] 1,390,100 ha (3,435,012 acres)[1] Gilgit and Skardu Gilgit Baltistan 36°53′52″N 75°05′37″E / 36.897708°N 75.093545°E / 36.897708; 75.093545 (Central Karakoram National Park)
Chinji 1987[3] 6,095 ha (15,061 acres)[1] Chakwal Punjab 33°00′37″N 72°29′31″E / 33.010242°N 72.491940°E / 33.010242; 72.491940 (Chinji National Park)
Chitral Gol 1984[3] 7,750 ha (19,151 acres)[1] Chitral Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 35°55′59″N 71°40′14″E / 35.933082°N 71.670693°E / 35.933082; 71.670693 (Chitral Gol National Park)
Deosai 1993[3] 358,400 ha (885,626 acres)[1] Skardu Gilgit Baltistan 34°58′21″N 75°23′47″E / 34.972626°N 75.396423°E / 34.972626; 75.396423 (Deosai National Park)
Deva Vatala 2009[4] 2,993 ha (7,396 acres)[8] Bhimber Azad Kashmir 32°53′33″N 74°18′11″E / 32.892583°N 74.303172°E / 32.892583; 74.303172 (Deva Vatala National Park)
Dhrun 1988[9] 167,700 ha (414,396 acres)[9] Awaran and Lasbela Balochistan 25°41′25″N 66°12′15″E / 25.690405°N 66.204289°E / 25.690405; 66.204289 (Dhrun National Park)
Ghamot 2004[10] 27,271 ha (67,388 acres)[8] Neelum Azad Kashmir 35°00′25″N 74°12′01″E / 35.006943°N 74.200287°E / 35.006943; 74.200287 (Ghamot National Park)
Gurez 2009[11] 52,815 ha (130,509 acres)[8] Neelum Azad Kashmir 34°43′53″N 74°47′12″E / 34.731456°N 74.786682°E / 34.731456; 74.786682 (Gurez National Park)
Hazarganji-Chiltan 1980[3] 15,555 ha (38,437 acres)[1] Quetta Balochistan 30°17′09″N 67°12′08″E / 30.285695°N 67.202298°E / 30.285695; 67.202298 (Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park)
Hingol 1988[3] 165,004 ha (407,734 acres)[1] Awaran, Gwadar
and Lasbela
Balochistan 25°31′34″N 65°05′10″E / 25.526246°N 65.085996°E / 25.526246; 65.085996 (Hingol National Park)
233,468 ha (576,912 acres)[12] Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan 35°47′17″N 76°10′58″E / 35.788171°N 76.182888°E / 35.788171; 76.182888 (K2 National Park)
Kala Chitta 2009[4] 36,965 ha (91,343 acres)[13] Attock Punjab 33°38′34″N 72°24′03″E / 33.642685°N 72.400824°E / 33.642685; 72.400824 (Kala Chitta National Park)
Khunjerab 1975[3] 226,913 ha (560,714 acres)[1] Gilgit Gilgit Baltistan 36°30′03″N 75°38′37″E / 36.500805°N 75.643616°E / 36.500805; 75.643616 (Khunjerab National Park)
Kirthar 1974[3] 308,733 ha (762,896 acres)[1] Dadu Sindh 25°39′29″N 67°32′56″E / 25.658107°N 67.548975°E / 25.658107; 67.548975 (Kirthar National Park)
Lal Suhanra 1972[4] 87,426 ha (216,034 acres)[1] Bahawalpur Punjab 29°23′51″N 72°01′33″E / 29.397409°N 72.025811°E / 29.397409; 72.025811 (Lal Suhanra National Park)
Lulusar-Dudipatsar 2003[3] 30,375 ha (75,058 acres)[3] Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 35°05′27″N 73°55′47″E / 35.090698°N 73.929749°E / 35.090698; 73.929749 (Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park)
Machiara 1996[3] 13,532 ha (33,438 acres)[8] Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir 34°30′24″N 73°33′55″E / 34.506557°N 73.565140°E / 34.506557; 73.565140 (Machiara National Park)
Margalla Hills 1980[3] 17,386 ha (42,962 acres)[1] Rawalpindi Punjab 33°45′16″N 72°57′23″E / 33.754317°N 72.956429°E / 33.754317; 72.956429 (Margalla Hills National Park)
Pir Lasura 2005[3] 5,625 ha (13,900 acres)[1] Kotli Azad Kashmir 33°38′21″N 73°50′48″E / 33.639204°N 73.846664°E / 33.639204; 73.846664 (Pir Lasura National Park)
Poonch Mahasher 2010[13] 4,500 ha (11,120 acres)[13] Kotli, Mirpur and
Azad Kashmir  ?
Saiful Muluk 2003[3] 4,867 ha (12,027 acres)[3] Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 34°52′51″N 73°41′54″E / 34.880862°N 73.698349°E / 34.880862; 73.698349 (Saiful Muluk National Park)
Shandur-Hundrup 1993[3] 164,000 ha (405,253 acres)[1] Ghizer Gilgit Baltistan 36°00′23″N 72°37′01″E / 36.006340°N 72.616882°E / 36.006340; 72.616882 (Shandur-Hundrup National Park)
Sheikh Buddin 1993[3] 15,540 ha (38,400 acres)[1] Dera Ismail Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 32°22′56″N 70°56′59″E / 32.382281°N 70.949707°E / 32.382281; 70.949707 (Sheikh Buddin National Park)
Toli Pir 2005[3] 5,045 ha (12,466 acres)[1] Poonch Azad Kashmir 34°07′15″N 73°37′59″E / 34.12090°N 73.633118°E / 34.12090; 73.633118 (Toli Pir National Park)



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