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List of offshore wind farms

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The following page lists all offshore wind farms that are currently operational or under construction. Farms that are below 100 MW are not listed. As of September 2009, the 209 MW Horns Rev 2 wind farm in Denmark is the world's largest offshore wind farm. The United Kingdom is currently the world's leading generator of offshore wind power, followed by Denmark.[1] Many offshore wind farms are under construction and the largest of these is the 500 MW Greater Gabbard wind farm in the United Kingdom.[2] New proposed offshore wind farms include the 1,500 MW Atlantic Array and the 1,000 MW London Array, both in the United Kingdom.[3][4] New deep-water, floating-turbine technologies are only recently beginning to be deployed. The first utility-scale installation of this type is the Hywind, a 2.3 MW turbine in 220 m (722 ft) deep water in the North Sea,[5] which started operation in September 2009.[6] In May 2009, consultancy Frost & Sullivan estimated that installed capacity of offshore wind power would grow to 18,769 MW by 2015.[7]

Compared to onshore wind power, offshore wind power is more complex and costly to install and maintain but also has several key advantages. Winds are typically stronger and more stable at sea, resulting in significantly higher production per unit installed. Wind turbines can also be bigger than on land because it is easier to transport very large turbine components by sea.[8]


Operational wind farms

The following table lists offshore wind farms that are in operation as of January 2010.[2][not in citation given][9][not in citation given]

Wind farmCapacity (MW)CountryTurbines and modelCommissionedReferences
Arklow Bank25 Ireland7 × 3.6 GE2004[10]
Barrow Offshore Wind90 United Kingdom30 × Vestas V90-3MW2006[11]
Beatrice10 United Kingdom2 × REpower 5M2007[9]
Blyth4 United Kingdom2 × Vestas V66-2MW2000[9]
Bockstigen2.8 Sweden5 × Winworld1998[10]
Burbo Bank90 United Kingdom25 × Siemens 3.6-1072007[12]
Egmond aan Zee108 Netherlands36 × Vestas V90-3MW2006[9]
Frederikshavn11 Denmark42003[10]
Hywind2 Norway12009[6][5]
Horns Rev160 Denmark80 × Vestas V80-2MW2002[9]
Horns Rev II209 Denmark91 × Siemens SWP 2.3-932009[13]
Irene Vorrink16.8 Netherlands28 × NEG Micon 600kW1996[10]
Kemi Ajos I + II30 Finland10 × WinWinD 3MW2008[10][14]
Kentish Flats90 United Kingdom30 × Vestas V90-3MW2005[15]
Lely2 Netherlands4 × NEG Micon1994[9]
Lillgrund110 Sweden48 × Siemens 2.32007[9]
Lynn and Inner Dowsing194 United Kingdom54 × Siemens 3.6-1072008[16][17][18]
Middelgrunden40 Denmark20 × Bonus 2MW2001[9]
North Hoyle60 United Kingdom30 × Vestas V80-2MW2003[19]
Nysted Wind Farm166 Denmark72 × Siemens 2.32003[9]
Princess Amalia120 Netherlands60 × Vestas V80-2MW2008[9]
Samsø23 Denmark10 × Siemens 2.32003[20]
Scroby Sands60 United Kingdom30 × Vestas V80-2MW2004[21]
Thornton Bank I30 Belgium6 × REpower 5 MW2008[10]
Tunø Knob5 Denmark10 × Vestas 500 kW1995[9]
Utgrunden10.5 Sweden5 × GE 1.52001[9]
Vindeby5 Denmark11 × Siemens 4501991[9]
Yttre Stengrund10 Sweden5 × NEG Micon 2MW2002[10]

Under construction

The following table lists offshore wind farms that are under construction as of January 2010.[2][not in citation given]

Wind farmCapacity (MW)CountryTurbines and modelCompletionReferences
Alpha ventus60 Germany6 × REpower 5M,
6 × Multibrid M5000
Avedøre7.2 Denmark 2009[2]
Donghai Bridge Wind Farm100 China34 × Sinovel 3 MW2010[24][25]
BARD Offshore 1400 Germany802010[26]
Frederikshavn12 Denmark 2010[2]
Gasslingegrund30 Sweden 2009[2]
Greater Gabbard wind farm500 United Kingdom140 × Siemens 3.6-1072011[2]
Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm172 United Kingdom48 × Siemens 3.6-1072010[27][28]
Ormonde Wind Farm150 United Kingdom30 × RePower 5M2010[2]
Rhyl Flats90 United Kingdom25 × Siemens 3.6-1072009[29]
Rødsand II200 Denmark72 × Siemens 2.3-932010[30]
Robin Rigg (Solway Firth)180 United Kingdom60 × Vestas V90-3MW2009[31]
Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm315 United Kingdom88 × Siemens 3.6-1072011[32][33]
Sprogø21 Denmark 2009[2]
Tricase90 Italy38 × 2.4 MW2012[34]
Thanet Offshore Wind Project300 United Kingdom100 × Vestas V90-3MW2010[35]
Bligh Bank165 Belgium55 × Vestas V90-3MW2011[36]


The following table lists offshore wind farms that are only at a proposal stage as of January 2010.[citation needed]

Wind FarmCapacity (MW)CountryReferences
Atlantic Array1,500 United Kingdom[citation needed]
Baltic 148 Germany[37]
Borkum-West II Wind Farm400 Germany[38]
Borkum Riffgat220 Germany[citation needed]
Breeveertien II350 Netherlands[39]
Bristol Channel1,500 United Kingdom[40]
Buzzards Bay Wind Farm300 United States[41]
Butendiek300 Germany[42][43]
Cape Wind130 United States[44]
Changxing Island Wind Farm102 China[24]
Codling Wind Park1,100 Ireland[45]
Dantysk Offshore Wind Farm400 Germany[citation needed]
Delaware Offshore Wind Project200 United States[46]
Docking Shoal Wind Farm500 United Kingdom[47][48]
Dogger Bank9,000 United Kingdom[40]
Dublin Array48 Ireland[49]
East China Sea Wind Farm  China[24]
Fengxian Bay Wind Farm  China[24]
Firth of Forth3,500 United Kingdom[40]
Gode Wind Farm800 Germany[citation needed]
Great Lakes Array1,600 Canada[50]
Gwynt y Môr750 United Kingdom[citation needed]
Hastings600 United Kingdom[40]
Hornsea4,000 United Kingdom[40]
Innogy Nordsee 1960 Germany[51]
Irish Sea4,200 United Kingdom[40]
Isle of Wight900 United Kingdom[40]
Korsnas600 Finland[52]
Liepaja Offshore Wind Park900 Latvia[53]
Lincs Wind Farm250 United Kingdom[48][54]
London Array1,000 United Kingdom[55]
Moray Firth1,300 United Kingdom[40]
NaiKun Wind400 Canada[56]
Neart Na Gaoithe420 United Kingdom[57]
Norfolk Bank7,200 United Kingdom[40]
Oriel Wind Farm330 Ireland[58]
Race Bank Wind Farm620 United Kingdom[59]
Skerd Rocks100 Ireland[60]
Shell Flat180 United Kingdom[citation needed]
Superior Array650 Canada[50]
Trillium Power Wind 1710 Canada[61]
Trillium Power Wind 2740 Canada[50]
Triton Knoll Wind Farm1,200 United Kingdom[62]
Walney Wind Farm450 United Kingdom[48][63]
Wasatch Wind4,400 Canada &  USA[50]
West Duddon Wind Farm500 United Kingdom[48][64]

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