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List of supercentenarians from the United States

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This is an incomplete list of American supercentenarians (people who have attained the age of at least 110 years). There have been over 500 verified supercentenarians from the United States.[1][2] Currently, there are 23 verified living supercentenarians in the United States, the oldest of whom is Mary Josephine Ray, aged 115. The oldest person ever from the United States was Sarah Knauss, who died in 1999 aged 119 years and 97 days.


Living supercentenarians

Below is a list of the oldest living people in the United States. Those listed as 'verified' have been validated by an international body that specifically deals in longevity research, such as the Gerontology Research Group. There are additional supercentenarians in the United States who have yet to be verified.

RankNameBornRaceSexAge as of 22 May 2010State/Country of birthState of residence
1Mary Josephine Ray[1]17 May 1895WF&-1-100000000000115.000000115 years, &-1-1-1-1000000000005.0000005 days Canada New Hampshire
2Neva Morris[1]3 August 1895WF&-1-100000000000114.000000114 years, &-1-100000000000292.000000292 days Iowa Iowa
3Daisey Bailey[1]30 March 1896BF&-1-100000000000114.000000114 years, &-1-1-10000000000053.00000053 days Tennessee Michigan
4Eunice Sanborn[1]20 July 1896WF&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-100000000000306.000000306 days Louisiana Texas
5Besse Cooper[1]26 August 1896WF&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-100000000000269.000000269 days Tennessee Georgia
6Walter Breuning[1]21 September 1896WM&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-100000000000243.000000243 days Minnesota Montana
7Mississippi Wynn[1]31 March 1897BF&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-1-10000000000052.00000052 days Louisiana Louisiana
8Dina Manfredini[1]4 April 1897WF&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-1-10000000000048.00000048 days Italy Iowa
9Florence Poe[1]24 August 1897WF&-1-100000000000112.000000112 years, &-1-100000000000271.000000271 days Missouri Missouri
10Ella Schuler[1]5 September 1897WF&-1-100000000000112.000000112 years, &-1-100000000000259.000000259 days Nebraska Kansas
11Delma Kollar[1]31 October 1897WF&-1-100000000000112.000000112 years, &-1-100000000000203.000000203 days Kansas Oregon
12Leila Denmark[1]1 February 1898WF&-1-100000000000112.000000112 years, &-1-100000000000110.000000110 days Georgia Georgia
13Nyleptha Roberts[1]12 March 1898WF&-1-100000000000112.000000112 years, &-1-1-10000000000071.00000071 days Tennessee Tennessee
14Onie Ponder[1]3 September 1898WF&-1-100000000000111.000000111 years, &-1-100000000000261.000000261 days Florida Florida
15Irma Schmidt[1]7 October 1898WF&-1-100000000000111.000000111 years, &-1-100000000000227.000000227 days Indiana Connecticut
16J. Reeta Jones[1]17 October 1898WF&-1-100000000000111.000000111 years, &-1-100000000000217.000000217 days Tennessee Tennessee
17Elsie Thompson[1]5 April 1899WF&-1-100000000000111.000000111 years, &-1-1-10000000000047.00000047 days Pennsylvania Florida
18Ruth Anderson[1]24 July 1899WF&-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-100000000000302.000000302 days Minnesota Minnesota
Bernice Madigan[1]24 July 1899WF&-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-100000000000302.000000302 days Massachusetts Massachusetts
20Ruth Clark[1]1 August 1899WF&-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-100000000000294.000000294 days Illinois Florida
21Soledad Mexia[1]13 August 1899HF&-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-100000000000282.000000282 days Mexico California
22Helen Stump[1]25 August 1899WF&-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-100000000000270.000000270 days Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
23Agnes Wetzel[1]18 October 1899WF&-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-100000000000216.000000216 days Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

The 100 verified oldest Americans in history (born in the United States)

This is a list of the 100 verified oldest people ever born in the United States. There are currently six living supercentenarians on the list. The oldest living person is Iowan woman Neva Morris (age &-1-100000000000114.000000114 years, &-1-100000000000292.000000292 days). The title of the oldest verified person in United States history belongs to Sarah Knauss (1880–1999), who lived to be 119 years, 97 days old. Of the people on this list, 92 are female and 8 are male.

RankNameAgeBornDiedSexRaceState of birthLast residence
1Sarah Knauss119 years, 97 days24 September 188030 December 1999FW Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
2Lucy Hannah117 years, 248 days16 July 187521 March 1993FB Alabama Michigan
3Elizabeth Bolden116 years, 118 days15 August 189011 December 2006FB Tennessee Tennessee
4Carrie C. White[3]
116? years, 88 days18 November 1874?14 February 1991FW Florida Florida
5Maggie Barnes115 years, 319 days6 March 188219 January 1998FB North Carolina North Carolina
6Edna Parker115 years, 220 days20 April 189326 November 2008FW Indiana Indiana
7Margaret Skeete115 years, 192 days27 October 18787 May 1994FW Texas Virginia
8Gertrude Baines115 years, 158 days6 April 189411 September 2009FB Georgia California
9Bettie Wilson115 years, 153 days13 September 189013 February 2006FB Mississippi Mississippi
10Susie Gibson115 years, 108 days31 October 189016 February 2006FW Mississippi Alabama
11Maude Farris-Luse115 years, 56 days21 January 188718 March 2002FW Michigan Michigan
12Mary Electa Bidwell114 years, 352 days9 May 188125 April 1996FW Connecticut Connecticut
13Mathew Beard [4]
114? years, 222 days9 July 187016 February 1985MB Virginia Florida
14Carrie Lazenby114 years, 218 days9 February 188214 September 1996FB Georgia Illinois
15Myrtle Dorsey114 years, 216 days22 November 188525 June 2000FW Ohio Ohio
16Wilhelmina Kott114 years, 183 days7 March 18806 September 1994FW Illinois Illinois
17Neva Morris&-1-100000000000114.000000114 years, &-1-100000000000292.000000292 days3 August 1895LivingFW Iowa Iowa
18Martha Graham[5][6]114 years, c.180 daysDecember 184425 June 1959FB Virginia North Carolina
19Ettie Mae Greene114 years, 171 days8 September 187726 February 1992FW West Virginia West Virginia
20Irene Frank114 years, 150 days1 October 188128 February 1996FW Texas Missouri
21Olivia Patricia Thomas114 years, 140 days29 June 189516 November 2009FW Iowa New York
22Emma Verona Johnston114 years, 117 days6 August 18901 December 2004FW Iowa Ohio
23Bettie Chatmon114 years, 108 days30 April 188416 August 1998FB Louisiana Texas
24Odie Matthews114 years, 107 days28 December 187814 April 1993FW Texas Arizona
25Florence Knapp114 years, 93 days10 October 187311 January 1988FW Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Elena Slough114 years, 93 days4 July 18895 October 2003FW Pennsylvania New Jersey
27Mary Anna Boone114 years, 92 days10 February 188713 May 2001FW Kentucky Kentucky
29Maggie Renfro114 years, 69 days14 November 189521 January 2010FB Louisiana Louisiana
28Emma Tillman114 years, 67 days22 November 189228 January 2007FB North Carolina Connecticut
30Grace Thaxton114 years, 18 days18 June 18916 July 2005FW New York Kentucky
31Minnie Ward114 years, 13 days19 November 18852 December 1999FB Tennessee Massachusetts
32Arbella Ewing114 years, 9 days13 March 189422 March 2008FB Texas Texas
33Catherine Hagel114 years, 8 days28 November 18946 December 2008FW Minnesota Minnesota
34Fred Hale113 years, 354 days1 December 189019 November 2004MW Maine New York
35Bertha Fry113 years, 348 days1 December 189314 November 2007FW Indiana Indiana
36Mae Harrington113 years, 343 days20 January 188929 December 2002FW New York New York
37Agatha Mitchell113 years, 336 days26 March 188725 February 2001FB Virginia Virginia
38Moses Hardy[7]
113? years, 335 days6 January 1893?7 December 2006MB Mississippi Mississippi
39Clara Huhn113 years, 327 days28 January 188720 December 2000FW Nebraska California
40Corinne Dixon Taylor113 years, 318 days2 April 189314 February 2007FB Washington, DC Washington, DC
41Mary Christian113 years, 312 days12 June 188920 April 2003FW Massachusetts California
42Daisey Bailey&-1-100000000000114.000000114 years, &-1-1-10000000000053.00000053 days30 March 1896LivingFB Tennessee Michigan
43Fannie Thomas113 years, 283 days14 April 186722 January 1981FW Illinois California
44Johnson Parks113 years, 275 days15 October 188517 July 1998MB Georgia Florida
45Mary Parr113 years, 273 days29 January 188929 October 2002FW Indiana Florida
46Beatrice Farve113 years, 264 days30 April 189519 January 2009FB Georgia Georgia
47Zora Wriggle113 years, 256 days24 February 18807 November 1993FW Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
48John McMorran113 years, 250 days19 June 188924 February 2003MW Michigan Florida
49Mary McKinney113 years, 248 days30 May 18732 February 1987FW California California
50Gladys Swetland113 years, 240 days18 April 189214 December 2005FW Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
51Mary Randall113 years, 225 days1 April 188712 November 2000FB Arkansas Texas
52Delina Filkins113 years, 214 days4 May 18154 December 1928FW New York New York
53Eunice Sanborn&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-100000000000306.000000306 days20 July 1896LivingFW Louisiana Texas
54Nelle Hunt113 years, 195 days28 July 18878 February 2001FW Missouri Missouri
Helen Stetter113 years, 195 days19 November 18931 June 2007FW Nebraska Nebraska
56Carrie Hardrick113 years, 189 days6 November 188714 May 2001FB Texas Texas
57Mamie Eva Keith113 years, 182 days22 March 187320 September 1986FW Illinois Illinois
58Besse Cooper&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-100000000000269.000000269 days26 August 1896LivingFW Tennessee Georgia
59Emma Wilson113 years, 154 days12 May 187013 October 1983FW Missouri Missouri
60Jane Markle113 years, 153 days10 October 188312 March 1997FW Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
61Frederick Frazier113 years, 138 days27 January 188014 June 1993MW Alabama Alabama
62Gertrude Croker113 years, 137 days12 July 188126 November 1994FW Iowa Vermont
63Cleo Craig113 years, 136 days12 February 189028 June 2003FW Illinois Illinois
64Walter Breuning&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-100000000000243.000000243 days21 September 1896LivingMW Minnesota Montana
65Frances Johns113 years, 110 days3 February 188624 May 1999FB Arkansas California
66Aurelia Marotta113 years, 99 days27 June 18904 October 2003FW Massachusetts Massachusetts
67Nellie Spencer113 years, 81 days24 August 186913 November 1982FW New Hampshire New Jersey
68Mary Crombie113 years, 78 days6 July 189022 September 2003FW Illinois Illinois
69Delvina Dahlheimer113 years, 72 days31 December 188813 March 2002FW Minnesota Minnesota
70Leila Backman Shull113 years, 67 days16 October 189422 December 2007FW South Carolina South Carolina
71Cora Humphrey113 years, 58 days4 September 18791 November 1992FB Illinois New York
72Hazel Luther113 years, 51 days11 December 188931 January 2003FW Massachusetts Florida
73Ollie Bay113 years, 50 days11 November 187231 December 1985FW Illinois Illinois
74Walter Richardson113 years, 48 days7 November 188525 December 1998MW Illinois Illinois
75Flossie Eckard113 years, 31 days25 July 188825 August 2001FW Iowa California
76Daisy Sanders113 years, 12 days28 November 188110 December 1994FW Mississippi Florida
77Birdie May Vogt112 years, 354 days3 August 187623 July 1989FW Ohio Florida
78Olive Alleshouse112 years, 340 days7 June 188213 May 1995FW Texas Illinois
Elsie Johnson Maney112 years, 340 days28 March 18943 March 2007FW North Carolina North Carolina
80Ruby Drakeford112 years, 339 days25 January 189229 December 2002FW North Carolina North Carolina
81Maggie Murdock112 years, 338 days19 August 188722 July 2000FB North Carolina North Carolina
82Ella Gantt112 years, 332 days30 November 188828 October 2001FW Georgia Georgia
83Grace Rebecca Jones112 years, 324 days4 June 189324 April 2006FW Virginia Virginia
84C. Letitia Lawson112 years, 318 days10 April 189622 February 2009FW Iowa Iowa
85Mississippi Wynn&-1-100000000000113.000000113 years, &-1-1-10000000000052.00000052 days31 March 1897LivingFB Louisiana Louisiana
86Lillie Snyder112 years, 294 days9 May 188827 February 2001FW Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
87Sadie B. Mayer112 years, 274 days7 November 18797 August 1992FW New Hampshire New Hampshire
88Yettie Wilson112 years, 272 days28 August 189227 May 2005FB South Carolina New York
89Florence Homan112 years, 268 days18 November 189313 August 2006FW Ohio Ohio
90Berna Dupertuis112 years, 258 days21 September 18886 June 2001FW South Dakota California
91Flossie Page112 years, 255 days12 June 189322 Feburary 2006FW Kansas Kansas
92Marion Higgins112 years, 249 days26 June 18932 March 2006FW Maine California
93Katherine Jones112 years, 241 days30 August 187927 April 1992FB Kansas California
94Jennie Houck112 years, 237 days22 June 188823 February 2001FW Texas Oklahoma
95Bertha Flathers112 years, 236 days30 March 188521 November 1997FW Minnesota Minnesota
96Orpha Nusbaum112 years, 230 days13 August 187530 March 1988FW Indiana Indiana
97Lydia Newton112 years, 221 days23 March 189330 October 2005FW Illinois Arizona
98Anne Christopher112 years, 220 days4 March 189510 October 2007FW South Carolina Georgia
99Anna Balsiger112 years, 215 days11 February 188914 September 2001FW Wisconsin Wisconsin
100Edna Taylor112 years, 213 days12 July 189010 February 2003FB New York New York

Three claims have been disputed; accordingly, an addendum of proven claims is included.


RankNameAgeBornDiedSexRaceState of birthLast residence
101Margaret Russell112 years, 210 days31 October 189229 May 2005FW Oklahoma California
Inez Parker Jeffus112 years, 210 days20 March 189416 October 2006FW Texas Texas
103Victoria Evinger112 years, 206 days1 February 188326 August 1995FW Indiana Indiana

List of the oldest living people residing in the United States since 1973

NameFromToAge rangeRaceGenderLifespanState/Country
Clarida Royturned 110 Oct 19 1973May 18, 1974
(85 days)
110WFOctober 19, 1863 – May 18, 1974
110 years 211 days
Mary BittlebrunMay 18, 1974August 6, 1976
(&-1-1-1-1000000000002.0000002 years, &-1-1-10000000000080.00000080 days)
110–112WFMarch 19, 1864 – August 6, 1976
112 years 140 days
Sophia DeMuthAugust 6, 1976December 2, 1977
(&-1-1-1-1-100000000001.0000001 year, &-1-100000000000118.000000118 days)
110–111WFJune 30, 1866 – December 2, 1977
111 years 155 days
Fannie ThomasDecember 2, 1977January 22, 1981
(&-1-1-1-1000000000003.0000003 years, &-1-1-10000000000051.00000051 days)
110–113WFApril 14, 1867 – January 22, 1981
113 years 283 days
Neille SpencerJanuary 22, 1981November 13, 1982
(&-1-1-1-1-100000000001.0000001 year, &-1-100000000000295.000000295 days)
111–113WFAugust 24, 1869 – November 13, 1982
113 years 81 days
 New Hampshire
 New Jersey
Emma WilsonNovember 13, 1982October 13, 1983
(334 days)
112–113WFMay 12, 1870 – October 13, 1983
113 years 154 days
Matthew Beard[4]October 13, 1983February 16, 1985
(&-1-1-1-1-100000000001.0000001 year, &-1-100000000000126.000000126 days)
113–114?BMJuly 9, 1870? – February 16, 1985
114? years 222 days
Ollie BayFebruary 16, 1985December 31?, 1985
(318 days)
112–113WFNovember 11, 1872 – December 31?, 1985
113 years 50? days
Mamie Eva KeithDecember 31?, 1985September 20, 1986
(263 days)
112–113WFMarch 22, 1873 – September 20, 1986
113 years 182 days
Mary McKinneySeptember 20, 1986February 2, 1987
(135 days)
113WFMay 30, 1873 – February 2, 1987
113 years 248 days
Florence KnappFebruary 2, 1987January 11, 1988
(343 days)
113–114WFOctober 10, 1873 – January 11, 1988
114 years 93 days
Carrie C. White[3]
January 11, 1988February 14, 1991
(&-1-1-1-1000000000003.0000003 years, &-1-1-10000000000034.00000034 days)
113–116?WFNovember 18, 1874? – February 14, 1991
116? years 88 days
Lucy HannahFebruary 14, 1991March 21, 1993
(&-1-1-1-1000000000002.0000002 years, &-1-1-10000000000035.00000035 days)
115–117BFJuly 16, 1875 – March 21, 1993
117 years 248 days
Margaret SkeeteMarch 21, 1993May 7, 1994
(&-1-1-1-1-100000000001.0000001 year, &-1-1-10000000000047.00000047 days)
114–115WFOctober 27, 1878 – May 7, 1994
115 years 192 days
Wilhelmina KottMay 7, 1994September 6, 1994
(122 days)
114WFMarch 7, 1880 – September 6, 1994
114 years 183 days
Sarah KnaussSeptember 6, 1994December 30, 1999
(&-1-1-1-1000000000005.0000005 years, &-1-100000000000115.000000115 days)
113–119WFSeptember 24, 1880 – December 30, 1999
119 years 97 days
Myrtle DorseyDecember 30, 1999June 25, 2000
(178 days)
114WFNovember 22, 1885 – June 25, 2000
114 years 216 days
Maude Farris-LuseJune 25, 2000March 18, 2002
(&-1-1-1-1-100000000001.0000001 year, &-1-100000000000266.000000266 days)
113–115WFJanuary 21, 1887 – March 18, 2002
115 years 56 days
Grace ClawsonMarch 18, 2002May 28, 2002
(71 days)
114WFNovember 15, 1887 – May 28, 2002
114 years 194 days
 United Kingdom
Adelina DominguesMay 28, 2002August 21, 2002
(85 days)
114WFFebruary 19, 1888 – August 21, 2002
114 years 183 days
 Cape Verde
Mae HarringtonAugust 21, 2002December 29, 2002
(130 days)
113WFJanuary 20, 1889 – December 29, 2002
113 years 343 days
 New York
Mary ChristianDecember 29, 2002April 20, 2003
(112 days)
113WFJune 12, 1889 – April 20, 2003
113 years 312 days
Elena SloughApril 20, 2003October 5, 2003
(168 days)
113–114WFJuly 4, 1889 – October 5, 2003
114 years 93 days
 New Jersey
Charlotte BenknerOctober 5, 2003May 14, 2004
(222 days)
113–114WFNovember 16, 1889 – May 14, 2004
114 years 180 days
Emma Verona JohnstonMay 14, 2004December 1, 2004
(201 days)
113–114WFAugust 6, 1890 – December 1, 2004
114 years 117 days
Elizabeth BoldenDecember 1, 2004December 11, 2006
(&-1-1-1-1000000000002.0000002 years, &-1-1-1-1000000000010.00000010 days)
114–116BFAugust 15, 1890 – December 11, 2006
116 years 118 days
Emma TillmanDecember 11, 2006January 28, 2007
(48 days)
114BFNovember 22, 1892 – January 28, 2007
114 years 67 days
 North Carolina
Corinne Dixon TaylorJanuary 28, 2007February 14, 2007
(17 days)
113BFApril 2, 1893 – February 14, 2007
113 years 318 days
 Washington, D.C.
Edna ParkerFebruary 14, 2007November 26, 2008
(&-1-1-1-1-100000000001.0000001 year, &-1-100000000000286.000000286 days)
113–115WFApril 20, 1893 – November 26, 2008
115 years 220 days
Gertrude BainesNovember 26, 2008September 11, 2009
(289 days)
114–115BFApril 6, 1894 – September 11, 2009
115 years 158 days
Mary Josephine RaySeptember 11, 2009Present
(253 days)
114*WFBorn 17 May 1895
age &-1-100000000000115.000000115 years, &-1-1-1-1000000000005.0000005 days
 New Hampshire


Ann Pouder

photo of Ann Pouder Published in National Geographic Society Magazine June 1919.

Ann Pouder née Ann Alexander (London, United Kingdom April 8, 1807Baltimore, Maryland, United States July 10, 1917) was one of the first recognized supercentenarians in the world. Her age at death was &-1-100000000000110.000000110 years, &-1-1-10000000000093.00000093 days.[8] When Pouder was twelve years old her family immigrated to the United States. There she lived the following 98 years of her life in Baltimore, Maryland. She married, although became a widow very early and had no children. Her extreme longevity claim was certified by Alexander Graham Bell.[citation needed] In her last few months, she was bedridden, blind and almost deaf, but her mind remained sharp.[9]

Delina Filkins


Martha Graham


Fannie Thomas

Fannie Leona Thomas (April 14?, 1867 – January 22, 1981)[10] was listed in Guinness World Records as the oldest living American supercentenarian. As the Shigechiyo Izumi case was later disputed, Thomas may in fact have been the world's oldest person when she died at 113 years and 283? days.[citation needed] Regardless, she was still the world's oldest living woman at the time of her death. Her age was validated by a SSA study in 2002.[citation needed] However, the study put her birthdate as April 14, 1867, making her ten days older than previously believed.[citation needed]

As of December 2009, Thomas is listed as one of the 90 longest lived people ever.

Preceded by
Delina Filkins
Oldest undisputedly recorded person ever
November 16, 1980 – March 12, 1987
Succeeded by
Anna Eliza Williams
Preceded by
Marie-Virginie Duhem
Oldest recognized living woman
April 25, 1978 – January 22, 1981
Succeeded by
Augustine Teissier

Mary McKinney

Mary Elizabeth "Mamie"[11] McKinney née Wallace (May 30, 1873 – February 2, 1987) was briefly recognized by Guinness as the world's oldest person. Following the death of fellow 113-year-old Mamie Eva Keith in September 1986, she became the "world's oldest person" according to the Guinness Book of Records. However, her own death five months later in Sacramento, California meant that she never appeared in the record book, even though her Guinness recognition made the news. She lived for 113 years and 248 days.

As of 2009, McKinney is not listed as one of the 100 longest lived people ever.

Preceded by
Mamie Eva Keith
Oldest recognized living person
September 20, 1986 – February 2, 1987
Succeeded by
Anna Eliza Williams

Florence Knapp

Florence Knapp (October 10, 1873 – January 11, 1988) was, for the last two weeks of her life, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world.

Born in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, she lived in nearby Montgomery Square much of her life and came from a large and long-lived family, eight of her siblings dying in their 80s and 90s and one sister reaching age 108.

By October 1987, when she was honored by the Pennsylvania legislature, she was recognized by Guinness as the oldest person in the United States, and the death of Anna Eliza Williams on December 27, 1987 meant that Knapp became the oldest verified recognized living person. Her death just 15 days after meant that she never appeared in a Guinness Book as the oldest living person.

Her death caused some confusion as to who her successor was, with Guinness recognition and press publicity alighting first on Orpha Nusbaum (August 1875 – March 1988), who died before the 1989 edition's deadline, then Birdie May Vogt (August 1876 – July 1989), who appeared in the 1989 edition's main text, then Jeanne Calment, mentioned in the addenda section, and finally in November 1988 on Carrie C. White, whose claim to birth in November 1874 was accepted. However, with recent census research calling White's authentication into question, Calment may very well have been Florence Knapp's actual immediate successor.

As of December 2009, Knapp is listed as one of the 70 longest lived people ever.

Preceded by
Anna Eliza Williams
Oldest recognized living person
December 27, 1987 – January 11, 1988
Succeeded by
Carrie C. White

Carrie C. White

Carrie C. White, née Joyner (November 18, 1874? – February 14, 1991), was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world around the time she celebrated her alleged 114th birthday in 1988.

A resident of a Palatka, Florida nursing home, she had been institutionalized since a nervous breakdown in 1909, about the time of her divorce. Her documentation was described as impeccable, but recent research has indicated she might in fact have been 21 rather than 35 when she was admitted, meaning she may have died at 102 (instead of 116).[citation needed]

If this is the case, Jeanne Calment became the world's oldest living person not when Carrie White died February 14, 1991 (considered the holder of the United States longevity record until it was first broken by Lucy Hannah, then later by Sarah Knauss), but immediately on the death of Florence Knapp in January 1988. However, the 1900 Census match could not be considered an unequivocal identification.

As of December 2009, White is listed as one of the 10 longest lived people ever; however, there is still much debate concerning this case.[citation needed]

Preceded by
Florence Knapp
Oldest recognized living person
January 11, 1988 – February 14, 1991
Succeeded by
Jeanne Calment

Joe Thomas

Joseph "Joe" Thomas (May 1, 1875 – December 14, 1986) was an American supercentenarian and the oldest recognized living man from February 1986 until his own death. He lived in Louisiana. Following his death, Herman Smith-Johannsen became the world's oldest living man.

(Note: this is a retroactive reconstruction of history. In reality, the Joe Thomas case was not verified until July 2002 by the SSA study, and Guinness did not recuperate the "oldest living man" category until 2000).

Preceded by
Shigechiyo Izumi
Oldest recognized living man
February 21, 1986 – December 14, 1986
Succeeded by
Herman Smith-Johannsen

Ettie Mae Greene


Wilhelmina Geringer Kott

Wilhelmina Kott née Geringer (March 7, 1880 – September 6, 1994) was an American supercentenarian recognized by Guinness World Records as the 'oldest living American' in its 1995 edition, following the death of Margaret Skeete. Born in Peru, Illinois as one of 16 children, she moved to Chicago in 1881, where she lived almost her entire life and subsequently died.

Her age was subject to a one-year discrepancy. Guinness recognized her as born in 1879 (based on the 1900 Census), but later research by the SSA study showed that she was listed as two months old in the 1880 Census, making her age more likely 114, not 115.

As of December 2009, Kott is listed as one of the 50 longest lived people ever.

Mary Electa Bidwell


Carrie Lazenby

Carrie Lazenby née Jenkins (February 9, 1882 – September 14, 1996) was an American supercentenarian. She died at age 114 years 218 days, making her the 34th oldest person on record (tied with Japanese woman Ura Koyama), the sixteenth-oldest American person on record, and the seventh-oldest African American person on record. Lazenby's record as the oldest person ever in Georgia was surpassed by Gertrude Baines, on November 11, 2008.

As of December 2009, Lazenby is listed as one of the 40 longest lived people ever.

Maggie Barnes

Maggie Pauline Barnes née Hinnant (March 6, 1882 – January 19, 1998)[12] was an American supercentenarian. She was a resident of Johnston County, North Carolina. Barnes died from complications following a minor foot infection.[13] Barnes, who was born to a slave and married a tenant farmer, was survived by four children; 11 of her children preceded her in death.[13]

Some dispute exists as to her date of birth. Though the family Bible gives the 1882 date, she is listed as having been born in 1881 by the 1900 US Census, and she is listed as having been born in 1880 on her marriage license.[13] Authenticating to the latter of those dates, Barnes was 115 years, 319 days old when she died.

As of December 2009, Barnes is listed as one of the 15 longest lived people ever.

Clara Huhn

Clara Huhn née Herling (January 28, 1887 – December 20, 2000) was an American homemaker and supercentenarian. Born near Clarkson, Nebraska, she lived near Schuyler for most of her life. She remained active, healthy and independent until the last few months of her life, and even answered an interview just before her 113th birthday. At age 113 years 327 days, she is the oldest person on record born in Nebraska, but she was not the oldest person on record to die in that particular state, since she died in La Mesa, California. The title of the oldest person on record to die in Nebraska belongs to Helen Stetter, who died on June 1, 2007 at age 113 years 195 days.[14]

As of December 2009, Huhn is listed as one of the 90 longest lived people ever.

Delvina Dahlheimer

Mary Delvina Dahlheimer née Morisette (December 31, 1888 – March 13, 2002) was an American supercentenarian. At the time of her death, aged 113 years and 72 days, she was the oldest person ever in Minnesota, and the fourth-oldest person in the world.[citation needed] After she broke her hip in 2000, she was sent to the Guardian Angels Care Center, where she lived out the rest of her days.[citation needed] Dahlheimer's Minnesota state record title was surpassed by Catherine Hagel on February 9, 2008. Incidentally, Hagel was the sister-in-law of Dahlheimer. Hagel died on December 6, 2008 aged 114, the third-oldest living person in the world at the time.

Mae Harrington

Mae Harrington née Maxwell (January 20, 1889 – December 29, 2002) was an American supercentenarian who became the oldest person in the history of the state of New York, breaking the record held since the 1920s by then world's oldest person Delina Filkins, also 113, but her own record was subsequently broken in 2005 by Grace Thaxton, who was born in the state before moving to and dying in Kentucky. Because her age was not authenticated during her lifetime, the public recognition she was due went to another 113-year-old, Mary Parr (January 29, 1889 – October 29, 2002), who was born nine days after her, dying two months before her, as her age was only validated posthumously.[15]

As of December 2009, Harrington is listed as one of the 80 longest lived people ever.

Elena Slough

Elena Proctor Slough née Rodenbaugh (July 4, 1889 – October 5, 2003)[16] was the oldest recognized person in the United States from the death of Mary Christian on April 20, 2003 until Slough's own death that following October, six months later. After her death, the oldest recognized person in the United States was Charlotte Benkner.[16]

Born in Horsham, Pennsylvania, she married twice and had children by each marriage.[citation needed] Incidentally, her 90-year-old daughter died three days before her at the same Cape May, New Jersey nursing home.[citation needed]

Some sources date her birth to 1888, but the oldest records state that she was born in 1889.[17]

As of December 2009, Slough is listed as one of the 70 longest lived people ever.

Bettie Wilson

Bettie Antry Wilson née Rutherford (September 13, 1890 – February 13, 2006)[18] became the oldest verified living person in the United States with the death of 114-year-old Emma Verona Johnston on December 1, 2004. She lost this designation when the age of Elizabeth Bolden was verified in April 2005. Both were born in the rural South—where they lived less than 100 miles apart.

Born of freed slaves, she is the oldest resident of the state of Mississippi ever recorded (the previous record was 113 years 12 days set in 1994). Her oldest son, Will Rogers, was said to be born (October 27, 1909 – October 21, 2008) making him 96 years old himself at the time (although the 1930 census lists him as 19 years old in April 1930, indicating that he was 95 instead). In late April 2005, Wilson moved into a new home funded by donations.

Wilson celebrated her 115th birthday in September 2005, at which time she ranked as the third-oldest living person in the world.

Wilson died at her New Albany home on February 13, 2006, aged 115 years 153 days. She was survived by the aforementioned son (1909 – 2008), five grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, 95 great-great-grandchildren and 38 great-great-great grandchildren.

As of December 2009, Wilson is listed as one of the 20 longest lived people ever.

Grace Thaxton

Grace Thaxton née Menges (June 18, 1891 – July 6, 2005) was a supercentenarian, the oldest person in Kentucky, the fourth-oldest person in the U.S. and the sixth-oldest documented person in the world at the time of her death at age 114.[19] Grace was the oldest documented person ever born in the state of New York, in Rockland to be precise, and narrowly missed the all-time age record for a Kentucky resident of 114 years and 92 days, set by Mary Anna Boone in 2001, when she died in Winchester from a bout of pneumonia not long after her last birthday.[citation needed]

Moreover, her own mother died at 109,[citation needed] nearly a supercentenarian herself, and Thaxton almost lived to see her son Robert turn 90 on July 12, 2005. As of December 2009, Thaxton is listed as one of the 80 longest lived people ever.

Consuelo Moreno-López

Consuelo Moreno-López (February 5, 1893 – November 13, 2004) was born in Spanish Morocco (then a colony of Spain) to Spanish parents.[20] She later emigrated to the United States in 1960. She died stateside, aged 111 years and 282 days, as the result of an adverse reaction to a flu shot. Moreno-López holds the longevity record for Morocco, which declared its independence in 1956.[21]

Edna Parker


Grace Nelsen Jones

Grace Rebecca Jones née Nelsen (June 4, 1893 – April 24, 2006) was born in Richmond, Virginia, United States to Danish immigrant parents. Grace was their 12th and last child, born when her mother was already 43 years old. She later married Charles Jones and started a family of her own. In 2005, Grace became the Virginia state recordholder for the oldest verified person born over there. She died at the age of 112 years and 324 days. At the time of her death, Jones ranked as the world's 10th-oldest person.[22]

Flossie Page


Marion Higgins

Marion Higgins née Bigelow (New York City, New York, June 26, 1893Seal Beach, California, March 2, 2006) was an American supercentenarian. At an early age, she moved to Maine, and later on to California.[23]

On May 29, 2005, Marion was recognized as California's oldest living person, four weeks shy of 112 following the death of Margaret Russell, aged 112.

Her memory was remarkable for a person her age. She could remember from age one, and recite poems backwards.Moreover, she wrote her first book herself at the 'tender' age of 102.[24]

Marion died from congestive heart failure, aged 112 years and 249 days. She was ranked as sixth-oldest in the U.S. and 11th in the world at the time of her death.

Gertrude Baines


George Johnson


Catherine Hagel


Elizabeth Stefan

Elizabeth Stefan née Molnar (May 13, 1895 – April 9, 2008)[6] was an American supercentenarian of Hungarian descent.

Born in Austria-Hungary, Stefan emigrated to the United States in 1913. She is believed to be the oldest Hungarian ever. Stefan lived in a nursing home in Norwalk, Connecticut, where she celebrated her 112th birthday in May 2007.

Stefan died aged 112 years and 332 days, just five weeks shy of her 113th birthday. At the time of her death, she was the seventh-oldest validated person in the world and the fifth-oldest validated person in the United States. She leaves behind a daughter, grandchildren and a great-grandson.

Thomas Nelson, Sr.

Thomas D. Nelson, Sr. (July 8, 1895 – January 9, 2007) was, at age 111, the oldest living man in the United States and the second-oldest person in the world from December 7, 2006 (the death of fellow black American Moses Hardy) for one month until his own death.

He had been living in Port Arthur, Texas since the early 1930s. He opened a candy shop in the mid-1930s, and worked there for more than 60 years.[25][26]

Olivia Patricia Thomas

Olivia Patricia Thomas née Trevellyan (June 29, 1895 – November 16, 2009) was, at age 114, the world's third verified oldest living person, following the death of Gertrude Baines on September 11, 2009. Thomas was the second oldest American (and the oldest born in the United States, as Mary Josephine Ray was born in Canada). She moved to Buffalo, New York in 1946 and went on to become the oldest living person in the state of New York. Her nickname is The Plant Lady, because of her lifelong hobby of caring for plants.

On October 25, 2009, Thomas broke the record for the oldest person born in Iowa, surpassing the 114 years, 117 days set by Emma Verona Johnston in 2004. On 22 December 2009, Neva Morris aged 114 years 141 days surpassed Olivia Patricia Thomas as the oldest verified Iowa person ever.

Thomas is listed as one of the 60 longest lived people ever.

Neva Morris


George Francis

George Rene Francis (June 6, 1896 – December 27, 2008)[27][28] was an American supercentenarian and the joint second-oldest living man in the world, together with Englishman Henry Allingham, until Francis's death aged 112 years, 204 days. He was also the oldest living man in the United States, following the death of Antonio Pierro on Feb 8, 2007. Francis was from New Orleans, Louisiana but since 1949 lived in Sacramento, California, where a local newspaper published a poem that Francis enjoyed reciting to friends and the public throughout his life.[29] He credited his longevity to nature, and enjoyed a rich diet of pork, eggs, milk and lard. He gave up smoking cigars at the age of 75.[30]

Francis attempted to join the army in World War I but was rejected for service in 1918 as being too short and small (he weighed only about 100 pounds). Despite this, he later was a boxer before becoming a barber and then a chauffeur.

George Francis claimed to have met Louis Armstrong and Booker T. Washington and to have seen Babe Ruth hit a home run. His wife died in 1964.

At the time of his death, Francis was listed as one of the 20 oldest verified men ever.

Delphia Spencer Hankins

Delphia Hankins née Spencer (July 23, 1896 – October 17, 2007) was an American supercentenarian. Hankins was the oldest person in Mississippi at the time of her death at age 111.

She was born in Itawamba County, Mississippi.[31] to Henry Jackson Spencer and Samantha Fikes Spencer.[31] In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by her husband, Curtis Hankins; her brothers, Bobby, Kip, Grady, Chester and Curtis Spencer; and a son who died in infancy.

Hankins had been a resident of Aberdeen, Mississippi from 1942 until 2000.[31] She worked at Aberdeen Hospital and at Dr. Murphree's Clinic,[31] and then a homemaker until she was 104.[31] Afterwards, she moved to West Point, Mississippi, where she spent the last seven years of her life.[31]

Delphia Hankins died at the Dugan Memorial Home in West Point.[31]At the time of her death she was survived by two daughters, Olema Poss of West Point and Kathryn Crump of Aberdeen; a son, W.D. Hankins of Aberdeen; twenty-seven grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.

Walter Breuning


Walter H. Seward


Ella Schuler


Leila Denmark


Nyleptha Roberts



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