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Nexus One

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Nexus One

The front view of the Google Nexus One, as unveiled on January 5th, 2010.
ManufacturerHTC (Designed and branded by Google)
TypeSlate smartphone
Release dateJanuary 5, 2010
Introductory price$529 unlocked
$179 with 2 year contract[1]
Operating systemAndroid 2.1 (Eclair)
PowerRemovable 1400mAh battery, up to 290 hours on standby, 10 hours talk time, 5 hours browsing[2]. Charged via MicroUSB[3]
CPU1 GHz Qualcomm QSD 8250 Snapdragon ARM
Storage capacityFlash memory: 512 MB
microSD (Class 2) slot: 4 GB included, expandable up to 32 GB
Memory512 MB DRAM
Display480 x 800 px, 3.7 in (94 mm), 252.15 ppi, 3:5 aspect ratio, WVGA, AMOLED with 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 1 ms response rate [2]
InputCapacitive touchscreen display, trackball, headset controls, proximity and ambient light sensors, 3-axis accelerometer, digital compass
Camera5.0 megapixel with video (720 x 480 px at 20 fps or higher), geotagging, LED flash and auto focus.[2]
ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Micro-USB, A-GPS
Quad band GSM 850 900 1800 1900 MHz GPRS/EDGE and Tri band UMTS 900 1700 2100 MHz HSDPA/HSUPA[2][4]
Online servicesAndroid Market
Dimensions119 mm (4.7 in) (h)
59.8 mm (2.35 in) (w)
11.5 mm (0.45 in) (d)
Weight130 g (4.6 oz) with battery, 100 g (3.5 oz) without battery

The Nexus One is a smartphone from Google that uses the Android open source mobile operating system.[5] The device is manufactured by Taiwan's HTC Corporation, and became available on January 5, 2010.[2][6] Features of the phone include the ability to transcribe voice to text,[7][8] noise canceling dual microphones,[9] and voice directions while driving.[10][11]

The phone comes unlocked and is not restricted to any particular mobile network provider. Google currently offers it for use on the T-Mobile network in the United States; a version for use on the Verizon (US) and Vodafone (European) networks is expected in the second calendar quarter of 2010.[12] A recent FCC filing also suggests the phone may be released in a version supporting AT&T's 3G data networks in the future.[13]


United States

The Nexus One was released on January 5, 2010. The phone is sold via Google's website, at a price of $529 unlocked, or a subsidized $179 when purchased with a T-Mobile two year contract.[14] Only one plan is available for subsidized phones - $79.99 per month rate, which includes 500 minutes with unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited texting/MMS, and web data. T-Mobile will allow you to change your plan to 1000 minutes or unlimited talk at any time during your billing cycle. Unsubsidized phones have no such limitation.[15][1] The $179 T-Mobile price is only for individuals who are not currently under contract with T-Mobile. If one currently has a T-Mobile contract, the price of the phone rises to $279.99. [16][17]

Google removed a price level of $379.99 for current T-mobile customers who had a data plan. Those who ordered the phone for 379.99 were refunded $100USD.

T-Mobile contract plans cost $20 per month more than non-contract plans.

For a non subsidized phone T-Mobile offers a Prepaid SIM and activation kit for $6.99 on their website (Shipped FedEx indirect signature required) and minutes are available at several price points by store bought activation cards, by credit card on the website or at a T-Mobile store. Available are 1000 minutes for $100. which expire in one year. Activation kits are sold in a retail store for $10, with the SIM card usually being free with activation.

In addition, tax may be charged depending on the state to which the device is shipped. Each order is shipped with free FedEx Overnight shipping, with indirect signature required. Even with engraving delivery is usually the next day after ordering.

By spring 2010, a Verizon (CDMA) version of the Nexus One will be available in the US. Pricing and purchase options for the CDMA Nexus One are still unknown.


Around Spring 2010, Google will launch a Vodafone model in Europe, with plans to expand the phone to other carriers and international markets in due course.[18][1]

Google is making the phone available for delivery to the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong, although native carrier tie-ups have not been finalized for these countries, and the phone will be shipped from the US. Customers ordering from the UK are charged $29.65 international shipping and an optional $19.00 for an AC adaptor, with an additional 17.5% VAT. Singapore applies 7% GST, while Hong Kong does not add any additional taxes.[19] The Nexus One will not ship outside these countries.


Despite being capable of multi-touch, this is not enabled in default applications in the US version.[20] It has an illuminated trackball which can emit different colors of light based on the type of notification being received. A voice processor developed by Audience uses a second microphone (on the back) to reduce background noise during phone conversations.[21] A 4-conductor TRRS style 3.5mm stereo headset jack is also provided, adding microphone function to the stereo earphones.[2]

The phone features a 5.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash and digital zoom, GPS receiver, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, and 802.11b/g WiFi capabilities.[22])The Snapdragon processor allows for many advanced capabilities including 720p video playback.[23][24] There is built in hardware decoding for H.263, H.264 and MPEG-4 video, and is capable of playing MP3, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and MIDI audio, and displaying the JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image formats. It has a micro USB port instead of the common mini-USB port, or HTC's mini-USB compatible format (ExtUSB). The microSD card slot allows expansion up to 32 gigabytes of card storage. Applications can only be installed to the 512 MB internal flash memory, of which 190 MB are available for that purpose. During unveiling, it was mentioned that Google may eventually lift this restriction after addressing security issues. [18]

A third party analysis by iSuppli estimates the cost of hardware components to be around $175.[23][24]


The phone's radio circuitry covers most major GSM and 3G providers in the US, Europe and Asia, with the notable exception of the 850MHz and 1900MHz UMTS 3G bands used by AT&T (of USA), Bell Mobility, Telus,[25] and Rogers (of Canada), Movistar (Latin America), Telcel (Latin America), Telstra Australia's Next-G and all carriers in Latin America. Because the phone lacks these frequency bands, it is not compatible with the 3G networks of any of the above carriers, although 2G can be used. Although, when used with Telstra, the phone is also able to roam on 3's 2100MHz 3G network, before being forced to use 2G.

The GSM radio frequencies covered are 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 along with UMTS frequency bands 1 (2100MHz), 4 (1700MHz), and 8 (900MHz).[26]


The Nexus One runs the Google Android 2.1 operating system. The 2.1 firmware version of the Android operating system adds a few aesthetic changes such as "Live Wallpapers" which are animated in the background and react to different user inputs. By December 2009 Android-based phones have access to more than 20,000 applications through the Android Market.[27][28] It also replaces the "Application Drawer" with a single button which can be pressed to access the list of applications installed on the phone. This thumbnail list can be scrolled up and down and as it's scrolled, the applications roll up into a 3D cube instead of disappearing from the screen. Once the bottom of the application thumbnail list is hit, the screen bounces off similar to the iPhone functionality.

The integrated Media Gallery, developed by Cooliris, provides several new features allowing the user to browse, edit, and share photos and videos on the phone.

Hacking and modifications

Users are able to root the device by unlocking its bootloader using the fastboot command "fastboot oem unlock".[29] Unlocking the bootloader allows the user to install other firmware images that give the user root access, and even other bootloaders. Obtaining root privileges enables a user to override protected operating system features, install arbitrary software and enable internet tethering to share the phone's 3G network connection via a wireless LAN, among other things.[30][31] Upon running the fastboot command, the user is presented with a Google-created screen stating that unlocking the bootloader will void the warranty.[32]

Comparison with other phones

Total cost of ownership can be lower when compared to other smartphones. If use of the product is limited to free wireless LAN networks, the cost would be $529 for the lifetime of the phone.[33] Adding phone service without data is available economically via T-Mobile prepaid minute plans.

On the Google offered T-Mobile network, an unlimited usage plan is $2,448.76 for the first two years, whereas an unlimited use plan for two years with an iPhone is $3,799. (Both prices include phone purchase costs but exclude taxes and fees.)[34][35][36]

Nexus One has hardware and software multi-touch capability but multi-touch features such as "pinch to zoom" or "keyboard chording" are not enabled for native Google applications in the U.S. version by default.[37] 3rd party apps that support it are however, readily available. Apple has patents related to multitouch and has indicated it plans to protect its intellectual property.[38][39][40] According to VentureBeat.com a member of the Android team informed them that Apple asked Google not to incorporate multi-touch and that Google agreed.[41][42][43][44] However, during an Engadget segment, on "The Engadget Show" [45], Senior Product Manager for Android stated, "Android is designed with one handed use in mind".

The Nexus One is thinner than the iPhone and can be easily synchronized with all Google applications,[46] such as Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar.


Some reports allege that the display is not viewable in direct sunlight.[47][48]

Push email, calendar, and contact sync with Microsoft exchange server that specify device security restrictionsrequires an application costing $19.99 USD from the Android Market.[49][50]

Users have been experiencing some problems with the 3G network. Those who lose their 3G reception on their Google Nexus One phone will been pushed on to EDGE, which is much slower. The reason is still unknown as to why this is happening, but according to several articles the problem lies with T-Mobile. However T-Mobile claims that the issue lies with HTC's hardware since other Android phones access 3G successfully in areas where Nexus One is unable to do so. [51][52] HTC will be releasing a firmware update to improve the phone's 3G reception.[citation needed]


According to Andy Rubin the next version of the Nexus One will be targeted for business users and may have a hardware keyboard.[53]


A trademark application for the name "Nexus One" was filed by Google, Inc. on December 10, 2009.[54] The Nexus One trademark was filed in International Trademark Class 9 for "Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products" with description of "Mobile phones".[55]

On December 12, 2009, Google confirmed in a blog post that they had begun internal testing of the device.[56] Google stated that a "mobile lab device" had been given to its employees, at this time Google had not yet confirmed that a device would be sold to consumers. Wireless phone and data services for the device were not activated nor billed to Google; it was up to the employees to activate and pay for wireless service on their own.[57]

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