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definition - Orange_(colour)

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Orange (colour)

Color icon orange v2.svg
 — Spectral coordinates —
Wavelength 590–620 nm
Frequency 505–480 THz
 — Common connotations —
warning, autumn, desire, fire, Halloween, Thanksgiving, prisoners, Orangism (Netherlands), Unionism (Ireland), Indian religions, engineering, determination, compassion, endurance, optimism
About these coordinates

— Colour coordinates —

Hex triplet #FF7F00
RGBB (r, g, b) (255, 127, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (30°, 100%, 100%)
Source HTML Colour Chart @30
  Arch in Arches National Park, Utah
  TNT post sign in the Netherlands

The colour orange occurs between red and yellow in the visible spectrum at a wavelength of about 585–620 nm, and has a hue of 30° in HSV colour space. It is numerically halfway between red and yellow in a gamma-compressed RGB colour space, the expression of which is the RGB colour wheel. The complementary colour of orange is azure. Orange pigments are largely in the ochre or cadmium families, and absorb mostly blue light.

  Oranges (fruit)



The colour orange is named after the appearance of the ripe orange fruit.[1] Before this word was introduced to the English-speaking world, the colour was referred to as ġeolurēad (yellow-red).

The first recorded use of orange as a colour name in English was in 1512,[2][3] in a will now filed with the Public Records Office.

Computer web color oranges

Orange (web colour)

Orange (web colour)
About these coordinates

— Colour coordinates —

Hex triplet #FFA500
sRGBB (r, g, b) (255, 165, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (39°, 100%, 100%)
Source CSS/X11/SVG[4]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Web colour orange, defined as FFA500, is the only named colour defined in CSS that is not also defined in HTML 4.01.

Dark orange (web colour)

Dark orange (web colour)
About these coordinates

— Colour coordinates —

Hex triplet #FF8C00
sRGBB (r, g, b) (255, 140, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (34°, 100%, 100%)
Source X11/SVG[4]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

The web colour called dark orange because the color orange does not really exist

Other variations of orange

Orange peel

  Orange fruit and cross section
Orange Peel
About these coordinates

— Color coordinates —

Hex triplet #FF9F00
RGBB (r, g, b) (255, 159, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (38°, 100%, 100%)
Source Maerz and Paul
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Displayed to the left is the actual colour of the outer skin of a typical orange. This colour is called orange peel. It is the same colour as the fruit for which it was named.

A discussion of the difference between the colour orange (the colour halfway between red and yellow, i.e. colour wheel orange, RGB #FF7F00, shown at the top of this article) and the colour orange peel (the actual colour of the outer skin of an orange), may be found in Maerz and Paul.[5]

The first recorded use of orange peel as a colour name in English was in 1839.[6]

Burnt orange

Burnt orange
About these coordinates

— Colour coordinates —

Hex triplet #CC5500
RGBB (r, g, b) (204, 85, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (25°, 100%, 80%)
Source University of Texas at Austin[7]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Burnt orange has been in use as a colour name for this deep medium shade of orange since 1915.[8]

This colour is one variation that is used as a school colour of the University of Texas at Austin, Westwood High School (Austin, Texas), Clemson University, Virginia Tech, Auburn University, and Mesa Verde High School (Citrus Heights, California).

This variation of orange is one of the primary colours for the American Football team the Cleveland Browns. Burnt orange was popular in interior design during the 1970s, and is often associated with this period. Red headed people usually have hair that is more accurately a burnt orange colour than a bright orange. ((-

B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)


About these coordinates

— Color coordinates —

Hex triplet #964B00
RGBB (r, g, b) (150, 75, 0)
HSV (h, s, v) (30°, 100%, 59%)
Source [1]
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Brown is actually derived from the orange part (orange + grey) of the colour spectrum. It can be described as an especially dark orange.

The first recorded use of brown as a colour name in English was in about 1000 in the Metres of Boethius.[9][10]

  Orange in culture


  • In the United States and Canada, orange regalia is associated with the field of engineering.[11]

  Cultural meanings

  Orange heraldic tincture, in colour and monochrome representations
  • In English heraldry, orange is considered synonymous with the tincture tenne. However, its use as a heraldic tincture is relatively rare, as it is considered a "stain" (a deprecated tincture) by some. In continental heraldry, tenne is more often deemed to denote a burnt orange colour.
  • The colours orange and black represent the secular holiday Halloween (31 October) because orange is the colour of pumpkins and black is the colour of night and is associated with doom, despair and darkness.
  • The colours orange and brown represent the United States holiday Thanksgiving.
  • Orange is the contrasting colour of blue and is highly visible against a clear sky. Therefore, shades of orange such as safety orange are often used in high visibility clothing and other safety equipment and objects.
  • Due to its brightness, orange is used in the construction industry on road signs and safety jackets to warn passers-by of the pending dangers ahead.
  • Orange is used to promote awareness and prevention of self-injury.
  • Prisoners are often dressed in orange clothing to make them easier to see if they try to escape.

  Geography and history

  A field of orange California poppies
  • Historically and culturally, saffron, red and white have always been the most prominent colours of Hinduism and have been regularly worn, particularly in religious ceremonies, in India for more than 2000 years.
  • Oranjemund (German for: "Mouth of Orange") is a town situated in the extreme southwest of Namibia, on the northern bank of the Orange River mouth.



  Buddhist monks in the Theravada tradition typically wear saffron robes, although occasionally maroon, the colour normally worn by Vajrayana Buddhist monks is worn.
  • Orange, or more specifically deep saffron, is the most sacred colour of Hinduism.
  • Orange is used to symbolically represent the second (Swadhisthana) chakra.[12]
  • Hindu and Sikh flags atop mandirs and gurdwaras, respectively, are typically a saffron coloured pennant.[13]
  • Saffron robes are often worn by Hindu swamis and Buddhist monks in the Theravada tradition.
  • Orange represents the sin of gluttony.
  • In Thailand, orange is associated with Thursday on the Thai solar calendar. Anyone may wear orange on Thursday and anyone born on a Thursday may adopt orange as their colour.
  • The "New Age Prophetess", Alice Bailey, in her system called the Seven Rays which classifies humans into seven different metaphysical psychological types, the "fifth ray" of "Concrete Science" is represented by the color orange. People who have this metaphysical psychological type are said to be "on the Orange Ray".[14]

  School colors

Orange can also be associated with colleges. Among notable colleges with orange as a colour include:


  Citi Field's left field foul pole

Orange is a team colour for a number of professional sports teams.

Major League Baseball

National Basketball Association

National Football League

Indian Premier League

National Hockey League

Australian Football League

National Rugby League

A league

Football League Championship

Conference National

Scottish Premier League

Ukrainian Premier League

  Transportation planning

  • Orange is the colour of a subway line in Boston. It goes from Oak Grove in Malden, Massachusetts to Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts. The line is named after Orange Street in Boston where the elevated tracks used to run over during the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

  See also


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