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Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

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Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
European Parliament group
Group logo
NameProgressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
English abbr.S&D[1] (23 June 2009 to present)

PES[2] (21 April 1993[3] to 22 June 2009)
SOC[2] (1958[4] to 21 April 1993[3])

S[5] (23 June 1953[3] to 1958[4])
French abbr.S&D[6](23 June 2009 to present)

PSE[7] (21 April 1993 to 22 June 2009)
SOC[2] (1958 to 21 April 1993)

S[5] (23 June 1953 to 1958)
Formal nameGroup of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament[1] (23 June 2009 to present)

Socialist Group in the European Parliament[7][8] (20 July 2004[3] to 23 June 2009)
Group of the Party of European Socialists[5][9] (21 April 1993[3] to 20 July 2004[3])
Socialist Group[4][10] (1958[4] to 21 April 1993[3])

Group of the Socialists[5] (23 June 1953[3] to 1958[4])
IdeologySocial democracy
European partiesParty of European Socialists
From23 June 1953[3]
Chaired byMartin Schulz
MEP(s)183 (23 June 2009)
184 (2 July 2009[11])

The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (abbreviation S&D[1]) is the social-democratic political group of the European Parliament. It dates its ancestry via various names back to the beginning of the European Parliament in 1953. Until the 1999 European election it was the largest group in Parliament. Its current incarnation is the second-largest and was founded on 23 June 2009.[12]

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The Socialist Group was one of the first groups to be founded when it was created on 23 June 1953[3][13] in the Common Assembly of the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Parliament's predecessor. A bureau and secretariat was established in Luxembourg. The group continued through the creation of the appointed Parliament in 1958 and, when the Parliament became elected in 1979, it was the biggest group.

In 1987 the Single European Act came into force and the group began co-operation with the EPP group to secure the majorities needed under the cooperation procedure.[14] That left-right coalition has dominated Parliament since then[15] and (with some exceptions[16]) the post of President of the Parliament has been split between the two groups ever since.

Meanwhile, the national parties making up the group were also organising themselves on a European level outside the Parliament, with the parties creating the Confederation of Socialist Parties of the European Community in 1974.[5][4][17] The Confederation was succeeded by the Party of European Socialists, in 1992.[4][17] As a result, the group was renamed to the Group of the Party of European Socialists on 21 April 1993.[3]

In 1999, the Parliament refused to approve the Santer Commission's handling of the EU budget. Allegations of corruption centred on two PES Commissioners,Édith Cresson and Manuel Marín. The group initially supported the Commission but later withdrew their support, forcing the Commission to resign.[18]

In 2003 the group celebrated its 50th anniversary. In its first 50 years it had had 13 chairmen, among them two women. Celebrations were held in Brussels, under the slogan "proud of the past, confident of the future".

It had become difficult to distinguish between PES (the group) and PES (the party). So the group was renamed again, this time to the Socialist Group in the European Parliament[7] on 20 July 2004[3] and was given a different logo, making it easier to distinguish the group from the party.

In 2007, the group was the second largest group in Parliament, with MEPs from all but two member states, Latvia and Cyprus.[19] But the 2009 elections saw a reduction in PES MEPs. The group sought members from outside the party, and found them in the Italian Democratic Party.[20][21]

The Democratic Party already had 14 MEPs in the group, but it also had 8 MEPs in ALDE. It was (and remains) a big tent centre-left party, strongly influenced by the ideas of social democracy and the Christian left, and had MEPs who were former Christian Democrats or had other political views.[22] So a new, less explicit, group name had to be found.

The group was going to be named Alliance of Socialists and Democrats for Europe (ASDE) but this was too similar to ALDE.[23] The name Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats was suggested on 18 June by group president Martin Schulz[24] and it was renamed on 23 June 2009.[12] The English abbreviation was initially unclear, being variously reported as PASD[25] or S&D Group[26] or PASDE.[27][11] Dissatisfaction by Socialist MEPs towards the new name led Martin Schulz to admit that the name was still under consideration and that the group was to be referred to as the 'Socialists and Democrats' until a final title was chosen.[28] On 14 July 2009, the first day of the constitutive session of the 2009-2014 term, the full formal group name was Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament[1] and the abbreviation was S&D.[1]

Presidents of the European Parliament

For Presidents of the European Parliament from the group, see President of the European Parliament.


The group is led by a President and a Bureau of Vice-Presidents. There is also a Treasurer and a Secretary General.[29]

Presidents of the Group

Presidents of the Group include:[30]

NumberPresidentStateNational partyFromTo
1.Guy Mollet FranceFrench Section of the Workers' International (SFIO)19531956
2.Hendrik Fayat BelgiumSocialist Party (PS)19561958
3.Pierre Lapie FranceFrench Section of the Workers' International (SFIO)19581959
4.Willi Birkelbach GermanySocial Democratic Party (SPD)19591964
5.Käte Strobel GermanySocial Democratic Party (SPD)19641967
6.Francis Vals FranceFrench Section of the Workers' International (SFIO)19671974
7.Georges Spénale FranceSocialist Party (PS)19741975
8.Ludwig Spénale GermanySocial Democratic Party (SPD)19751979
9.Ernest Glinne BelgiumSocialist Party (PS)19791984
10.Rudi Arndt GermanySocial Democratic Party (SPD)19841989
11.Jean-Pierre Cot FranceSocialist Party (PS)19891994
12.Pauline Green United KingdomLabour Party19941999
13.Enrique Barón Crespo SpainSpanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)19992004
14.Martin Schulz GermanySocial Democratic Party (SPD)2004-


Incoming Vice-Presidents of the group are as follows[31]:

Previous Vice-Presidents of the group for the 2004-2009 term were as follows:


Current/previous Treasurers of the group are as follows:

Secretaries General

Current/previous Secretaries General of the group are as follows:

  • Anna Colombo (Italy)[29]


MEPs from the following parties sit in the group:[32]

StateNational partyMEPs 2004-2009MEPs 2009-2014
 AustriaSocial Democratic Party of Austria74
 Belgium (Flemish Community)Socialist Party Different32
 Belgium (French Community)Socialist Party43
 BulgariaBulgarian Socialist Party54
 CyprusMovement for Social Democracy01
 CyprusDemocratic PartyN/A1
 Czech RepublicCzech Social Democratic Party27
 DenmarkSocial Democrats54
 EstoniaSocial Democratic Party31
 FinlandSocial Democratic Party32
 FranceSocialist Party3114
 GermanySocial Democratic Party of Germany2423
 GreecePanhellenic Socialist Movement88
 HungaryHungarian Socialist Party94
 IrelandLabour Party13
 ItalyDemocratic Party821
 ItalyDemocratic Left30
 ItalyItalian Socialist Party40
 LatviaNational Harmony Party01
 LithuaniaSocial Democratic Party of Lithuania23
 LuxembourgLuxembourg Socialist Workers' Party11
 MaltaLabour Party33
 NetherlandsDutch Labour Party73
 PolandDemocratic Left Alliance-Labor Union57
 PolandSocial Democratic Party of Poland30
 PortugalSocialist Party127
 RomaniaSocial Democratic Party1011
 SlovakiaSmer – Social Democracy35
 SloveniaSocial Democrats12
 SpainSpanish Socialist Workers' Party2421
 SwedenSwedish Social Democratic Party55
 United KingdomLabour Party1913


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