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definitions - Station,

station (n.)

1.terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods

2.a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose"he started looking for a gas station" "the train pulled into the station"

3.the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand"a soldier manned the entrance post" "a sentry station"

4.(nautical) the location to which a ship or fleet is assigned for duty

5.proper or designated social situation"he overstepped his place" "the responsibilities of a man in his station" "married above her station"

6.the frequency assigned to a broadcasting station

station (v.)

1.assign to a station

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Merriam Webster

StationSta"tion (stā"shŭn), n. [F., fr. L. statio, from stare, statum, to stand. See Stand.]
1. The act of standing; also, attitude or pose in standing; posture. [R.]

A station like the herald, Mercury. Shak.

Their manner was to stand at prayer, whereupon their meetings unto that purpose . . . had the names of stations given them. Hooker.

2. A state of standing or rest; equilibrium. [Obs.]

All progression is performed by drawing on or impelling forward some part which was before in station, or at quiet. Sir T. Browne.

3. The spot or place where anything stands, especially where a person or thing habitually stands, or is appointed to remain for a time; as, the station of a sentinel. Specifically: (a) A regular stopping place in a stage road or route; a place where railroad trains regularly come to a stand, for the convenience of passengers, taking in fuel, moving freight, etc. (b) The headquarters of the police force of any precinct. (c) The place at which an instrument is planted, or observations are made, as in surveying. (d) (Biol.) The particular place, or kind of situation, in which a species naturally occurs; a habitat. (e) (Naut.) A place to which ships may resort, and where they may anchor safely. (f) A place or region to which a government ship or fleet is assigned for duty. (g) (Mil.) A place calculated for the rendezvous of troops, or for the distribution of them; also, a spot well adapted for offensive or defensive measures. Wilhelm (Mil. Dict.). (h) (Mining) An enlargement in a shaft or galley, used as a landing, or passing place, or for the accommodation of a pump, tank, etc.

4. Post assigned; office; the part or department of public duty which a person is appointed to perform; sphere of duty or occupation; employment.

By spending this day [Sunday] in religious exercises, we acquire new strength and resolution to perform God's will in our several stations the week following. R. Nelson.

5. Situation; position; location.

The fig and date -- why love they to remain
In middle station, and an even plain?

6. State; rank; condition of life; social status.

The greater part have kept, I see,
Their station.

They in France of the best rank and station. Shak.

7. (Eccl.) (a) The fast of the fourth and sixth days of the week, Wednesday and Friday, in memory of the council which condemned Christ, and of his passion. (b) (R. C. Ch.) A church in which the procession of the clergy halts on stated days to say stated prayers. Addis & Arnold. (c) One of the places at which ecclesiastical processions pause for the performance of an act of devotion; formerly, the tomb of a martyr, or some similarly consecrated spot; now, especially, one of those representations of the successive stages of our Lord's passion which are often placed round the naves of large churches and by the side of the way leading to sacred edifices or shrines, and which are visited in rotation, stated services being performed at each; -- called also Station of the cross. Fairholt.

8. In Australia, a sheep run or cattle run, together with the buildings belonging to it; also, the homestead and buildings belonging to such a run.

Station bill. (Naut.) Same as Quarter bill, under Quarter. -- Station house. (a) The house serving for the headquarters of the police assigned to a certain district, and as a place of temporary confinement. (b) The house used as a shelter at a railway station. -- Station master, one who has charge of a station, esp. of a railway station. -- Station pointer (Surv.), an instrument for locating on a chart the position of a place from which the angles subtended by three distant objects, whose positions are known, have been observed. -- Station staff (Surv.), an instrument for taking angles in surveying. Craig.

Syn. -- Station, Depot. In the United States, a stopping place on a railway for passengers and freight is commonly called a depot: but to a considerable extent in official use, and in common speech, the more appropriate name, station, has been adopted.

StationSta"tion (stā"shŭn), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Stationed (-shŭnd); p. pr. & vb. n. Stationing.] To place; to set; to appoint or assign to the occupation of a post, place, or office; as, to station troops on the right of an army; to station a sentinel on a rampart; to station ships on the coast of Africa.

He gained the brow of the hill, where the English phalanx was stationed. Lyttelton.

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Station may refer to:

  Traffic and infrastructure




  Computer networks


  • Gauging station, a location along a river or stream used for gauging or other measurements
  • Hill station, a town which is high enough to be relatively cool in summer
  • Station, California, former name of Laws, California
  • La Station, a community centre in Montreal, originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  • La Station, proper noun for the LGBTI Center of the région Alsace in France


  • Station (album), by the band Russian Circles
  • "Stations", a song from the album Churn by the band Shihad


  • Station church, a church in which special services are held on specific days during Lent and Easter
  • Station days, days of specific liturgical practice in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Stations of the Cross, a Christian devotion and its associated images
  • Stations of the Exodus, the locations visited by the Israelites following their exodus from Egypt

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