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Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Member station SRG SSR
National selection events Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow (2011-present)
Concours Eurovision (former)
Appearances 53
First appearance 1956
Best result 1st: 1956, 1988
Worst result Last: 1964, 1967, 1974, 1998, 2004 SF, 2010 SF, 2011
External links
SF page
Switzerland's page at Eurovision.tv

Switzerland has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest every year since it began, except 1995, 1999, 2001, and 2003. Switzerland hosted the first contest in 1956, and won it themselves. Switzerland won the contest again in 1988. A third victory in 1963 could have been possibly had Katie Boyle not recalled the Norwegian for their votes again.[citation needed]

Although most of the Swiss representatives are national acts not known outside of the country, many internationally successful artists have represented the country. In 1988 Céline Dion won the contest for Switzerland, in 1993 Annie Cotton finished third, and in 2005 the girl band Vanilla Ninja finished 8th. Esther Ofarim's 1963 second-place finish helped establish her as an international success.

Despite a fourth consecutive semi-final failure, as well as increasing pressure to withdraw from the Contest SRG SSR has confirmed that they have no current plans to withdraw from the contest, claiming that "the Eurovision Song Contest costs the broadcaster less than some entertainment shows".[1] However, the country eventually qualified again for the final in the 2011 contest, with only one more point than Malta and Armenia.



Switzerland had been absent from Eurovision four times since their participation began in the first contest. These absences, in 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2003 were caused by poor results in previous contests that relegated Switzerland from the contest.[2][3][4][5]


  Piero and the MusicStars performing "Celebrate" at Istanbul (2004)
  Vanilla Ninja performing "Cool Vibes" at Kiev (2005)
  DJ BoBo performing "Vampires Are Alive" at Helsinki (2007)
  Paolo Meneguzzi performing "Era stupendo" at Belgrade (2008)
  Anna Rossinelli performing "In Love for a While" at Düsseldorf (2011)

Switzerland has four official languages, French, German, Italian, and Romansh. For decades, the song requirements stated that the song had to be performed in a national language, which gave Switzerland leeway as they could perform in any of the four languages. Out of their 51 appearances in the Contest, Switzerland has sent 52 songs, 24 of which were in French, 12 in German, nine in Italian, six in English, and one in Romansh. Both of Switzerland's winning songs have been sung in French.

In the table below, wins are highlighted with a gold background colour, 2nd places with silver, and 3rd places with bronze. Last placements are in red.

Year Artist Title Final Points Semi Points
1956 Lys Assia "Das alte Karussell" 10[6] -
1956 Lys Assia "Refrain" 1 -
1957 Lys Assia "L'enfant que j'étais" 8 5
1958 Lys Assia "Giorgio" 2 24
1959 Christa Williams "Irgendwoher" 4 14
1960 Anita Traversi "Cielo e terra" 8 5
1961 Franca Di Rienzo "Nous aurons demain" 3 16
1962 Jean Philippe "Le retour" 10 2
1963 Esther Ofarim "T'en va pas" 2 40
1964 Anita Traversi "I miei pensieri" 13 0
1965 Yovanna "Non, à jamais sans toi" 8 8
1966 Madeleine Pascal "Ne vois-tu pas?" 6 12
1967 Géraldine "Quel coeur vas-tu briser?" 17 0
1968 Gianni Mascolo "Guardando il sole" 13 2
1969 Paola del Medico "Bonjour, Bonjour" 5 13
1970 Henri Des "Retour" 4 8
1971 Peter, Sue and Marc "Les illusions de nos vingt ans" 12 78
1972 Veronique Mueller "C'est la chanson de mon amour" 8 88
1973 Patrick Juvet "Je vais me marier, Marie" 12 79
1974 Piera Martell "Mein Ruf nach dir" 14 3
1975 Simone Drexel "Mikado" 6 77
1976 Peter, Sue and Marc "Djambo, Djambo" 4 91
1977 Pepe Lienhard Band "Swiss Lady" 6 71
1978 Carole Vinci "Vivre" 9 65
1979 Peter, Sue, Marc, Pfuri, Gorps and Kniri "Trödler und Co" 10 60
1980 Paola "Cinéma" 4 104
1981 Peter, Sue and Marc "Io senza te" 4 121
1982 Arlette Zola "Amour on t'aime" 3 97
1983 Mariella Farré "Io così non ci sto" 15 28
1984 Rainy Day "Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein?" 16 30
1985 Mariella Farré and Pino Gasparini "Piano, Piano" 12 39
1986 Daniela Simmons "Pas pour moi" 2 140
1987 Carol Rich "Moitié, moitié" 17 26
1988 Céline Dion "Ne partez pas sans moi" 1 137
1989 Furbaz "Viver senza tei" 13 47
1990 Egon Egemann "Musik klingt in die Welt hinaus" 11 51
1991 Sandra Simó "Canzone per te" 5 118
1992 Daisy Auvray "Mister Music Man" 15 32
1993 Annie Cotton "Moi, tout simplement" 3 148
1994 Duilio "Sto pregando" 19 15
1996 Kathy Leander "Mon coeur l'aime" 16 22
1997 Barbara Berta "Dentro di me" 23 5
1998 Gunvor "Lass' ihn" 25 0
2000 Jane Bogaert "La vita cos'è?" 20 14
2002 Francine Jordi "Dans le jardin de mon âme" 22 15
2004 Piero and the MusicStars "Celebrate" X X 22 0
2005 Vanilla Ninja "Cool Vibes" 8 128 8 114
2006 six4one "If We All Give a Little" 16 30 X X
2007 DJ BoBo "Vampires Are Alive" X X 20 40
2008 Paolo Meneguzzi "Era stupendo" X X 13 47
2009 Lovebugs "The Highest Heights" X X 14 15
2010 Michael von der Heide "Il pleut de l'or" X X 17 2
2011 Anna Rossinelli "In Love for a While" 25 19 10 55
2012 Sinplus "Unbreakable" X X 11 45
  • XX on Semi Finals denotes auto-qualification. This could be due to two reasons. If a country won the previous year, they did not have to compete in Semi Finals, or back in the early 2005-2007 era, countries who done well did not have to compete in Semi Finals the following year. The top ten non-Big four along with the Big four countries automatically qualified, for example, if Germany and France placed inside the top 10, the 11th and 12th spots were advanced to next year's Grand Final along with everyone within the top 10.
  • XX on Finals denotes an unsuccessful attempt to qualify to the final.

  Voting history (1975-2012)

Switzerland has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1  Ireland 156
2  France 145
3  Spain 141
4  United Kingdom 140
5  Israel 122

Switzerland has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1  United Kingdom 122
2  Netherlands 99
3  Belgium 98
=  Finland 98
4  Austria 90
5  Norway 88

NOTE: The totals in the above tables include only points awarded in Eurovision finals, and not the semi-finals since 2004.

  Since introducing the semi-finals in 2004 until 2012

Switzerland has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1  Albania 79
2  Turkey 69
3  Portugal 65
4  Bosnia and Herzegovina 61
5  Serbia 58
6  Germany 50
7  Croatia 40
8  Macedonia 39
9  Greece 37
10  Spain 33

  Since introducing the semi-finals in 2004 until 2012

Switzerland has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1  Malta 35
2  Latvia 23
3  Finland 21
4  Cyprus 19
5  Germany 14
 Estonia 14
 Lithuania 14
 Monaco 14

NOTE: The tables with points from 2004 include points awarded in both finals and semi-finals where the highest point from the final/semi-final is picked.


Year Location Venue Presenter
1956 Switzerland Lugano Teatro Kursaal Lohengrin Filipello
1989 Switzerland Lausanne Palais de Beaulieu Lolita Morena and Jacques Deschenaux

  Commentators and Spokespeople

Over the years Switzerland has broadcasted the Eurovision Song Contest on three television stations, SRF (German language), RTS (French language) and RSI (Italian language).

Year(s) Swiss German Commentator Swiss French Commentator Swiss Italian Commentator Spokesperson Dual Swiss German Commentator Dual Swiss French Commentator Dual Swiss Italian Commentator
1956 No broadcast Georges Hardy No broadcast No Spokesperson No Dual Commentator No Dual Commentator No Dual Commentator
1957 Mäni Weber
1958 Theodor Haller
1959 Boris Acquadro
1962 Giovanni Bertini
1964 Alexandre Burger
1971 No Spokesperson
1974 Alexandre Burger
1975 Michel Stocker
1984 Bernard Thurnheer Serge Moisson Ezio Guidi
1989 Unknown
1990 Emanuela Gaggini
1991 Lolita Morena
1992 Mariano Tschuor Ivan Frésard
1993 Bernard Thurnheer Jean-Marc Richard
1994 Wilma Gilardi Sandra Simo
1995 Heinz Margot Joanne Holder Switzerland did not participate
1996 Sandra Studer Pierre Grandjean Yves Ménestrier
1997 Heinz Margot Jonathan Tedesco Sandy Altermatt Roman Kilchsperger
1998 Jean-Marc Richard Regula Elsener
1999 Sandra Studer Switzerland did not participate No Dual Commentator
2000 Astrid Von Stockar
2001 Switzerland did not participate
2002 Phil Mundwiller Diana Jörg Claudio Lazzarino
2003 Roman Kilchsperger Jean-Marc Richard Daniele Rauseo Switzerland did not participate No Dual Commentator
2004 Sandra Studer Emel Aykanat Claudio Lazzarino
2005 Cécile Bähler Marie-Thérèse Porchet
2006 Sandy Altermatt Jubaira Bachmann Alain Morisod
2007 Bernard Thurnheer Sven Epiney Henri Dès
2008 Sven Epiney Cécile Bähler Nicolas Tanner No Dual Commentator
2010 Christa Rigozzi
2011 Jonathan Tedesco Cécile Bähler
2012 Clarissa Tami Sara Hildebrand Paolo Meneguzzi

  Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest

Artist Title Place Points Year Place Points
Celine Dion "Ne partez pas sans moi" 10 98 1988 1 161


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