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definitions - a little bit

a little bit (adv.)

1.to a small degree; somewhat"it's a bit warm" "felt a little better" "a trifle smaller"

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A Little Bit

"A Little Bit"
A blond woman looks to the front. She wears an indigo colored top, and is standing in front of a white background. To the right of the picture, the words "A Little Bit" and "Jessica Simpson" are written upside down vertical.
Single by Jessica Simpson
from the album Irresistible
Released October 29, 2001 (2001-10-29)
Format CD single
Genre Dance-pop
Length 3:47
Label Columbia
Writer(s) Kara DioGuardi, Steve Morales, David Siegel
Producer Steve Morales, Ric Wake
Jessica Simpson singles chronology
"A Little Bit"
"Sweetest Sin"

"A Little Bit" is a song recorded by American recording artist Jessica Simpson. It was written by Kara DioGuardi, Steve Morales and David Siegel, and was produced by Morales along with Ric Wake. The song was released as the second and final single from Simpson's second studio album Irresistible (2001), on October 29, 2001 through Columbia Records. Musically, the song is a mid-tempo dance-pop song and the lyrics speak about the protagonist wanting changes in a relationship she is in.

The song received mostly positive reviews from music critics; most of them appreciated the song's production. It failed to chart in the United States, but reached number sixty-two on Australian Singles Chart. An accompanying music video, directed by Hype Williams, shows Simpson dancing on a futuristic dance floor, along with her backup dancers. Simpson performed the song on her DreamChaser Tour (2001), the 2001 Jingle Bell Bash and a few televised shows.

"A Little Bit" was covered by English singer Rosie Ribbons for her unreleased album Misbehaving. Her version was released as a single through Telstar Records and peaked at number nineteen on the UK Singles Chart. The single was promoted through a promotional music video, which shows Ribbons performing dance routines with her dancers, and live performances on various televised appearances like CD:UK and Top of the Pops and Smile.


  Background and composition

"A Little Bit" was written by Kara DioGuardi, Steve Morales and David Siegal, and was produced by Morales and Ric Wake.[1] The song became DioGuardi's first writing credit for an artist from her native country.[2] Simpson's vocals were recorded by Dan Hetzel at Sony Music Studios, New York City, and the track was mixed by Hetzel along with Richie Jones at Cove City Sound Studios, Glen Cove, New York.[1] Keyboard programming was done by Eric Kupper.[3] According to Simpson, "the message behind the song is for guys to listen to the girl".[4] "A guy needs to give a little bit more of himself, a little bit more of his time. It's about the love going so much further, the guy would actually be selfless," she expanded on the song's theme.[4] In the United States, "A Little Bit" was released as the second single from Irresistible. The song saw an airplay-only release there, while in Australia, a physical single was issued on October 29, 2001.[5] "A Little Bit" was used to promote Bally Total Fitness and thus, a limited CD single pressing was made available to people who joined the club.[6][7]

"A Little Bit" is a dance-pop song, composed in a "medium pop" tempo.[8] According to the sheet music published at Musicnotes.com by Alfred Music Publishing, it is written in the key of E minor.[8] Its beat is set in common time, and moves at a tempo of 94 beats per minute.[8] It also has the sequence of Em–C–B/D as its chord progression.[8] Simpson's voice in the song spans from the note of G3 to the high note of D5.[8] Following the same beat-oriented pattern as "Irresistible", "A Little Bit" features piano instrumentation.[2] Simpson sings the lyrics as rapid-fire verses and with start-and-stop hooks.[9] Simpson adopts breathy vocals for the song,[10] and the lyrics talk about what she expects from her partner: "A little more time, a little less wait / A little more heart, a little less break".[2] She also demands healthy changes in the relationship.[11]


"A Little Bit" garnered mostly positive reviews from music critics. Kirsten Koba of PopMatters gave a positive review, writing "with pop star sass, she belts out [...] proving that she's a girl with attitude — and fierce rhyming ability."[12] Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic wrote that the song and "Irresistible" were "double-punch" on the album.[13] Chuck Taylor of Billboard praised the song's production, writing that it "locks [this one] inside the head long after it's faded from the speakers."[2] Larry Printz of The Morning Call also gave a favorable review, writing that the song "benefit[s]" from the start-and-stop hooks.[9] However, Chuck Campbell of Daily News noted Simpson's singing as "breathless whispers" and deemed the song as being "heavily processed."[10] The song debuted at number sixty-two on the Australian Singles Chart, on the week dated November 5, 2001, which became its peak position.[14] The single fell to number ninety-six the following week, and dropped out of the chart the week after.[15][16]


  Music video

The music video was filmed under the direction of Hype Williams[17] to promote the single. The dance sequence was choreographed by George Hubela (known as GEO)[18] and the video takes place in a futuristic spaceship-like setting where Simpson performs an intricate dance choreography with four male and four female dancers. She wears a rainbow-colored tank top and a mini skirt in the video. At one part, the dancers perform in pairs with Simpson in front of them. Later, Simpson dances beside a male dancer while wearing sunglasses and a white top with a bedazzled American flag. In the video's final scene, Simpson, accompanied by the same dancers from the beginning, perform choreography in a red room, and dance with futuristic pole-stands.

  Live performances

Simpson included the song on the set-list of her DreamChaser Tour (2001). For the performance on the tour, Simpson was accented by a white top and plaid pants, and also wore a red hat and a red tie. Her performance also made use of poles similar to the one used in music video.[19] She also performed the song on MuchMusic Canada.[20] and the sketch comedy show MADtv.[21] The song was performed along with "Irresistible", "I Wanna Love You Forever", and "I Think I'm in Love with You", at the Jingle Bell Bash, organized by KBKS-FM, in December 2001.[22] The same month, she sang the song on the 2001 Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, along with "Irresistible".[23]

  Track listing

  1. "A Little Bit" – 3:47
  2. "A Little Bit" (Chris 'The Greek' & Guido Club Mix) – 7:54
  3. "A Little Bit" (Chris 'The Greek' & Guido Radio Mix) – 4:29
  4. "Irresistible" (Hex Hector Radio Mix) – 3:32

  Credits and personnel

Credits for "A Little Bit" are adapted from Irresistible liner notes.[1] Credits for the remixes are adapted from "A Little Bit" CD single liner notes.[3]

Remix credits
  • Chris "The Greek" Panaghi – re-mixer
  • Guido Osorio – re-mixer

  Rosie Ribbons version

"A Little Bit"
A blond woman standing behind a restroom door. She is wearing a pink top, black pant and bangles on her right hand. On the door the words "RR", "Rosie Ribbons" and "A Little Bit" are written with paint.
Single by Rosie Ribbons
from the album Misbehaving
Released January 13, 2003 (2003-01-13)
Format CD single, 12-inch single
Genre Pop, R&B
Length 3:44
Label Telstar
Writer(s) Kara DioGuardi, Steve Morales, David Siegel
Producer ICON
Rosie Ribbons singles chronology
"A Little Bit"
"Good Thing"

"A Little Bit" was recorded by English singer and Pop Idol runner-up Rosie Ribbons, for her debut studio album Misbehaving. Her version has an "American vibe"[25] and derives from the genres of pop and R&B.[26] The song was released on January 13, 2003 through Telstar Records, as the second single from the album. It reached number nineteen on the UK Singles Chart, and was also accompanied by a music video, which showed Ribbons dancing with her backup dancers. She performed the song on various televised appearances such as CD:UK and Top of the Pops. She also toured with Liberty X and promoted the song.

  Release and reception

Ribbons' version of "A Little Bit" was released as the second single from her debut album titled Misbehaving, on January 13, 2003, through Telstar Records.[27] The album was recorded, but due to Telstar going bankrupt, it was never released.[28][29]

A staff of Tourdates.co.uk gave a favorable review commending Ribbons' vocal display.[25] The reviewer added "[so] often we are bombarded with wannabes with weak vocals and insipid songs, [Rosie] shows us that there is life after pop idol and with 'a little bit' of cred."[25] Music Week also gave a positive review, noting the song was "catchy".[26] but The single debuted at number nineteen on the UK Singles Chart, the week dated January 25, 2003.[30] The position became its peak position.[31] The following week, the song dropped to number thirty-seven and the week after exited the top forty.[32]


A promotional music video for the song was filmed, which showed Ribbons wearing heavy makeup and donning a stylish costume. The first scene of the music video takes place in a elevator-like set. Ribbons is shown singing in the elevator. Then, as the video progresses she is shown dancing with her backup dancers, in a set with the lyrics of the song inscribed on its walls. Then, Ribbons is shown seducing a man in the elevator. In the last scene Ribbons, along with the backup dancers, dance on a parking lot like set. The music video premiered on CD:UK on December 7, 2002.[33]

"A Little Bit" was performed on various televised appearances such as the British chart show Top of the Pops, Smile and CD:UK. She also appeared on Smash Hits' chart countdown and promoted the song.[33] In March 2003, she toured with British pop group Liberty X.[33]

  Track listing

  • UK Enhanced CD Single[34]
  1. "A Little Bit" (Radio edit) – 3:44
  2. "A Little Bit" (Rishi 'Smooth' Rich remix) – 4:27
  3. "A Little Bit" (M*A*S*H Main Vocal mix) – 6:34
  4. "A Little Bit" (Rishi Rich remix) – 3:35
  5. "A Little Bit" (Video)
  • UK 12" Vinyl Single[35]
  1. "A Little Bit" (Bini & Martini High Pressure Mix)
  2. "A Little Bit" (Bini & Martini High Pressure Dub)

  Credits and personnel

Credits are adapted from "A Little Bit" CD single.[36]

  • Steve Morales – writer
  • Kara DioGuardi – writer
  • David Siegal – writer
  • ICON – producer
  • Rishi Rich – re-mixer
  • M*A*S*H – re-mixer
  • Bini & Martini – re-mixer
  • Joanna Barnes – rap
  • Tanya Scarborough – rap


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