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definition - bukit bintang boys secondary school

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Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School

Bukit Bintang Boys Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (L) Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang Boys School Logo
Motto Nisi Dominus Frustra - 'Without God All Is Vanity'.
Established 1958
Type Public
Category Secondary
Gender Male
Founder Miss Mary Glasgow
Location Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
District Petaling
Colours Olive green, Yellow
Yearbook The Bintang

Bukit Bintang Boys Secondary School (BBBSS), or BB, was established in 1958, one year after Malaysia achieved independence in 1957; making it one of the oldest secondary boys school in the city of Petaling Jaya, Selangor; Malaysia. It is a mission school under the umbrella of Christian Brethren of Malaysia Property Trust but is administered by the government under the grant-in-aid system.

The school holds 2 school sessions. The morning session is for Form 3, Form 4, Form 5 and Form 6 students (ages 15 to 19) while the afternoon session is for Form 1 and Form 2 students (ages 13 to 14). This is so to accommodate the large number of students attending the school. The pupils are known "BBians". It welcomes students from all races and religions. Although a boys' school, girls are permitted to attend the school at the Form 6 level (age 18 to 19).



The school was founded by Miss Mary Glasgow,[1] who was the headmistress of Bukit Bintang Girls' School (BBGS); in the time when missionaries were involved in establishing educational institutions in the young country.

The municipal council, Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MPPJ) (now named Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, MBPJ); allocated a piece of land to Glasgow for building a school for the community. Although the land was available, no money was provided to actually build it. Glasgow and the Bukit Bintang Girls' School students swung into action; raising money by holding fun fairs, food fairs and plays. Within a short time, the girls had raised enough to build the boys' school. Miss Yeoh Kim Eng (a retired teacher of BBGS) recounted the time when BBGS teachers and students, armed with buckets and bins, came to the newly built boys' school to wash and clean the building.

At its establishment, The Malay Mail, a local daily, called it the brother school of Bukit Bintang Girls' School. After deliberation with teachers and advisers to name the new school, Glasgow named it Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School in connection to the girls' school Glasgow founded.

As a young nation in 1957-58, the Malaysian government welcomed help from all quarters to build schools and to give its citizens an education. Christian missionaries such as Glasgow opened "Christian" schools in the early 1960s, usually in the rural areas. They either bought land or were granted land in outskirt areas (often rural, undeveloped areas) and were left to their own ingenuity to develop and build their schools. Although the schools were started by missionaries, the curriculum was based on government guidelines and was usually non-religious, although Bible studies were encouraged. Initially, classes were taught in English but has since changed to Bahasa Melayu in line with the government directives. Since 2003, Science and Mathematics are being taught in English.

The school's first Principal (known as the Headmaster) was Mr. Alastair L. McGregor (now Doctor) from Scotland. He served the school from 1958 to 1966. He was only a young man of 28 when he accepted the challenge to run a school halfway round the world from his home in Scotland, United Kingdom.

In 1961, the secondary school was moved to its current location in Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya; and at that time, each form (Form 1 to 5) consisted of only one class. A year later in 1962 - the year when the first group of students sat for the Cambridge Examination, the school's opening ceremony took place and McGregor was appointed the first headmaster.

In 1976, a new science block was built at the cost of RM200,000.00. This block consists of three science laboratories and a lecture theatre. This block was named 'The Boler Block' in honour of Mr. David Boler, the headmaster at the time. Funds to build new wings were mostly raised by the students and teachers. Help was also given by certain Christian associations.

In 2006, Bukit Bintang Girls' School moved to a new location in Cheras and did not retain its original name; it is now known as SMK Seri Bintang Utara. The Pavilion shopping centre was built over the old location.

  50th Anniversary

  50th Anniversary T-shirt

In 2008, the school celebrated her 50th anniversary (Golden Jubilee). Tan Sri Musa Hassan, Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police, a BB alumnus, was the guest of honour.

A special 50th Anniversary T-shirt was released and sold by the school Co-operative.

  School identity

The school motto is the Latin phrase: Nisi Dominus Frustra – 'Without God All is Vanity'; and is derived from Psalm 127:1.

The school vision is "To Be The Best in Petaling Jaya by 2015".

The school missions are:

  • To guide and educate students towards both academic and co-curricular excellence
  • To form a visionary, intellectual, talented and well-mannered generation of students
  • To conduct our duties with full responsibility, dedication, honesty, efficiency and transparency
  • To serve and cooperate with parents and guests in respectful, friendly and polite manner


McGregor in a 1961 class photo
1971 class photo
List of Principals
  • Sir Alastair L. McGregor (1958–1965)
  • Mr. David Boler (1966–1978)
  • Mr. Oh Kong Lum (1979–1995)
  • Mdm. Ishah bt. Sulaiman (1996–2005)
  • Mdm. Quah Mooi Eng (2006–2011)
  • Mdm. Tong Ah Ten (2011-present)

  School administration

Currently, the school administration is headed by Mdm. Tong Ah Ten.

Mdm. Tong Ah Ten Headmistress
Mdm. Hajah Siti Marriam Bt. Mohd. Nor Senior Assistant
Mr. Wang Hui Ming Senior Assistants for Students Affairs
Ms. Mah Pin Sin Senior Assistant for Co-curriculum
Mdm. Aznida Bt. Abdul Aziz Senior Assistant for Form 6
Ms. Lee Har Bee Senior Assistant for Afternoon Session
Mdm. Kartini Bt. Mat Tahir Head of Languages
Mdm. Koh Sui Kheng Head of Humanities
Mr. Mah Chean Wah Head of Science & Mathematics
Mr. Siah Kee Kun Head of Technical & Vocational Subjects

  The school badge

The second headmaster, Mr. David Boler (1966–1978) designed a new school badge when he replaced Mr. McGregor. The top left hand corner of the badge depicts hills which stands for 'Bukit' followed by the top right hand corner which shows a star which stands for 'Bintang', a Malay word meaning star. The bottom left hand corner indicates the national flower 'Bunga Raya' (Hibiscus) and thus represents 'Malaysia.' Finally, the last portion of the badge with the design of a roof above the letters 'P.J.' means that the school is situated in Petaling Jaya. The shape that resembles a gear below the letters 'P.J.' symbolises that Petaling Jaya is an industrialised area. Mr. Boler also redesigned the school tie by adding the design of the school badge on to the plain olive green tie.

  The school song

The school song was written by Dr McGregor. Dr McGregor wrote the song in English originally but it has been translated to Bahasa. Students today sing both versions during school assembly and events.

English version of School Song

BBBS ever,
We would pledge to thee.
All our high endeavour,
With all our loyalty.
May thy star grow brighter,
May thy fame increase,
May this glorious chorus never, never cease.

Here we strive for honour,
Here we seek for truth,
Learn to help the weaker,
With the strength of our youth.
Of the highest wisdom,
Let our watchword be,
Without God before us all is vanity.

Bahasa version of School Song

BBBS Jaya,
Kami ikrar setia,
Segala tenaga,
Kami curah untukmu,
Sinarlah cahayamu,
Terang cemerlang
Biarlah lagu ini kekal abadi

Kami tuntut bahagia,
Serta kebenaran
Membantu yang lemah,
Kami akan usaha
Dengan bijaksana,
Itulah cogan,
Tanpa restu Tuhan semua akan gagal.

  School magazine

The school magazine is named "The Bintang". Students and teachers contribute most of the featured articles. The magazine reports the school's activities for the year, club activities, official school functions, news about teachers and students etc. Also, there are photos of students and co-curricular bodies.

  Old Boys' Association

Some of the former students, commonly referred to as “Ex-BBians”; who have left BBBSS have banded together in the group called the Old Boys' Association, or the OBA.


In 2006, air-conditioner units were installed in the Staff Room, as there were none existing earlier. Not only that, a PA system was set up around the school in the same year. The old toilet next to the Quartermaster Room was renovated into the current PBSM Room, sometimes used also by the dental checkup team from outside the school. The Science Labs were also renovated from wooden tables to concrete tables.

  New PBSM Room
  Renovated Science Lab I
  Renovated Science Lab II
  Teacher's Room with air-conditioners

Also in 2006, a covered walkway was built, extending from a newly built waiting shed in front of the school to the front of Boler's Block. In 2010, another covered walkway was built, covering the area between the classes and the Dewan Lama (now named Dewan Dr. Alastair McGregor, commonly referred to as Dewan McGregor). This area has been cleared and paved with bricks.

  Upgraded walkway I
  Upgraded walkway II
  Upgraded walkway III
  Upgraded walkway IV
  Upgraded side walkway I
  Upgraded side walkway II
  Dewan McGregor

In 2007, the school Co-operative was formed, named "Koperasi Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Laki-laki Bukit Bintang Berhad". The original business centre was set up at the previous counseling room. In 2008, it was moved to the room behind the Canteen Area (earlier the Music Room). The shareholders of the Co-operative are students and teachers. The products sold are mostly stationery and books, but now have included buns and ice-cream. After the Government announced that free textbooks would be given to all students, the Co-operative took over the role of school bookshop.

  Co-operative signboard

In 2008, the road from the main gate to the squash complex was tarred. A new Computer Laboratory was made in the same year, with 30 computers that were donated by the public. The Computer Lab had earlier occupied the Auditorium, now occupy the room which was formerly the Snooker Room.

A new Teacher's Cafe, a lounge for Teachers; unveiled on Graduation Day in August 2009, with the presence of Madam Sharon Kang, the main sponsor. Other than that, a new wall was built around the Squash Complex. Towards the end of the school year, with contributions from an ex-BBian, a gymnasium was installed in one of the Squash Complex classes.

  Outside the cafe
  Inside the cafe I
  Inside the cafe II
  Squash Area Wall

In 2010, the old wiring system of the school was rewired. 7 new air-conditioners were installed in the Dewan McGregor. The stairs from the front of the Badminton Hall to the Canteen were upgraded. So were the stairs from the Canteen to the field . The old toilet near the Dewan McGregor and classes, that was closed for a long time; had been renovated into a storeroom.

  Upgraded Stairs I
  Upgraded Stairs II

In 2011, the auditorium was renovated. The carpet flooring was removed and replaced with wooden flooring.

  Largest squash court complex in Petaling Jaya

In 1985, a project to construct a new canteen and a gymnasium cum squash courts was completed at a cost nearly half a million Ringgit. Students, teachers and parents raised funds over five years from 1981 to 1985. Fund-raising projects such as "Jog-a-thon", Canteen Day and School Fun Fair were conducted during the period. Upon its completion, it had the largest squash court facilities in Petaling Jaya. The old canteen was used as a temporary classroom to accommodate the increasing number of students but was eventually demolished. The new double storey block housed a hall upstairs and canteen downstairs. The new school hall also doubled as badminton courts. The batch of students sitting for their 1985 SPM examinations took their examinations in the new hall. Members of the public can rent the squash courts and the badminton hall for their private usage. The squash complex has played host and even moonlighted as a venue for various international tournaments, prominently the Milo All Stars Junior Squash Championship, in which it partners with the MBPJ Squash Complex.

  Squash court main entrance
  Squash court side entrance


The classes were previously named after colors; Biru, Coklat, Emas, Gangsa, Hijau, Jingga, Kuning and Putih (B, C, E, G, H, J, K & P) before 2008. During the second semester of 2008, it was changed to Budi, Unggul, Kerjasama, Ikhlas, Tekun, Nekad, Amanah, and Gigih (B, U, K, I, T, N, A & G).

The school hosts students of Form 1 to Form 6 (Lower & Upper) students. Public government examinations such as PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah), SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Menengah), and STPM (Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Menengah) are held annually.


  PMR level

Subjects in Form 1 - 3

  SPM level

Core subjects in Form 4 - 5

  • Bahasa Melayu / Bahasa Melayu
  • English / Bahasa Inggeris
  • Modern Mathematics / Matematik Moden
  • Islamic Education / Pendidikan Islam
  • Moral Studies / Pengetahuan Moral
  • History / Sejarah

Elective subjects Science stream

Sub-science stream

  • Additional Mathematics / Matematik Tambahan
  • Physics / Fizik
  • Chemistry / Kimia
  • Principles of Accountancy / Prinsip Akaun

Commerce stream

  • Science / Sains
  • Additional Mathematics / Matematik Tambahan
  • Basics of Economics / Ekonomi Asas
  • Principles of Accountancy / Prinsip Akaun
  • Commerce / Perdagangan

Art stream

  STPM level

Core subjects in Form 6

Science stream

  • Mathematics T / Matematik T
  • Chemistry / Kimia
  • Biology / Biologi

Art stream

  • Economics / Ekonomi
  • Principles of Accountancy / Perakaunan
  • Business Studies / Pengajian Perniagaan


  Sport Houses


  Uniform bodies

Red Cross Association Malaysia (PBSM)
Boys Brigade
Kadet Polis
Kadet Remaja Sekolah
Silat Gayung Fatani

  Clubs & Societies

Bahasa Malaysia Club
English Language Society
Chinese Language Society
Muslim Students' Society
Buddhist' Society
Hindu Society
Christian Fellowship
Maths & Science Club
Astro Electronics System
Photography Club
Interact Club
Computer Club
Modellers 4WD
Music Club
Art Club
Crime Prevention Club
Senggara Club
Rukun Negara Club
Pre-University Student Council
Pre-University Research and Development

  Sports & Games

Ping Pong
Sepak Takraw
Health & Fitness

  Special Bodies

Prefectorial Board
Librarians' Board
Presidents' Board
Quartermaster board
Editorial board
Co-operative board
Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya


  Yearly events

Every year, there will be an Annual General Meeting for the Parents-Teachers Association, called as the Mesyuarat Agung PIBG.

The Cross Country Run (Merentas Desa) tradition has been continued on every year, normally held early in the year. Nowadays, it is graced by the attendance of Mr. Agis as track marshall, even though he may have retired. In 2011, the school changed the schedule for Road Run from early March to late March.

The annual Sport Day is held at Stadium Kelana Jaya. Athletes compete in a variety of track races. Beforehand, there will be Sukantara and Saringan held for the Sport Houses to compete for points, in the school compounds and Astaka Field. In 2010, the school changed the schedule for Sports Day from early May to June.

Academic Excellence Day (Hari Kecemerlangan) is held annually to inaugurate students with notable achievements in academics. There is always the "Piala Pusingan McGregor" given to one outstanding student.

Co-curricular Day (Hari Ko-Kurikulum) is held annually to inaugurate students and athletes of the school with notable achievements and contributions in and out -side of the school co-curricular activities.

  Other notable events

Hari Raya Open House, held in the school compound (at the front of the Boler Block in 2009, in the Dewan McGregor in 2010), celebrates the Hari Raya celebrations with all BBians invited.

Chinese New Year Open House was held in the Dewan McGregor since 2008, celebrating Chinese New Year, with Yee Sang every year. A line of BBians would form in front of Madam Quah, as she would be giving out Red Packets to students during the event.

Hari Keluarga, held in 2008; had a wide variety of guest, ranging from BBians to parents and other families. The school compound was turned into a bazaar selling items ranging from the usual food and toys, to school caps and Polo T-shirts.

Jogathon 2010 was held on 17 July, with the mission of collecting funds to upgrade the school facilities. Students were given cards to record donations. Donations were not only in the form of money, but also as items such as coupons, hampers and branded goods. The fund collection was about RM57,000.

On 22 July 2011, Mdm. Quah Mooi Eng's retirement ceremony was held. Students and peers, including principals and education officers in Petaling district; attended the event to bid farewell to Mdm. Quah.

Graduation Day (Hari Graduasi) was held for the first time in 2010, and then on 10 November 2011. In this event, the senior students, Form 5 and Upper 6; are celebrated for their years in the school, and students and teachers bid their farewells and express their thanks.

  Notable alumni

Some notable ex- BBians include Tan Sri Musa Hassan (Inspector General of Police), Reshmonu (recording artist) and Irfan Khairi (Malaysian internet millionaire).

Dhruva Murugasu, an ex-BBian; recently achieved 5As in Cambridge International A Level,[2][3] and Top in the World (June 2009) in Further Mathematics.[4]

Avinaash Subramaniam, an ex-BBian; recently got admitted into the prestigious Harvard University being the only Malaysian entering the class of 2014.[citation needed]

  Miscellaneous Information

  • The school's annual Sports Day used to be held at "Padang Timur" (The Timur Field) as the school field is unable to accommodate the number of students and sporting events. Now it is usually held at the MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya.

  See also

Gallery of BBBSS pictures:


  External links

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