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-Akebono Maru • Arisan Maru • Asama Maru • Atago Maru • Awa Maru • Awa Maru (1899) • Awa Maru (1943) • Dai Maru • Daigo Fukuryū Maru • Dainichi Maru • Date Maru • Dhola Maru • Dō-maru • Eureka Maru • Fuun Lion-Maru • Hakudo Maru • Hikawa Maru • Hikawa Maru class ocean liner • Hishi Maru No 3 • Hōkoku Maru class ocean liner • Ilkari Maru • Japanese aircraft carrier Akitsu Maru • Japanese aircraft carrier Kumano Maru • Japanese aircraft carrier Shimane Maru • Japanese aircraft carrier Yamashio Maru • Japanese battleship Kaiyō Maru • Japanese oiler Tōhō Maru (1936) • Japanese seaplane tender Kamikawa Maru • Japanese seaplane tender Kimikawa Maru • Japanese seaplane tender Kiyokawa Maru • Japanese ship Awazisan Maru • Japanese warship Asahi Maru • Japanese warship Hōō Maru • Japanese warship Kanrin Maru • Japanese warship Shohei Maru • Jigoku Gokuraku Maru • Junyō Maru • Kai Doh Maru • Kaiketsu Lion-Maru • Kaiketsu Yancha Maru • Kaiwo Maru II • Kanko Maru • Kankoh-maru • Kankō Maru • Kanrin Maru • Kanrin-maru • Kasi Maru • Kasuga Maru • Kobayashi Maru • Kobayashi Maru (novel) • Kobiashi Maru • Kogarasu Maru • Komagata Maru incident • Kosei Maru • Kumano Maru • Lion-Maru • Lion-Maru G • Lisbon Maru • MV Hishi Maru No 3 • MV Shōnan Maru 2 • Maru (disambiguation) • Maru (mythology) • Maru Daba • Maru Guerrero • Maru Sira • Maru a Pula School • Maru the Cat • Maru's Mission • Maru, Nigeria • Maru, Shwegu • Maru-Aten • Montevideo Maru • Mount Maru • Mount Maru (Kamishihoro-Shintoku) • Măru River • Măru Roşu • Naniwa Maru • Ngāti Maru • Nisshin Maru • Nitta Maru • Oryoku Maru • Piper Maru • Raifuku Maru • Rajesh Maru • Ryusei Maru • SS Dainichi Maru • SS Kembu Maru • SS Kembu Maru (1942) • SS Kiche Maru • SS Komagata Maru • Sei-Kyo Maru • Seisho Maru • Shimane Maru class escort carrier • Shinano Maru (1904) • Shinshu Maru • Shinyo Maru • Shiun Maru disaster • Tango Maru • Tatsuta Maru • The Kobayashi Maru (novel) • Toa Maru • Toyama Maru • Tsushima Maru • Tōya Maru • USS Greeneville/Ehime Maru collision • Ukishima Maru • Ural Maru • Yawata Maru • Yoshida Maru • Yūshin Maru No. 2





Maru may refer to:


  • Maru (surname), a surname of Indic origin
  • Maru, a common nickname for Maria, Eugenia or Maruja in Spanish-speaking countries
  • Maru Daba (born 1980), a retired Ethiopian long-distance runner
  • Maru Sira, a Sri Lankan criminal executed amongst much controversy in 1975
  • Hakudo Maru, a spirit in Japanese mythology who taught humans how to make ships
  • Maru (mythology), a local Māori war god
  • Ngāti Maru, the largest social unit in the Māori culture of New Zealand


  • Maru, Estonia, village in Halliste Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia
  • Maru, Iran, village in Lorestan Province, Iran
  • Maru, Nigeria, Local Government Area in Zamfara State
  • Maru, Shwegu, a village in Shwegu Township in Bhamo District in the Kachin State of north-eastern Burma
  • Maru-Aten, a palace or sun-temple in Armarna, Egypt
  • Măru, the name of several villages in Romania
  • Măru River, a tributary of the Bistra Mărului in Romania
  • Măru Roşu, the name of several villages in Romania
  • Mount Maru (丸山), the name for several mountains on Hokkaidō, Japan


  • In Japanese:
    • maru (まる), meaning circle (◯; Unicode: U+25EF)
    • maru (まる), meaning "correct"; the opposite of batsu
    • maru (まる), meaning zero (0)
    • maru (丸), synonym for kuruwa, a type of Japanese castle wall
    • A Japanese diacritical mark ( ) used in kana to change an h to a p
    • A Japanese punctuation mark () for the end-of-sentence fullstop
  • Maru language, one of several languages spoken among the Kachin people in Myanmar/Burma and China.

  Media and entertainment


  • The word maru is a common suffix to Japanese ship names. See Japanese ship-naming conventions. Notable examples include:
    • Daigo Fukuryu Maru, a fishing vessel exposed to radiation from a US nuclear test in 1954
    • Ehime Maru, a fishing training ship that collided with the USS Greeneville in 2001
    • Komagata Maru, a Japanese steam liner denied entry to Vancouver, Canada in 1914
    • Montevideo Maru, a Japanese ship sunk in World War II, resulting in the loss of large numbers of Austalian prisoners of war and civilians and Australia's worst maritime disaster
    • Nippon Maru, flagship of daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi's 16th century fleet
    • Nisshin Maru, a Japanese whaling ship involved in collisions with Greenpeace vessels in 1999 and 2006
    • No. 23 Nittō Maru, a patrol boat sunk after it encountered the USS Hornet (CV-8), causing the early launch of the Doolittle Raid
    • Ryō Un Maru, a Japanese fishing boat washed away from her moorings after the 2011 Tōhoku tsunami, and was deliberately sunk on 5 April 2012 after entering U.S. waters off the coast of Alaska.
    • Tatsuta Maru, a Japanese troopship sunk in 1943

  Other uses

  • Alternate term for Madu, a weapon of Indian origin.

  See also


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