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definition - santram mandir

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Santram Mandir

 Santram Mandir during Dev Diwali Celebration

Santram Mandir is a famous temple situated in Nadiad, Gujarat, India. It is home to Santram Maharaj who is a holy figure in Gujarat. It is very famous for other social activities for the needy too. The Santram mandir trust runs a physiotherapy centre, an eye clinic as well as various other charitable organizations. It also carries out various cultural activities. There are other "santram mandir"s located in Vadodara, Karamsad and other places.

Many people offer fast on Thursdays in reverence to Santram Maharaj.

Santram Mandir is located in the cities of Umreth, Karamsad, Koyli, Vadodra, Rhadhu, Pachegam, Padra and Narsanda in Gujarat.


The original Santram Maharaj was a great Saint of the Avadhoot category. He came to Nadiad from Girnar, so he was also called Girnari Bava, Videhi Bava, or Sukha-Sagarji. He came here in Samvat 1872, lived for the spiritual good of People for the 15 years, and took Jivat-Samadhi on the full-moon-day of the month Magha of Samvat 1887. At the first he was dwelled in a hollow of the Rayan-tree, situated where the Deri is located today.


There were two miracles that happened; first, a laborer from the neighboring field came to fetch water from the well near the Rayan-tree. He had brought with him a rope and a bucket. The Maharaj asked him to keep the rope and bucket there for some time, as he wished to take his bath, but the laborer turned a deaf ear to the words of the Maharaj. He had to come again to fetch more water after a few minutes and he saw the Maharaj taking his bath, sitting on the Thala of the well by means of a gourd. The water of the well had come to the surface by the attraction-power of the Great Yogi, who had full control over the five great elements. The second miracle was this: A Kanbi used to come for darshan to the Maharaj every day and he wised to give supper to the Maharaj in the evening. The Maharaj said, "I will take only Milk today evening". The face of the Kanbi fell in dejection. He said that his she-buffalo had stopped giving any milk. The Maharaj said, " Take this gourd with you and bring for the Maharaj the milk that your she-buffalo gives". That evening the Kanbi’s she-buffalo filled the Maharaj’s gourd with sweet luckwarm milk. The Maharaj took that milk.

Due to these two miracle people began to come to the Maharaj in great numbers. He thought of going away to some other place, but Poojabhai Patel of Lakhawad stopped him, saying "If you go away from here the good luck of Nadiad would leave the town and go away". To test Poojabhai the Maharaj said: "I would stay here on condition that you will render service to me till I stay". Poojabhai said: "What greater luck could there be for me than that".

In accordance with this condition the Maharaj took his Jivat-Samadhi on the full-day of the Month of Magha Samvat 1887 instead of the full-moon-day of Posha of that year. When the Maharaj took Jivat-Samadhi, luster came out of his Brahmie aperture at the top of the head. The lamp of ghee was lighted with that luster. The lamp of ghee has been burning for the last 147 years. In fact, Shree Santram Maharaj is the eternal flame of light of the Divine.

During his lifetime and thereafter there became many devotees of the Maharaj, such as: Haridas, Hariram, Jetho, Adesang, Narayandas of Vankaner, Raghav-Muni, Mugat-Ramji and others. All of them have written Padas and Bhajans, except the last devotee. They have been published in ‘Pada-Sangraha’. Most of the devotee are farmers, laborers, and workmen of the villages.

The Nadiad Temple has its branches in Baroda, Umreth, Padra, Karamsad, Koyali, and Radhu. They carry on their work in accordance with the behests of the main temple in Nadiad. One devotee had the Darshan of Santram Maharaj at Benaras after he took Jivat-Samadhi. A manuscript book on Yoga is kept in the Kalasha (the top circular vessel) of the Nadiad Temple.

Laxmandasji was the main disciple of the Santram Maharaj. He has laid down the rules for the Mahants of the main Nadiad temple. For example, the Maharaj shall not step out of the vicinity of the temple, he shall never ask for anything from anybody, and depend only on the will of the Divine.

Current Mahant

The present Mahant of the Nadiad temple, Shree Ramdasji is the ninth Mahant on the Gadi of the temple. The details are as follows:

  1. Shree Santram Maharaj: His Samadhi-date was the full-moon-day of Magha of Samvat 1887.
  2. Shree Laxmandasji Maharaj: His Samadhi-date was the 14th day of the dark-half of Vaishakh of Samvat 1925.
  3. Shree Chaturdas Maharaj: His Samadhi-date was the 9th of the bright-half of Asho (Ashvin-month) of Samvat 1941.
  4. Shree Jayaramdas Maharaj: (1941 to 1947): His Samadhi-date was the 11th day of the bright half of Jyestha of Samvat 1947.
  5. Shree Mugutram Maharaj: (1947 to 1961), His Samadhi-date was the 8th day of the bright-half of Sharavan of Samvat 1961.
  6. Shree Manekdas Maharaj: (1961 to 1973), His Samadhi-date was 11th day of the bright half of Vaishakh of Samvat 1973.
  7. Shree Jankidas Maharaj: (1973 to 2026), His Samadhi-date was the 8th day of the bright half of Vaishakh of Samvat 2026.
  8. Shree Narayandas Maharaj: (2023 to 2060)Sat on Gadi of the temple on the 7th June 1967 (Samvat 2023).
  9. Shree Ramdas Maharaj: 2060 till today.

Shree Jankidas Maharaj occupied the Gadi for 53 years and he was very practical. He could see through a man as soon as he came near him. The temple’s expansion became very big during his period. It became known throughout India. He did many things for the good for the temple:

  1. In Samvat 2007, he obtained a primary school building for Boys constructed at the cost of Rs. 1,16,101 and hand it over to the
    Nadiad Municipality.
  2. In Samvat 2017, he built the Santram Kanyashala (Girl’s School), constructed at the cost of Rs. 70,087.
  3. Before that in Samvat 2000, he purchased the Atithi-Nivas at the price of Rs. 84,709 and put it at the Service of the people.
  4. In Samvat 2000, he got constructed the building Arogya-Bhavan at the cost of Rs. 50,668 and put it at the service of the people.
  5. In Samvat 2010, he got constructed the shed of Yoga-Khand at the cost of Rs. 82,683.
  6. In Samvat 2024, he got constructed the Hostel for Boys at the cost of Rs. 80,000. At present 150 pupils are reside in it.
  7. In Samvat 2025, he got constructed the building of the Eye-Hospital and handed it over to the Sad-Vichar-Samitee.
  8. In Samvat 2028, Shree Narayandas Maharaj constructed the building of Satsang-Bhavan, two meditation-halls, and 6 flats for the
    Saints, who come to deliver religious discourses, at the cost of one lakh rupees. Religious discourses are given, all the year round,
    by learned Saints. Hundreds of people come to hear them every evening and to take benefit of their holy company everyday.
    In the morning and evening, hundreds of poor people are fed in the temple. Shree Narayandas, followed in the foot steps of
    Shree Jankidasji Maharaj, by constantly did work to alleviate hunger. The motto of the Maharaj is "Service of People is worship of God".

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