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Taboo (film series)


Taboo is a pornographic movie series of the 1980s, which eroticizes father-daughter & mother-son incest. It stars Kay Parker, and was directed by Kirdy Stevens and others.

The plot, which raised controversy when the film was released, involves a woman, who is left by her husband, seducing her teenaged son. It also involves a teen daughter who repeatedly has sex with her dad. Taboo became one of the biggest-selling adult movies ever,[citation needed] and spawned a number of sequels which involve other people in incestuous relationships.

In the Summer of 2006, Standard Digital (now known as Addictive Entertainment) re-released Taboo volumes 1 through 6 on DVD with new metallic-colored packaging.



  Taboo (1980)

  • Rated #21 on AVN's "Top 101 All Time Greatest Movies", "Taboo set the standard for adult films in 1980"[citation needed]
  • Summary: Barbara (Kay Parker)'s husband leaves her after he is disappointed with her. She is left with her son, Paul, and no one else. She is set up on a blind date with a guy who turns out to be a swinger. Her son Paul is having sex with his girlfriend though he is shown to have some Oedipal desires. After Barbara is taken to an orgy, but refuses to participate, she goes home in a heightened state of arousal. In this state, she goes to her sleeping son and seduces him. Barbara allows herself to go on a date with her boss, Jerry Morgan. Though she seems to want to pursue a relationship with Jerry, she continues to have sex with Paul.

  Taboo 2 (1982)

Taboo 2 is a pornographic movie that was filmed in 1982 that depicted incestuous sex and featured some of the biggest pornographic stars in the industry at the time. Taboo 2 set the stage for several other sequels in the Taboo series, many of which went on to win several awards.

Despite the rather untraditional subject matter, Taboo 2 quickly became one of the biggest selling adult films ever made and has earned further fame as a favorite of comedian Adam Carolla, who has been speaking fondly of Taboo 2 for years (while mocking its ridiculous plot), first on Loveline and now on his daily podcast The Adam Carolla Show. Carolla has had the composer of the film's music, Leon Felburg, on his podcast twice and has helped make the music almost as famous as the film itself, playing it on his show while singing along, with feeling.

  • Starring: Dorothy LeMay, Ed Ferraz, Kay Parker, Kevin James, Eric Edwards, Honey Wilder, Juliet Anderson, Brooke West, Cara Lott, Craig Roberts, Crystal Dawn, David Cannon, Edward Dean, KC Valentine, Laura Lazare, Lee Cummings, Linda Shaw, Michelle, Rochelle Dean, Rod Diamond, Ron Jeremy, Tammy
  • Director: Kirdy Stevens
  • Music By: Leon Felburg
  • Studio: Addictive Entertainment (DVD)
  • Summary: The McBrides are a dysfunctional family, in which the parents, Joyce (Honey Wilder) and Greg (Eric Edwards), are no longer having enjoyable sex (to Joyce's consternation) and their son, Junior (Kevin James) has seduced his sister, Sherry (Dorothy LeMay). When the two are caught having sex by their mother, Greg then seduces her as well. The movie ends with Sherry seducing her father, and the parent's sexual attraction to each other is restored. Barbara Scott (Kay Parker) and Gina (Juliett Anderson), from the original film, have minor roles.

  Taboo 3 - The Final Chapter (1984)

  • Starring: Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Jerry Butler, Lisa Lake, Blake Palmer, Angel West, Colleen Brennan, Kristara Barrington, Marc Wallice, Pamela Mann
  • Director: Kirdy Stevens
  • Music By: Leon Felburg
  • Studio: Addictive Entertainment (DVD)
  • Summary: Barbara Scott's (Kay Parker) son Paul moves out unexpectedly, leaving her distraught. She soon becomes jealous of her son Jimmy's (Jerry Butler) girlfriend while she secretly yearns for him. She confides this to her friend Joyce McBride (Honey Wilder), whom she discovers is having an affair with her own son, Brian (Blake Palmer). Jimmy and Brian are both helping prepare a fledgling band for a major tour and record deal, and accomplish the latter by throwing an orgy for the record company executive. After a hot night of passion with Joyce, Jimmy decides to give in and seduce his mother.

  Taboo 4 - The Younger Generation (1985)

  • Starring: Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Cyndee Summers, Greg Ruffner, Honey Wilder, John Leslie, Karen Summer, Kay Parker, Kevin James, Robin Cannes, Amy Rogers, Ed Ferraz
  • Director: Kirdy Stevens
  • Music By: Leon Felburg
  • Studio: Addictive Entertainment (DVD)
  • Summary: Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis), a very strict father and psychologist, has sent his two daughters to boarding school. The eldest daughter, Naomi (Karen Summer) is caught having sex in her dorm and is kicked out of school. When the two sisters return home, Dr. Lodge discovers that his wife (Cyndee Summers) has had an affair with his brother (John Leslie) and angrily throws her out. Naomi chooses to live with her mother and uncle (later revealed to be her biological father), while Robin (Ginger Lynn) chooses to stay with her father. Naomi (the "bad girl") seduces her uncle and has sex with him, while Robin (the "good girl") develops a yearning for her father. Dr. Lodge runs an incest support group and his patients include Joyce McBride (Honey Wilder) and Barbara Scott (Kay Parker), who only appears in the film in brief flashbacks. Finally, Dr. Lodge seduces his daughter Robin as she lay sleeping and the two have sex. Afterward, he declares her to be his woman now and both exchange vows.

  Taboo 5 - The Secret (1987)

Due to her split personality, a single mother tries seducing her son. Though he is panicked at first, his lust eventually causes him to surprise her in her sleep. Meanwhile, the mother's cheated psychologist is seduced by his daughter.

  Taboo 6 - The Obsession (1988)

  • Starring: Nina Hartley, Alicia Monet, Joey Silvera, Krista Lane, Scott Irish, Tiffany Storm, Frank James, Brittany Morgan, Gina Gianetti
  • Director: Kirdy Stevens
  • Studio: Addictive Entertainment (DVD)

This Movie is based on the relation ship of twins and sixth sense feeling between them. The twin sister feels the sex virtually when ever her twin brother enjoy it with any lady. One day during the sex with her hubby she use her brother name and due to this reason her hubby gets angry with her and divorce. She feels good as well has problem after that she visits a spiritual advisor and record her confession but when she sleeps after reach the home her hubby listened that audio too. And she goes to home of her brother and his fiancee who actually hate her. She watches when they both were having sex and after that she successfully convinces her brother and his fiancee to visit spiritual advisor. At Last her brother and she accepts that they r true love to each other and gets incest not only physically as well as spiritually...

  Taboo 7: The Wild And The Innocent (1989)

In the world of Whitestone, a place located somewhere between The Wild and The Innocent sides of human sensuality. Here students are encouraged to explore and develop their awakening talents in a free and open environment. Here too, their emotions run rampant, free of society's inhibitions. Within the walls of Whitestone all things are possible, that beyond are strictly... Taboo

  Taboo 8 (1990)

  • Starring: Sunny McKay, Michelle Monroe, Joey Silvera, Peter North, Barry McKay, Henri Pachard, Mike Horner, Randy West, Rayne, Carol Masters
  • Produced by Richard Mailer
  • Director: Henri Pachard
  • Studio: Metro/Cal-Vista

The writer Dalton Leash left his home and the people he loves. A victim of family disgrace and shame, he wanders aimlessly.

A chance for redemption comes his way when his half-brother from Australia offers him a job looking after an upscale girls riding academy.

The job carries a small hitch-Her name is sunny. The protection of his beautiful niece has also been entrusted to him.

Haunted by his past, and caught up in a tornado of rodeo riders, sexy rich girls, rival land barons, and his own conflicting emotions regarding sunny, Dalton struggles through the storm.

  Taboo 9 (1991)

  Taboo 10 (1992)

  Taboo 11 (1994)

  • Starring: Flame, Jonathan Morgan, Kay Parker, Marc Wallice, Melanie Moore, Mona Lisa, Sunset Thomas, Teri Diver
  • Director: F. J. Lincoln
  • Studio: Metro/Cal-Vista

  Taboo 12 (1994)

  • Starring: Misty Rain, Draghixa, Jasper, Brittany O'Connell, Chaz Vincent, Nicole London, Samantha York, Pamela Dee, Cosmo, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, J.D. Ferguson
  • Director: F. J. Lincoln
  • Studio: Metro/Cal-Vista

Our heroine has come to the U.S. From France, curious about the American sexual mores. She ventures into a sex club and winds up going home with a mysterious suitor, only to find herself ensconced in a vast, sumptuous mansion where she envisions great sex and a fabulous place to live. The sex is more wicked than anyone could have ever imagined - and a little too wicked even for her casual European sensibilities. She is rescued by a housekeeper who turns out to be as wicked as her man.

  Taboo 13 (1994)

  • Starring: Julia Ann, Asia Carrera, Barbara Doll, Sydney Dance, Pamela Dee, Samantha York, Chaz Vincent, Nicole London, Buck Adams, Steve Drake, Jonathan Morgan, Tom Byron, Nick East, Ian Daniels, Cosmo, J.D. Ferguson, Martin London, Dizzy
  • Director: F. J. Lincoln
  • Studio: Metro/Cal-Vista

Julia Julia Ann had a problem with Uncle Bob for some time. Though only an uncle by marriage, Julia is uncomfortable with the desires she experiences. But not Bob. He's already looking at his niece, Tisha. −

  Taboo 14 (1995)

  Taboo 15 (1995)

  Taboo 16 (1996)

Shyla Foxxx plays the domineering wife who succeeds in driving her husband, John Decker, to a pitiful life as a bum on the skids. Shyla takes great pleasure from humiliating John, a behavior which has been brought on by her terrible experiences as a child. John tries to understand, and through some sexual healing of his own will work on fix his relationship

  Taboo 17 (1997)

Misty Rain plays a cat burglar with a bag full of tricks: plastic wrap, blindfolds, ropes, rubber, cuffs, and ponytails.

  Taboo 18 (1998)

  Taboo 19 (1998)

Camille Cambria owns a nudist resort. With lots of money in the bank, the only thing she needs to make her life complete is a child. Waiting for her current lover, Joe, to impregnate her may take forever, so she turns to other men to aid in the conception. Joe Operates the nudist resort, and stands to own half of it - if he can just get Camille pregnant. Or, maybe he can get her to adopt his daughter, Sweetie, from another union. A beautiful young woman who is certainly no child, Sweetie is plotting with her girlfriend to take over half of the resort - without Joe. Without her knowledge, Sweetie`s girlfriend is plotting to double-cross her with the help of a secret boyfriend. It`s a story of need and greed, of deception and all things that are normally Taboo.

  Taboo 2001: Sex Oddyssey (2002)

  Taboo 21 (2004)

  Taboo 22 (2006)

  Taboo 23 (2007)

Penny Flame starts on a journey to retrieve her missing sister that takes her to a dark and sinister place. Before long our heroine finds herself caught up in the taboo world of depraved sex clubs filled with men and women whose kinky appetites know no bounds. Will she ever return or will she too be lost forever a slave to lust just like her sister?


Year Award Category Actor/Actress Film
1985 AFAA Award Best Supporting Actor John Leslie Taboo 4
1987 AVN Award Best Total Sexual Content - Film Taboo 4[1]
1987 XRCO Award Best Supporting Actress Amber Lynn Taboo 5
1989 AVN Award Best Music - Film Taboo 6[1]
2002 AVN Award Best Anal Sex Scene - Film Nicole Sheridan & Voodoo Taboo 2002[1]
2002 AVN Award Best Overall Marketing Campaign - Film Taboo 2002[1]
XRCO Hall of Fame induction Taboo[2]


  • Kay Parker: Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch (a book where she talks about her past career in adult movies and her experiences with the Metaphysical)


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