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definitions - talent

talent (n.)

1.a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect"the alkaline inclination of the local waters" "fabric with a tendency to shrink"

2.an ability that has been acquired by training

3.inherent ability

4.natural abilities or qualities

5.a person who possesses unusual innate ability in some field or activity

Talent (n.)

1.(MeSH)The ability to acquire general or special types of knowledge or skill.

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Merriam Webster

TalentTal"ent (tăl"�nt), n. [F., fr. L. talentum a talent (in sense 1), Gr. talanton a balance, anything weighed, a definite weight, a talent; akin to tlh^nai to bear, endure, tolna^n, L. tolerare, tollere, to lift up, sustain, endure. See Thole, v. t., Tolerate.]
1. Among the ancient Greeks, a weight and a denomination of money equal to 60 minæ or 6,000 drachmæ. The Attic talent, as a weight, was about 57 lbs. avoirdupois; as a denomination of silver money, its value was £243 15s. sterling, or about $1,180.

Rowing vessel whose burden does not exceed five hundred talents. Jowett (Thucid.).

2. Among the Hebrews, a weight and denomination of money. For silver it was equivalent to 3,000 shekels, and in weight was equal to about 93� lbs. avoirdupois; as a denomination of silver, it has been variously estimated at from £340 to £396 sterling, or about $1,645 to $1,916. For gold it was equal to 10,000 gold shekels.

3. Inclination; will; disposition; desire. [Obs.]

They rather counseled you to your talent than to your profit. Chaucer.

4. Intellectual ability, natural or acquired; mental endowment or capacity; skill in accomplishing; a special gift, particularly in business, art, or the like; faculty; a use of the word probably originating in the Scripture parable of the talents (Matt. xxv. 14-30).

He is chiefly to be considered in his three different talents, as a critic, a satirist, and a writer of odes. Dryden.

His talents, his accomplishments, his graceful manners, made him generally popular. Macaulay.

Syn. -- Ability; faculty; gift; endowment. See Genius.

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synonyms - talent

see also - talent

talent (n.)

gifted, -minded, talented inaptitude


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analogical dictionary




Talent can refer to:

  • A show-business personality or group of them
    • Talent agent, a person who finds jobs for actors, musicians, models, and other people in various entertainment businesses
    • Talent manager (or personal manager), one who guides the career of artists in the entertainment business
    • Talent scout, responsible for finding and developing talent
    • Talent show, a live performance spectacle (sometimes on TV) where contestants perform acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics and other art forms
    • Tarento, the Japanese pronunciation of the word, a Japanese show-business personality
  • The Got Talent series of television shows, in several national versions
  • Talent, a 1978 play by Victoria Wood
  • Talent (comics), a comic book series written by Christopher Golden and Tom Sngoski, drawn by Paul Azaceta.
  • The Talent series of books by Anne McCaffrey:
  • Talent Series, a series of books written by Zoey Dean
    • Talent, the first novel in that series.
  • Young Talent Time (1971-1989), an Australian television variety program on Network Ten
  • Billy Talent, a Canadian rock group from Toronto
  • Jim Talent (born 1956), American politician, former Senator from Missouri.
  • Talent (artwork), a seminal work of art by David Robbins
  • Talent management - the recruitment and management of talented workers
  • Talent Zoo (or TalentZoo.com), a recruitment company and job search engine specializing in the communications industry, including the advertising, marketing, public relations, broadcasting, and publishing sectors
  • Talent (measurement), an ancient unit of mass and value
  • Bombardier Talent, a type of multiple unit passenger train manufactured by Bombardier


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